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When Bai Zun opened the guild system, two options automatically popped up on the game interface.

[Create a guild: Spend 10,000 dimensional coins to establish your guild.]

[Join Guild: Free]

Bai Zun created the guild without hesitating.

[Please create your guild name.]

Guild name…

Bai Zun pondered for a moment.

Soon, Bai Zun began to input his guild’s name.

[Your guild name is “Nightmare.”]

Nightmare, nightmare. Bai Zun wanted to make his guild a nightmare for the mutated beasts!

On the game interface, the dialog box continued to show other information.

[Please check the guild information.]

[Guild Level: Level 1 (Maximum Level 50. You can purchase Guild experience cards to level up. You can also obtain experience points by signing in and clearing the guild instance dungeon.]

[Guild Base Grade: Bronze]

[Guild members: 1]

[President: Lord of the Sword]

[Vice President: None]

After a simple glance, Bai Zun opened the workshop and bought the guild experience card.


Bai Zun bought the maximum number of guild experience cards!

[You have used a large-scale guild experience card. You have obtained 100,000 experience points. The guild level has increased to Level 9.]

[You have used a large-scale guild experience card. You have obtained 100,000 experience points. The guild level has increased to Level 14.]

[You have used a large-scale guild experience card. You have obtained 100,000 experience points. The guild level has increased to Level 18.]

[You have used a large-scale guild experience card. You have obtained 100,000 experience points. The guild level has increased to Level 50.]

[Your guild is already at the highest level. You can’t continue to level up.]


Seeing that the guild level had reached its peak, Bai Zun’s expression remained calm. His gaze fell on the guild base.

Afterward, Bai Zun opened the workshop.

Unlike other items, Bai Zun could directly purchase the guild base.

Among them, Bai Zun could also purchase mythical-level guild bases.

[Mythical-level Guild Base Gift Bag: 1,000,000,000 dimensional coins]

One billion!

Bai Zun didn’t even blink.

Bai Zun immediately bought it!

[Congratulations on purchasing the mythical-level guild base gift bag. Do you want to open it?]

Bai Zun chose “Yes.”

[Opening the Mythical-level Guild Base Gift Bag…]

[Congratulations on obtaining the mythical-level guild base, “Storm City.”]

[Storm City: Surrounded by storms all year round. According to legend, this is where the Storm God was said to have fallen. The God of Storm will protect this city forever.]

When Bai Zun obtained the mythical-level guild base, he couldn’t help but smile.

Bai Zun thought, “Great! My guild has reached its peak.”

Next, it was time to recruit members.

Without any delay, Bai Zun opened the game forum.

As soon as Bai Zun entered the forum, he saw various posts.

“Shocking news! It turned out that he ranked 1 on the Level Rankings, Equipment Rankings, Pet Rankings, and Combat Power Rankings!”

“Having a supreme class, mythical grade equipment, mythical grade pet, and the highest combat power. How much money did the first place on the four leaderboards spend?”

“The secrets about me and the godly tycoon.”


Looking around, most of the posts were about Bai Zun.

Bai Zun scrolled down a little, and as soon as he refreshed, there were new related posts.

“Everyone, the Lord of the Sword is no longer the first in four rankings but the first in five rankings!”

“Just now! The first place in the guild rankings was announced!”

“Hiss! The godly tycoon, Lord of the Sword, surprisingly spent one billion to buy a mythical-level guild base?! Is he crazy, or does he have too much money to spend?”

Bai Zun didn’t pay attention to the tags of the posts and created a new post with a calm expression.

Afterward, Bai Zun typed in the text…

“I am the Lord of the Sword. The Nightmare Guild is recruiting 100 members. Priority will be given to those with high combat strength!”

As soon as Bai Zun posted, his post immediately received numerous replies.

However, Bai Zun didn’t care.

The sky was dark, and it was already 2 or 3 a.m.

Bai Zun set an alarm clock for 11 a.m., turned off his phone, and slept.

It was a sleepless night on the game forum for “Dimensional Space.”

The player who ranked first for equipment, combat power, pets, and guilds posted a message stating that he was looking for new members for his Nightmare Guild.

Thousands of players signed up one after another.

However, most of them wanted to join the guild because they wanted to distance themselves from the godly tycoon.

They believed that if they could make the godly tycoon happy, they could even make a fortune by getting a hundred thousand or eighty thousand from him.

[Candy Pear: Me! Me! Me! Godly tycoon, please consider me! I’m already level 93 and am currently preparing for the fourth transition. I’m only nineteen years old, my weight is 103 pounds, my height is 169, and I have a G-cup.]

[The folder is missing: What? The previous commenter has publicly shown her plans, right? Don’t even think about it if you don’t have a good motive. I’m a loyal person. As long as I join the Nightmare Guild, I’ll be with the guild for the rest of my life! I’ll also be the Nightmare Guild’s ghost after my death!]

[It’s time for alcohol: Wow! He spent a billion yuan to buy a string of data, tsk-tsk!]

[I won’t borrow money anymore: It’s not just one billion. There’s also that mythical-grade pet. I estimate that it’ll take at least 50 million yuan to get it! In addition to other miscellaneous things, Lord of the Sword had spent at least a billion on this game!]

[I can’t get up: Other than spending a billion yuan on a game, why don’t you donate it? In the mountains, there are still a lot of elderly and young people who lack access to food.]

[My son is my best friend: I believe the previous commenter should purchase a ticket to the Leshan Giant Buddha, move the Buddha out of the way, and you shall sit there.]

[What Time Is It: Brothers, did you see that video? There is a wealthy man who sold off all of his possessions and made tens of billions of yuan. Could Lord of the Sword be the rich man who cashed out his assets?]

[Keychain: Very likely!]

[Bluetooth earpiece: Yes! He is likely the CEO of the Supreme Emperor Group!]


The topic of the comments under Bai Zun’s post slowly changed, and the players began to discuss his identity.

The aftermath of the discussion was very strong, and soon the topic became popular on TikTok.

[I want to get 100 points!: Oh my god! Is the godly tycoon who has reloaded more than a billion yuan in “Dimensional Space” the tycoon who sold his assets a few days ago and cashed in tens of billions of yuan?]

[Lip Balm Is Broken: It should be. Otherwise, who would reload billions of yuan into the game? Otherwise, there’s something wrong with his brain.]

[Spotless: I think the Lord of the Sword is nuts! Who will reload more than a billion yuan into a game?! He didn’t have any compassion at all! A donation of more than a billion yuan could help many people! What can he do after reloading so much money in a game? It’s just a string of data!]

[Here comes the flying pig: The previous commenter is good at hijacking morality.]

[Love to Drink Thick Coconut Milk: Games are harmful! It is sufficient to reload a few hundred Yuan into the game, so why does he reload more than a billion yuan? Isn’t money earned through hard work? He must be nuts!]


The topic was discussed by more people and the matter of the Lord of the Sword being a tycoon also quickly became popular on TikTok and Weibo.

It even attracted the attention of the officials!

At the online game management office.

In the office, the director listened to his subordinate’s report. He frowned and tapped his knuckles on the table. He asked, “Have you checked out this game? Is there any problem?”