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Following the notification, Bai Zun opened his personal information:

[Player: Lord of the Sword]

[Class: Holy-wine Swordsman (first transition)]

[Level: Level 30]

The corners of Bai Zun’s mouth curled and he smiled as he started to use the experience pools.

[You have used a large-scale experience pool. You have obtained 100,000 experience points. Your level has increased to Level 32.]

[You have used a large-scale experience pool. You have obtained 100,000 experience points. Your level has increased to Level 35.]

[You have used a large-scale experience pool. You have obtained 100,000 experience points. Your level has increased to Level 37.]

[You have used a large-scale experience pool. You have obtained 100,000 experience points. Your level has increased to Level 60.]

[You have met the requirements for the second transition. Please obtain the materials for the second transition.]

[The required materials for the second transition are as follows.]


With a wave of his hand, Bai Zun bought the materials for the second transition!

[Second transition in progress…]

[Congratulations on changing your class to the “Holy-gale Swordsman.”]

[Please check the class transition information on the information panel.]

Afterward, Bai Zun spent the entire afternoon frantically changing classes.

During the evening, Bai Zun had already completed the ninth transition and reached the limit of the game’s strongest battle strength!

The ninth transition—the Supreme Holy Swordsman!


Bai Zun was satisfied as he looked at the battle strength ranking he had dominated and learned that second place was far behind him.

“Next, equipment!”

After improving his level to its peak, he stared at the “Equipment Wish” beside the “Class Wish.”


Before Bai Zun could start to “Wish,” his secretary, Ye Shuishui, called.

Ye Shuishui said cautiously, “Boss, according to your request, I’ve sold all your shares in the Supreme Emperor Group and all your assets. There is a total of 90 billion yuan in cash. Did you receive it?”

90 billion yuan!

It was a number that Ye Shuishui didn’t even dare to dream of.

When Ye Shuishui was helping Bai Zun sell his assets, she thought she was living in a dream.

However, Ye Shuishui pinched her face and found that everything was real.

Her boss had gone crazy and sold all his assets!

He was simply crazy!

Ye Shuishui couldn’t understand it at all!

When Ye Shuishui finished speaking, she heard Bai Zun’s indifferent voice, “Uh-huh, you did well. Come to my villa tomorrow night. I have something to tell you!”

Ye Shuishui agreed weakly, “Yes, boss.”

Ye Shuishui didn’t know why her boss was looking for her. Although she was curious, she didn’t dare ask.

It couldn’t be helped. Bai Zun was one of the richest people in the world, and the pressure on him was too great.

Every time Ye Shuishui was alone with Bai Zun, she could feel the pressure.

Afterward, Bai Zun hung up the phone.

A few seconds later, a message from the bank was sent.

“Dear user, your account has earned 90,000,000,000 yuan, and your balance is 90,000,000,000 yuan.”

90 billion yuan in his account!

Bai Zun’s eyes were burning. He ate a simple piece of bread for dinner to fill his stomach, and then continued to prepare his “Equipment Wish!”

Different from classes, equipment was divided into more grades.

There were bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, purple-gold, legendary, mythical…

It had eight grades!

Bai Zun’s target was the eighth type, a mythical-grade weapon!

[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for obtaining a bronze-grade weapon, the Short Blade!]

[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for obtaining a silver-grade weapon, the Goblin Longsword!]

[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for obtaining a diamond-grade weapon, the Water-breaking Sword!]


After a “Thousand Draws”…

After “Ten Thousand Draws”…

After “One Hundred Thousand Draws”…

Until the “Two Hundred Thousand Draws!”

[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for obtaining a mythical-level weapon, the Immortal-slaying Sword!]

It was a mythical-level weapon, the Immortal-slaying Sword!

Excitement filled Bai Zun’s eyes, and he immediately equipped the Immortal-slaying Sword.

One could see that the cool character had an invincible aura after equipping the even more domineering Immortal-slaying Sword!

After drawing the Immortal-slaying Sword, the sky slowly turned bright.

After pulling an all-nighter, Bai Zun couldn’t hold on any longer.

Bai Zun set an alarm to wake up at 1 p.m. Afterward, he put down his phone and went to sleep.

At the same time, Bai Zun’s massive sale of his assets caused a heated discussion worldwide!

On TikTok.

Whether it was domestic or abroad, the netizens were all shocked.

[Smiling Kitten: Oh my god! Is it the end of the world? Why did one of the top 20 richest people in the world sell his assets in such a way?]

[When you see me, remember to tell me to scram and study: It can’t be the end of the world. The world can’t end in this lifetime. His brain must have short-circuited. Otherwise, why would he do such a stupid thing? Wouldn’t such a large corporation have a bonus of more than a billion yuan every year?]

[Detestable input method: Sigh, he’s rich. I heard he sold his assets for 90 billion yuan. Tsk-tsk! The amount is enough for me to use for the rest of my life!]

[My phone is broken: What kind of rich kid is the previous commenter? I can use 90 billion yuan for 900 lifetimes!]

[Fuck, it’s 8 a.m. again: I don’t understand the magnate’s world…]


Netizens expressed their opinions on the news of Bai Zun selling all his assets and cashing out tens of billions of yuan.

At the same time, many players realized that the rankings of combat power and equipment in the game had been dominated by the same person within half a day on the “Dimensional Space” game forum.

It was someone the players had never seen in the rankings before.

[Someone who wants to learn drawing: Brothers, did you all see that? Today, this person ranks number one in the combat power rankings and is far ahead of second place! I reckon that even the top 100 combat powers on the leaderboard combined can’t beat him.]

[I won’t use lipstick anymore: Of course! The second place has only completed the fifth transition, while the first place has completed the ninth transition! Look at the level rankings! This guy had already reached the maximum level, level 270!]

[Coding non-stop: Hey! Look! Why is the class of “Lord of the Sword” the Holy Swordsman? I’ve never seen it before.]

[Getting first place in June’s exam: What the heck?! Why is it the supreme class?! Does this game have supreme class?!]

[I don’t want to go to school: What the heck?! Why is the sword in his hand a mythical-level sword?!]

[I like Miku: Does anyone calculate how much money has he spent?!]

[Please recommend me a Bluetooth headset: I guessed he at least reloaded 1,000,000 yuan!]

[Coffee lover: Don’t joke around. I’m ranked 6th on the level leaderboard. I’ve already reloaded more than 1,000,000 yuan…]

[Sun Bar’s Heir: Brother, you’re so rich! Please transfer me 50 yuan!]


The game forum was filled with enthusiastic discussions, and Bai Zun was woken up by the alarm clock at 1 p.m.

Bai Zun rubbed his eyes and looked at the time.

After yesterday, there were still nine days before the invasion of the online game!

Time waits for no man!

After washing up, Bai Zun ate some bread to fill his stomach, like last night. Afterward, he opened the game and started to spend money!