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Bai Zun suddenly got up from his bed.

Bai Zun widened his eyes. He had sweat running down his forehead.

“I’m… I’m still alive?”

Bai Zun looked around in disbelief. It was a familiar bedroom that should have been destroyed a long time ago.

After Bai Zun swallowed his saliva, he picked up his phone and looked at the time.

9 July 2333.

It turned out to be ten days before the invasion of the online game!

“I’ve reincarnated!”

Bai Zun was shocked. However, he soon regained his composure and accepted reality.

Bai Zun still remembered the last scene of his previous life—he was killed by a mutated beast “boss” from the Dimensional World with a wave of its hand.

The mutated beast “boss” was extremely powerful. Even when Bai Zun had just completed his fourth class transition, he couldn’t withstand one move from it.

“Since I’ve reincarnated, I’ll be the ruler of the world after the invasion of online games!”

Bai Zun’s cold eyes were firm.

It was an online game called “Dimensional Space.”

In another ten days, “Dimensional Space” would merge with reality, and the players would merge with their game account data.

From then on, the world welcomed a new era!

Secret realms would descend, and the Dimensional World would open. The battle between mutated beasts and humans would begin!

However, in the past, humans retreated step by step while facing the ferocious mutated beasts. Ultimately, they could only stay in a small region and struggled at death’s door.

“This time, I must reverse the human race’s defeat!”

Every time Bai Zun thought about how humans were forced to flee like rats on the planet that belonged to them, his eyes burned with passion.

Bai Zun immediately picked up his phone and opened the online game “Dimensional Space.”

[Player “Lord of the Sword,” welcome back to the game. You have left the Dimensional World for five hours, thirty-three minutes, and thirty seconds. We all miss you.]

As soon as Bai Zun opened the game, he saw a little fairy floating in the corner of the dialog box.

Bai Zun’s gaze became gloomy as he stared at the little fairy.

Bai Zun knew that the little fairy wasn’t a good person.

It was called the “Ghost Spirit Clan” in the Dimensional World. In the later stages of the game invasion, the Ghost Spirit Clan opened the door to the Dimensional World and launched a soul-stirring massacre on the human world!

Bai Zun remembered everything!

“Wait for it. This time, I will slaughter your entire clan!”

Bai Zun couldn’t help but feel enraged every time he considered how ghost spirits tortured and killed the human race.

Bai Zun skipped over the dialog box and looked at the game interface.

Shop, Wish, Recharge, and Information…

Bai Zun’s gaze first stopped on the “Information.”

The “Information” panel included specific information about Bai Zun’s current account:

[Player: Lord of the Sword]

[Class: Great Swordsman (second transition)]

[Level: Level 72]

There wasn’t much information, but it clearly showed Bai Zun’s strength in the game.

Bai Zun glanced at it briefly and didn’t look at it too much.

Afterward, Bai Zun tapped the “Wish” button and stared at the “Class Wish.”

[Class Wish: 1000 dimensional coins per time]

When online games invaded reality, classes became even more important.

Therefore, choosing a good class would determine one’s status in the world after the invasion of online games!

Before Bai Zun started to “Wish,” he made a phone call.

“Boss, what can I do for you?”

Someone picked up the call, and a pleasant female voice sounded.

Bai Zun said firmly, “Help me sell all my assets, except for the villa I’m living in now!”

The woman on the other end of the phone was stunned.

She asked in disbelief, “Boss, are you kidding me? Your joke isn’t funny at all…”

“Do it now!”

Afterward, Bai Zun hung up.

Bai Zun had always been unquestionable.

Bai Zun wouldn’t simply change his mind.

In an office in the Supreme Emperor Group, Ye Shuishui was stunned.

Ye Shuishui thought, “What’s wrong with my boss?”

“Why did he suddenly want to sell all his assets?”

As a secretary, Ye Shuishui worked for Bai Zun for several years. However, he had never been so crazy before!

Ye Shuishui had no idea what was going on.

However, Ye Shuishui also understood her boss’s temper.

Bai Zun wouldn’t change his mind, and Ye Shuishui had to do as he said.

Ye Shuishui had no choice but to frown and start helping Bai Zun.

On the other side…

Bai Zun counted the cash he had on hand. There was a total of one billion. Without hesitation, he topped up all his money in the game!

[Player “Lord of the Sword” has successfully topped up 1,000,000,000 dimensional coins. The dimensional coins have been transferred to your account. Please check it.]

The balance on Bai Zun’s account was already in the tens of thousands when he quickly glanced at it.


Bai Zun’s gaze shifted to “Class Wish.”

Bai Zun clicked on “Wish” and chose “Thousand Draws!”

One million immediately disappeared!

[Class Wishing…]

[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for obtaining the normal class, the Swordsman. Do you want to change your class?]

[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for obtaining the advanced class, the Chaotic Swordsman. Do you want to change your class?]

[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for obtaining the hidden class, the Hellfire Mage. Do you want to change your class?]


A few hundred data about the “Wishes” appeared.

Even many hidden classes had appeared.

However, Bai Zun didn’t even blink. After the first “Thousand Draws,” he continued to draw another “Thousand Draws.”

A typical class wouldn’t satisfy Bai Zun because he had reincarnated.

If Bai Zun wanted to change, he would change to the strongest class!

Normal, advanced, hidden, and supreme…

It was the classification of classes.

Bai Zun’s goal was to obtain the supreme class!

Soon, after the 100,000 “Wishes.”

[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for obtaining the supreme class, the Holy Swordsman. Do you want to change your class?]


Bai Zun’s eyes lit up, and he chose to switch classes!

[Note: After switching classes, the level and class transition progress of the original class will be cleared. Do you want to continue?]

Bai Zun didn’t even hesitate and clicked “Continue!”

[Changing class…]

[Level reset…]

[Class transition progress reset…]

[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for changing your profession to the supreme class, the Holy Swordsman!]

Bai Zun was overjoyed when he saw the little person in the game interface transform into the domineering appearance of the Holy Swordsman.

Afterward, Bai Zun didn’t stop reloading money in the game. He opened the store and bought the experience pool!

[Normal experience pool: 1,000 dimensional coins, 1,000 experience points.]

[Large-scale experience pool: 100,000 dimensional coins, containing 100,000 experience points.]

Without any hesitation, Bai Zun bought the maximum amount of the large-scale experience pool!

Bai Zun directly bought 999+ large-scale experience pools!

Afterward, Bai Zun used the experience pool!

[You have used a large-scale experience pool. Obtained 100,000 experience points. Your level has increased to Level 13.]

[You have used a large-scale experience pool. Obtained 100,000 experience points. Your level has increased to Level 19.]

[You have used a large-scale experience pool. Obtained 100,000 experience points. Your level has increased to Level 26.]

[You have used a large-scale experience pool. Obtained 100,000 experience points. Your level has increased to Level 30.]

[You have met the requirements for the first transition. Please obtain the materials for the first transition.]

[The materials required for the first transition are as follows.]


Looking at the screen, Bai Zun waved his hand and bought the first transition materials at a high price in the workshop!

Meanwhile, he thought, “Do you want me to clear the instance dungeons?”

“Dream on!”

If Bai Zun could spend money, why would he waste his time?

[You have gathered the materials for the first transition. Do you want to start the first transition?]

Bai Zun chose “Yes.”

[First transition in progress…]

[Congratulations on changing your class to the “Holy-wine Swordsman.”]

[Please check the class transition information on the information panel.]