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“I can provide the host with patients. During this period, the host can find patients with complex and difficult illnesses to treat. After all, there is no time limit for the mission, so you can focus on the main mission.”

“Of course, the main mission and side missions can be stacked. For example, if you treat a patient with a difficult illness and complete a side mission, that side mission can be directly added to the main mission of treating 1500 patients.”

Bai Jiang blinked her eyes. This question seemed to be profitable.

“By the way, system, can you investigate that famous medical hall? There seems to be something wrong with their health products,” Bai Jiang casually asked.

“Of course, it is possible. It will cost 1000 points to conduct the investigation, but you don’t have enough points.” the system replied.

Bai Jiang was speechless.

This was too much! Whether it was scanning or investigating, it required 1000 points. Wasn’t this a scam?

“If I can pay later, then I will investigate it. If not, then I won’t.” Bai Jiang said casually.

“Of course, as a system, I’m glad to serve you. However, you will have to pay 100% interest every month. Will you proceed with the payment?”

“100% interest?” Bai Jiang’s eyes widened. This was even worse than a loan shark.

She was just asking for a credit of 1000 points, but this system wanted her to repay 2000 points. Wasn’t this a scam?

“Forget it. I won’t ask you to investigate. I will do it myself,” Bai Jiang said indifferently.

Regardless of how the system tried to tempt her, she remained unmoved.

At this stage, what she lacked the most was points. She secretly looked at the points mall and saw that there were medications available to directly treat Baby and Bei Bei.

However, those medications were quite expensive and required a significant amount of points.

After a while, another villager arrived.

The villager sat nervously across from Bai Jiang and glanced behind him. He said to Bai Jiang, “I’m sick. Someone is following me, and I think they want to use my blood for research.”

Bai Jiang was perplexed. What was this all about?

“Is there something wrong with your blood?” Bai Jiang asked.

“My blood can detoxify any poison and even cure snake venom. It’s true! If you don’t believe me, you can take it and study it. You’re a doctor. I trust you,” the man said.

Bai Jiang asked the patient to extend his hand so she could examine his condition.

As soon as she placed her hand on the patient’s pulse, she understood.

This person was a mental patient. Bai Jiang sighed and asked, “Where is your family?”

The patient’s expression suddenly changed. “My family is not good people. They are involved with those research institutions. They want to capture me for research.”

“The research institution gives money to my family, and they betray me for money. They are not good people!” The patient spoke while wearing a fierce expression.

Bai Jiang nodded. “Alright, if you came to me, it means you trust me. Since you trust me, can you give me your family’s phone number? Don’t worry. I will protect you.”

When dealing with mental patients, it was important not to go against them but rather to go along with them. Otherwise, they could easily become agitated.

The person fell silent for a moment upon hearing Bai Jiang’s words. Then he tremblingly took out a mobile phone, saying, “The number is here.”

Bai Jiang unlocked the phone and found the phone numbers of the man’s parents. She used her phone to dial the numbers and briefly explained the situation, gaining a general understanding of the man’s condition.

Since the man’s home was nearby, his family quickly arrived.

Seeing his family’s arrival, the man became very agitated.

“Do you trust me?” Bai Jiang asked the man again.

“I do, but you lied to me,” he said.

Bai Jiang shook her head. “I didn’t lie to you. I want to protect you, but without a legal guardian, I need their consent to ensure your safety. Please rest assured. I will do my best to persuade them.”

Gradually, the man’s emotions began to calm down.

Upon hearing Bai Jiang’s words, the man’s family frowned.

After conversing with Bai Jiang for a while, they also learned that she was a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. They were somewhat skeptical about her ability to cure mental illness.

“With his current condition, the best you can do is send him to a mental hospital, which can be quite costly. Here, the consultation fee is only 20 RMB, and including the cost of medication, it would be less than 500 RMB. Wouldn’t you be willing to give it a try?”

The man’s family became intrigued by Bai Jiang’s words.

“But we can’t constantly supervise him,” the family member said.

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