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“This health supplement is not good for people with high blood pressure. Drinking it for a long time can cause an increase in blood pressure and also lead to drug resistance to antihypertensive drugs. Just by observing your complexion, I can tell that you have high blood pressure, right?”

Upon hearing Bai Jiang’s words, the woman’s heart sank to the bottom. Her eyes widened as she asked, “Are you saying that if my dad continues to drink this, he might die?”

Bai Jiang furrowed her brow. This woman hadn’t learned her lesson. How could she talk about death so easily?

“I can’t determine if he will die or not, but what I can say for certain is that his blood pressure will remain uncontrolled, and he will develop drug resistance to regular antihypertensive drugs. In this situation, his health naturally won’t improve.”

Upon hearing Bai Jiang’s explanation, the woman felt even more distressed.

“I… I didn’t mean anything else. I was only concerned about my dad’s health. I bought these supplements for his benefit, but I never imagined they would harm him.” The woman spoke as tears welled up in her eyes.

Hearing the woman’s cries, Bai Jiang became somewhat irritated. “Please calm down for a moment! I don’t believe your dad has consumed a large quantity yet, so he hasn’t developed drug resistance. His high blood pressure is still within manageable levels. Besides high blood pressure, I didn’t find any significant issues with him. High blood pressure is treatable, so there’s no need to worry. I will perform acupuncture on your dad a few times and have him continue taking the prescribed medication for a few days.”

While speaking, Bai Jiang gestured for the old man to extend his hand. After examining his pulse, she said, “It’s not very severe. Now, I will perform acupuncture on you to lower your blood pressure.”

Subsequently, Bai Jiang inserted several needles into the old man’s chest and head. Within a short while, the old man felt a sense of relief in his head.

Previously, he would often feel heavy-headed and experience dizziness during severe episodes of high blood pressure.

Just with a few needle insertions, he felt much better!

“Is that it?” The old man’s excitement could be felt in his voice.

“It’s not fully resolved yet. The treatment has only provided temporary relief for your condition. To completely cure your high blood pressure, you will need to continue taking the prescribed medication for a few days,” Bai Jiang explained before proceeding to write the prescription.

“The pharmacy here hasn’t been established yet. You can purchase these medications in the town. Make sure to strictly follow the prescription,” Bai Jiang advised.

The old man furrowed his brow. “You’re a doctor, and yet you don’t have a pharmacy?”

Bai Jiang smiled and understood the old man’s meaning. “It’s not that I don’t intend to open a pharmacy. It’s just not ready yet. I plan to establish my reputation before the pharmacy opens. That way, when it does, I’ll have many customers.”

Bai Jiang was not wrong in saying so.

“Alright, thank you. If I get cured, I will recommend patients to you!” The old man said as he left with the prescription.

Meanwhile, the woman with the unpleasant remarks kept turning back repeatedly.

In fact, when the woman was speaking earlier, Bai Jiang could also sense that there was something wrong with her health, although it wasn’t a major issue. It appeared to be a blockage in her fallopian tubes. Judging from her appearance, she probably still desired to have children. However, this problem not only affected her wanting to have children but also caused emotional instability, resulting in her harsh speech.

However, Bai Jiang wasn’t the type of person to repay ill words with kindness. The woman had a habit of speaking without thinking, so Bai Jiang wouldn’t proactively offer her assistance. She would only intervene if the woman sought her help.

After a day, Bai Jiang consulted a total of ten patients.

After the second patient’s visit, Bai Jiang received a side mission from the system.

“Congratulations to the host for triggering the hidden mission, treating five patients with complex and difficult conditions. There is no time limit, and upon completion, you will receive a reward of 1000 points.”

Bai Jiang furrowed her brow slightly. “How do you define complex and difficult conditions?”

The system’s missions were at its discretion, and sometimes Bai Jiang wasn’t sure how to complete them. Furthermore, what exactly constituted a difficult condition?

“For instance, the previous patient had high blood pressure, which is a chronic disease. Medication alone cannot cure it, it can only manage the condition. Therefore, if you can directly cure the patient, it would count as completing a mission.”

Bai Jiang blinked her eyes. She was still not sure.

“Are you suggesting that I go around asking people if they have high blood pressure or chronic diseases?”

Not to mention whether they would answer, just asking this question alone could cause others to gang up on her.

This kind of illness involved the patient’s privacy.

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