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Bai Jiang then said to the patient’s family, “Since I have taken him in, I will be responsible for him. You only need to leave one person to help me take care of him. It won’t take too long, at most a week, and I will return a healthy child to you.”

“I can cover the costs of food and accommodation during this period,” Bai Jiang said.

Initially, she didn’t want to persuade the patient’s family to seek treatment from her, but the system reminded her that the person in front of her already fell within the definition range of a complex and difficult case.

Therefore, she wanted to give it a try.

While Bai Jiang was talking to the family of the mental patient, Bai Zhen and Xiao Yu had already changed their clothes.

One of them went to the villa, and the other went to the Bai family.

Just as she was about to open the door, she saw a middle-aged man standing at the side with a smile on his face. “Little Young Master, you’re back?”

The person in front of her was the butler, and she knew him because he would pick up her brother by the river every day.

Bai Zhen ran to the butler in small steps and hugged his thigh. She called out, “Grandpa Butler.”

When the butler heard Bai Zhen call him Grandpa Butler, his eyes were filled with surprise. “Good child, are you very happy today?”

“Yes! I’m hungry,” Bai Zhen said.

“If you’re hungry, let’s go. We’ll go home and have dinner. Today, we have a few dishes that you love.” The butler reached out to hold Bai Zhen’s hand.

Bai Zhen suddenly came back to her senses. She stopped in her tracks and didn’t reach out to hold the butler’s hand.

Her smile vanished, and she looked at the butler with a serious expression.

Then, the butler also came back to his senses. Seeing his little young master’s smile, he suddenly forgot something.

“It’s Grandpa Butler’s fault. I forgot that you don’t like holding hands. I won’t do it again,” the butler said.

Bai Zhen remained silent, nodding lightly and lowering her head.

For some reason, Bai Zhen felt saddened when she heard the butler’s words.

Brother Gou Sheng was right. Her brother was truly ill. He didn’t like holding hands, hugging, or getting too close to people.

However, her brother was too lonely and pitiful.

After Bai Zhen left, Xiao Yu followed Gou Sheng back to the Bai family.

Although it was Gou Sheng’s idea, as they approached the Bai family, Gou Sheng was filled with uneasiness.

“Up ahead, that’s the Bai family. You can’t be nervous. Remember, that’s your home too. The baby’s room is the first one on the right side of the courtyard. When you get home, go straight into the room.”

“If anyone asks, just say you’re not feeling well.”

Gou Sheng kept instructing Xiao Yu along the way, and even though he repeated it several times, he remained patient.

Because if this thing went wrong, the baby would say that it was his idea.

No, this could not happen.

Although Aunt Bai Jiang was a good person, she could be quite intimidating when strict, and he was afraid of her.

Following Gou Sheng’s instructions, Xiao Yu headed toward the room. The room was filled with adorable dolls.

He obediently lay on the bed and closed his eyes, sensing the baby’s emotions in this room.

Just then, the door to the room swung open.

“Baby? Why are you back so early today?”

Xiao Yu still did not open his eyes. He could feel that the tone of the person who spoke was filled with love for him.

The person sat by the edge of the bed and gently stroked his forehead.

He couldn’t help but open his eyes. The woman in front of him smiled. This smile was very warm. It was something he had never seen in his life.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” Bai Jiang asked gently.

Xiao Yu’s eyes sparkled as he nodded in response.

When Bai Jiang heard this, she quickly stretched out her hand to take Xiao Yu’s pulse. It was still a problem with the genetic defect, and it was also a symptom caused by the genetic defect.

However, there was something strange about it.

It seemed like Bai Zhen was different from her usual self.

Bai Jiang furrowed her brows. “Baby, have you encountered something recently?”

“Uncomfortable,” Xiao Yu added.

He knew that his mother was the one who knew Younger Sister Bai Zhen best. If he revealed too much, he would be exposed, so he decided to pretend illness.

When Bai Jiang heard Xiao Yu say that he was feeling uncomfortable, she immediately took out a needle kit and proceeded to perform acupuncture on Xiao Yu.

Previously, Xiao Yu had relied on medication to treat his genetic defect at home and had never experienced acupuncture.

He observed as the golden needles pricked his skin. Instead of feeling pain, he sensed a lightness in his body.

He closed his eyes and relished the sensation, eventually drifting off to sleep.

Bai Jiang quietly walked out of the door. She looked back at the door and felt that something was wrong.

Although the pulse examination had revealed the presence of a genetic defect, she distinctly felt that the child’s pulse was as if it belonged to a different person.

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