Chapter 434: Triple Overtime Pay

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Shen Yu couldn’t ask for more from this arrangement. After agreeing, he rushed out of the door and drove away.

Gu Yu had just walked to the door when he almost bumped into Shen Yu, who had run out.

Fortunately, he reacted quickly and dodged.

When he pushed open the door, he was still puzzled about Shen Yu running out like he was running for his life.

After handing the report to Liang Xun, he couldn’t help but stare at him.

Liang Xun was a little speechless. Gu Yu had never done such a rude thing in the past.

He looked up at Gu Yu and asked coldly, “Is there anything else?”

Gu Yu thought for a moment, but he still couldn’t ask. He could only shake his head.

Liang Xun could not be bothered with what Gu Yu wanted to do. He handed the work that originally belonged to Shen Yu to Gu Yu.

Gu Yu had originally planned to get off work early today and bring Yan Huan to watch a movie.

The two of them had been working a lot recently. It was not easy for them to finish their work today and the two of them could get off work on time. In the end, their date was ruined again.

Liang Xun handed the matter over, but Gu Yu did not reply for a long time.

He looked at Gu Yu in confusion. “What’s the problem?”

Gu Yu opened his mouth, but he still could not say anything.

Liang Xun said, “Three times the overtime pay.”

“…” Gu Yu.

The capitalists were really vicious.

No, real capitalists would not give overtime pay.

If it were any other time, Gu Yu would definitely agree without thinking.

Anyway, getting off work early or later didn’t make much difference to him, but not today.

Liang Xun knew Gu Yu’s personality very well. It was clearly abnormal for him to not agree after dawdling for so long.

He sized up Gu Yu for a moment and vaguely understood what was going on.

“Do you have an appointment tonight?” Liang Xun asked in his usual tone.

It was very normal for him to have an appointment. He would also gather with his friends when he was free, but today’s “date” inexplicably made Gu Yu feel a little guilty.

He paused for four to five seconds before nodding. “Yes.”

Liang Xun knew that his guess was right when he saw his expression.

He nodded. “Alright, then leave when it’s time today. You can do this tomorrow.”

Gu Yu hurriedly agreed and thought to himself, Boss is still different from ordinary capitalists.

After Jing Yao hung up, she had been paying attention to the audition room. She did not feel it when she was chatting with Liang Xun, but now, that nervous feeling was back.

She held the printed script in her hand. It was a thick stack. She flipped through it, but her eyes did not take in the words at all.

“Shen Yu said that he would pick us up after the audition is over and we’ll go for dinner together. What do you want to eat?” Zhu Ling was chatting with Shen Yu at first. When she looked up and saw Jing Yao’s expression, she knew that she was nervous. She didn’t say anything to comfort her and only asked her this question.

Jing Yao’s attention was diverted and she started to think seriously.

“Let’s eat hotpot.” Jing Yao paused for a moment and suddenly said, “Xiaokui’s character is very thin because she was malnourished since she was young. I’ve been eating a lot of high-calorie food recently. Do you think I’m too fat? I didn’t even have a chance to audition when I went in. They might ask me to come out after seeing my figure.”

Zhu Ling was caught between laughter and tears. Her diversion failed.

How could a meal be related to an audition?

The two of them were still discussing what to eat when it was already Jiang Ying’s turn.

Jiang Ying had been observing Jing Yao. Seeing that she was calling first and it was almost her turn, she took out the script and didn’t read it seriously.

In that case, either she did not take it to heart, or she wanted Liang Xun to get her in through the back door. This role was definitely hers.

Jiang Ying sneered in her heart. The worry she had just now completely dissipated.

She tidied her hair and handed the script in her hand to Xu Wei. She pushed open the door and walked in confidently.

Seeing this, Xu Wei heaved a sigh of relief. As long as Jiang Ying showed such confidence, there would basically be no problem.

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Xiaokui was a confident person in the drama. Although she did not come from a good family and did not have a good experience, she was very strong and confident.

Jing Yao also saw Jiang Ying walk in. She looked at Jiang Ying’s back and was actually quite envious of her.

She had heard people talk about Jiang Ying. She started off from supporting roles and slowly became an A-lister. The path she had taken would definitely be filled with thorns, but she had never backed down. She was a very admirable woman.

Jing Yao suddenly stopped panicking. She said, “Jiang Ying is very admirable. I think 1 should be like her and take things one step at a time.”

She was suddenly not so persistent. Sometimes, whether she could get a role depended not only on her ability, but also fate..