Chapter 433: Compassion

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Lingling (Wifey): Help me check on Jiang Ying.

Shen Yu was originally enslaved by his brother, but he had been extremely busy recently. Liang Xun was busy with work, so he left it to Shen Yu to find a filming team.

Shen Yu finally understood why the employees of the Liang Corporation were so afraid of Liang Xun. This was completely the face of a capitalist. There were only benefits and no humanity.

Hearing the notification sound that he had specially set up for Zhu Ling, Shen Yu was delighted and hurriedly opened it.

In the end, he saw this cold sentence.

They were all in the entertainment industry, so he knew who Jiang Ying was.

This person was very motivated. She worked hard and had some talent. Moreover, she had good resources.

Although Shen Yu didn’t know why Zhu Ling asked him to investigate Jiang Ying, it wasn’t difficult to guess that it must be for Jing Yao.

In Zhu Ling’s heart, Jing Yao’s matter was the most important.

Shen Yu sighed for a long time before his eyes suddenly lit up again.

His fingers quickly typed a few words on the keyboard.

Shen Yu: “Got it, Wifey. 1 promise to complete the mission!”

There was also a cute emoji at the back.

It was a short sentence, but one could tell how high he was feeling.

Zhu Ling couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. If it were in the past, he would definitely pretend to complain that she didn’t have him in his heart and only had Jing Yao. He would rack his brains to ask for attention.

Why did he accept it so easily today?

Zhu Ling did not know how to reply to him for a moment. After hesitating for a long time, she replied as usual, “Yes, thank you!”

Shen Yu kept staring at the screen. The words “The other party is typing” could be seen on his chat interface for a long time.

He was actually looking forward to it. He even imagined that Zhu Ling would be very touched by his unconditional agreement and write him a bunch of heartfelt words.

In the end, these three cold words were sent?

Shen Yu stared at those three words for a long time. In the end, he could not help but wail.

Liang Xun was video-calling Jing Yao in the personal lounge when he heard Shen Yu’s wails from outside. He paused and couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

Why was there such a noisy person?

He even regretted asking Shen Yu to help him. Actually, there was no need.

Gu Yu could also do what Shen Yu did, and he could do it better than Shen Yu.

Jing Yao also heard the commotion on Liang Xun’s side. She asked in confusion, “Shen Yu is by your side? What’s wrong with him? Don’t always let Shen Yu do those difficult things. He’s your younger brother. Why are you still squeezing him dry?”

Liang Xun was speechless. Why was he squeezing Shen Yu dry? His brother was getting married. Wasn’t it right for him to help?

Moreover, letting Shen Yu do these things would allow him to familiarize himself with the marriage process in advance. He would not be flustered when he got married himself.

Liang Xun did not refute and only said, “Yes, I’ll listen to Wifey. I’ll arrange less for him in the future.”

Jing Yao was very satisfied with his accommodating attitude. She noticed that there were already a few people coming in and out. It was almost her turn.

She said to Liang Xun, “Go and see what trouble Shen Yu is in. I’ll familiarize myself with the script. Bye.”

Liang Xun opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Jing Yao had already hung up.

He wanted to say, “You don’t have to be nervous. You already know the script by heart.”

However, Jing Yao didn’t give him a chance at all.

At that moment, Liang Xun also wanted to wail. Of course, he did not in the end. He only sighed slightly.

Liang Xun tidied his clothes in front of the dressing mirror and walked out. He asked Shen Yu and understood why he did it just now.

This was the first time Liang Xun felt the same way as Shen Yu. He looked at Shen Yu sympathetically.

However, Shen Yu did not understand. He could only see that his brother was looking at him as if he was a retard.

“…” Shen Yu.

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No one could accept such humiliation after being enslaved.

He really wanted to go on strike domineeringly. His aura had already built up. He wanted to say, “Find someone else for this lousy job. I’m done.”

However, when he said it, it became: “I want to rest for the day.”

After saying that, he saw his brother’s cold gaze and inexplicably added, “Can I, Brother?”

Liang Xun raised his eyebrows. This time, he really sympathized with the mentally handicapped. He did not make things difficult for him and nodded readily. “Sure. We can pick up Yaoyao and the rest from the production team..”