Chapter 435: Audition Event Location

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Jiang Ying went in for about half an hour, which was longer than the other auditionees.

Many people knew what it meant, and Jing Yao had the same thought.

However, Jiang Ying was expressionless when she came out. She did not feel happy at all.

Besides, she gave Jing Yao a meaningful look as soon as she came out.

Jing Yao couldn’t understand the deep meaning in her eyes. Seeing that she was looking at her, she smiled at her since they knew each other before.

Jiang Ying’s expression became even stranger. She did not respond and left with her assistant.

Many people came out after a few minutes, but Jiang Ying went for half an hour. The message conveyed during this half an hour was too obvious.

The faces of the people auditioning behind her were basically pale. They did not have much hope.

The audition was even faster than before. Soon, it was Jing Yao’s turn.

Jing Yao was not as nervous as before. She no longer thought that she had to get this role, and her heart was not so tense.

Zhu Ling saw the change in Jing Yao and secretly heaved a sigh of relief. This role was indeed very important. Zhu Ling also hoped that Jing Yao could get this role, but if she forced Jing Yao too much, it would not be beneficial to the audition.

Jing Yao handed the cell phone to Zhu Ling and walked into the audition room calmly.

She did not ignore the people’s gaze on her, but it wasn’t important. She only needed to do her best to interpret the role of Xiao Kui as she understood it.

As for whether it would work, there was no need to consider it first.

Once she changed her mind, her mentality would also change.

Jing Yao pushed open the door calmly and walked in. The audition room was not big, and there were two people sitting opposite the door.

Jing Yao knew one of them. It was Chen Xin.

Jing Yao didn’t know the other one. There was a strong emotion on him, as if he was shrouded in shadows.

Chen Xin had his own standards for casting and did not want to be affected by anyone.

Those who could sit at the audition venue were definitely not the investors, because the appearance of the investors often meant that they wanted to interfere in the casting.

This was something Chen Xin would never allow.

Before Jing Yao could guess who this person was, Chen Xin said, “Introduce yourself first.”

Jing Yao’s thoughts were disrupted. She could only suppress the doubts in her heart and introduce herself calmly.

Chen Xin flipped through the information in his hand. He naturally knew Jing Yao. To be honest, Jing Yao gave him a lot of pressure.

Chen Xin was not afraid of the pressure of capital and power. From the fact that he rejected Liang Xun without hesitation, it could be seen that his decision would not be changed because of that.

The reason why he felt pressured by Jing Yao was because of Shen Yu.

Shen Yu was different to him. He couldn’t open the back door for Jing Yao, but his eyes lit up when Jing Yao appeared in a floral white dress.

This outfit really suited Xiao Kui in the early stages.

Xiaokui’s first dress was bought at a night market stall. It was very cheap. Xiaokui did not even dare to buy two dresses that cost 59 yuan.

She secretly observed. She saw a young lady’s gaze swept back and forth across the stall a few times, and her gaze landed on the same place several times.

There was a red dress hanging there. The dress was not displayed in the most obvious place, but this color was very eye-catching.

Hence, the young lady saw it at a glance. It was obvious that she liked it very much. She opened her mouth to the boss several times, but she still could not say the request that she had been thinking about for a long time.

Xiaokui was very good at reading someone’s body language. She took the initiative to pull the girl to the other side. Then, she told her that they could buy it together.

The little girl agreed without much hesitation.

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Just like that, the two of them bought two dresses together. One was a white floral dress, and the other was a long red dress.

After getting the dress, Xiaokui left with the bag.

The boss was really petty to the extreme. He refused to even give them a slightly better bag. He found two transparent plastic bags and helped them pack their dresses separately.

Xiaokui did not take it to heart. If she had not seen that young lady again later, she would have completely forgotten about her. She only remembered that she had bought her first dress with someone.

The next time they met was at a high-end banquet. As a dance partner rented by a rich young master, Xiaokui saw a girl standing elegantly in the crowd in a high-end gown..