Chapter 1517 Are You Insane?

Chapter 1517 Are You Insane?

At the resort, two naked bodies were engaged in an intimate act during the noon time as the heavy pants and cries of pleasure filled the room. "I thought...after bringing me back to resort, you will let me rest after we had an intense last night but you...." Jiang Yuyan was gasping for air. "I knew you could still take me and you were fine," Lu Lijun answered boldly as he continued to move inside her. "You are cruel," she said as she held on to him firmly to keep with him. "Don't you like the cruel me?" he teased and thrusted hard to make her moan loudly. "Ah..Lijun..."

"You are enjoying it, isn't it? I can feel it."

"But you don't have to over do it..."

"If you can't get out of the bed, only then you can say I overdid it but I see you can take all of me really well."

"Can you slow down?"

"I can't."

"Lijun..uhm," her lips were sealed and no protest could be heard from her mouth as all she did was to drown in the sea pleasure he was leading her to again and again. When they finally stopped, Jiang Yuyan was tired and fell asleep. When she woke up it was again dark and found Lu Lijun not by her side. 'Where did he go? I feel like I won't see sun for a days at this rate. this guy don't even consider stopping. My poor body.' She tried to sit in the bed when Lu Lijun entered the room.

"Where have you been?" she asked.

"Was preparing food for you. You woke up just in time," he said and sat at the edge of the bed. "I am sure so hungry. You didn't let me eat anything after breakfast," she said, pulling out a sad smile. He caressed her misplaced hair. "I offered myself to you the entire day. Didn't you enjoy eating me?"

She sighed, "I thought you would be taking care of me but you just...."

"I was taking care of you all the time by feeding your body with endless pleasure."

"I have no words for you."

"Then get up and let's eat."

After having a bath when she went to the dining room, she found various dishes prepared on the table. It surprised her as he offered her to sit on the chair, "Did you prepare all this?"

"After tiring you out, I thought you would like food cooked by me."

"Fine I won't say anything if you are going to be the only one to decide for us," she frowned at the stubborn guy and looked away as she mumbled, "Always does whatever he likes and doesn't want to listen to others."

"There is no way I can sleep without having you next to me. Staying away for ten years was more than enough," she heard him say. She looked at him with serious expressions on her face, "Staying away for ten years was important. Would I have allowed a growing kid to stay with me? The kid who already thought of me as his wife."

"I don't mean it like that. I could not even see you, that's what I was saying. But now I am an adult, and can be with you, I don't want to stay away."

"I understand but you need to consider our families as well. We can't just go back home and start living together. They might not say anything but we need to understand what's the proper way to be and how to handle it without anything getting awkward. They are our families and we need their approval or permission first."

He sighed, "I don't find it important but I will do as you say but..."

"No ifs and buts. You will stay in your room and I will stay in mine."

"Fine." He agreed but there was an evil smirk on his lips. 'It's gonna be fun.'

"Are we going directly to China from here?"

He nodded, "Our things from home in England will be sent there directly."

Jiang Yuyan inhaled deeply as she realised after two days she would be facing her family. Lu Lijun stood up and she looked at him, "What happened?"

"As you plan to keep me away once we are home, let me have some more liberty here then," he replied and Jiang Yuyan understood his intentions. Even before she could move, she was lifted in his arms. "Lijun, are you insane?"

"For you, I am."

"Let me go."

"In your dreams only."

"You can't."

"I sure can."

Soon the protest from her was buried under the sweet moans leaving her throat as he took liberties with her.