Chapter 1516 Show Off

1516 Show Off

Wen Zac leaned his face closer to Ming Lan's as his intense gaze observed her shy face as if she had guessed his intentions clearly. Just in time there was a knock on the door which disturbed them and Wen Zac sighed. Ming Lan lowered her gaze while Wen Zac moved back and looked at the door as if his mortal enemy was standing on the other side of the door. He calmed himself, "Come in."

The door opened and his assistant entered the office with the tray having coffee mugs and snacks in it. The assistant bowed to them and looked at his boss who looked calm but the assistant could guess he did something wrong to displease his boss. The assistant understood and tactfully retreated to go out of the office. Wen Zac picked the one cup of coffee and offered it to Ming Lan, "Coffee."

She accepted it quietly, not knowing what else to do as they were stopped in the middle of things getting intimate between them. Her cheeks had already turned red and having this coffee was a better way to hide her blushing face. "Coffee here is good" she finally broke that silence. "Hmm, my assistant is at least good at making coffee," Wen Zac replied as he said in his mind, 'other than disturbing others in the middle of something important.'

"I shall thank him for letting me have a taste of coffee made by him," she commented. Wen Zac had a sip and looked at her while he was still standing by the table side, close to her. "I am the one to teach him how exactly I like my coffee."

Ming Lan was smart enough to understand the underlying meaning. "I shall thank you then."

"I would appreciate it if it's an unusual way of thanking."

Ming Lan noticed that light teasing smirk on her husband's lips and she knew what he meant. "I will try to." Unravel the Unknown, Unleash the Unimaginable: N♡vεlB¡n.

"You are free to try whenever you want."

"For now, I will prefer to try these snacks," she immediately changed the topic and stuffed her mouth with the snack, "Umm, it's tasty."

"Don't worry. We two won't disturb you," Wen Zac said as they watched the groom and the bride step out of the car. Lu Lian offered a wide smile to her friend and went to her, "So you brought your husband with you?"

"I don't think I did but in fact both of our husbands had already planned this but they acted as if they are coming to drop us here," Ming Lan said as she offered narrowed eyed look to both the men. "Well, while you shop, we can have some important talk. Wen Zac was away for a long time as well," Ming Rusheng spoke. "Yeah, go ahead," Lu Lian said lazily and held Ming Lan's hand. "Let's go."

The two left without even looking back at them. "Rusheng, your wife is keeping my wife busy when me and my wife should be under the sheets, rolling in bed all the time, making up for the time we have missed after the wedding."

"You should be glad that at least you can be here by her side. Before your wedding, your wife kept my wife busy as well."

Wen Zac sighed, "You are done with multiple wedding nights already and going to get married as well, and here I am still waiting for the one night."

"Who stopped you?"

"No one, but I don't want unnecessary distractions when we start. Get done with your wedding as soon as I can so I can keep your sister for me only."

"So impatient," Ming Rusheng let out a dramatic sigh as they walked to follow their wives. "Impatient?" Wen Zac scoffed, "No one can be as patient as me. I am waiting for your sister like I don't know how many years and when finally we are together and married, I have to wait to even consummate our marriage. While, look at you, I have never seen an impatient man like you. You don't even need to get married as you two are already like an old couple who have been married for decades."

"Don't be jealous, Zac," Ming Rusheng offered him a mocking smile and patted his shoulder to fake console him, "Everyone has their own destiny, yours a little bit too late to get your woman. Not everyone can be fast like me."

Wen Zac frowned. "Show off."

The moment these two entered the shop, both of them resumed their composure of the prestigious people and dropped the role teasing friends.