In this way, An Yinong and others were considered to be joining the program “I’m Really a Star”. The show’s staff released the news, saying that the next issue had been confirmed, and it would include these few guests. Then a few fuzzy silhouettes were thrown out, which could be regarded as an advance warm-up.

“Does the third one look like Lai Qing? No way, his acting skills have been scolded in the hot searches. Wouldn’t it be a death to go to this show?”

“Who wants to be on this kind of junk web show?”

“Trash web show? Can it be more rubbish than your master? Walking half a million?” Fans of variety shows quit, and directly threw a melon-related post about Lai Qing. Some inappropriate remarks he made, as well as a wrong interpretation of national policy.

When this group of people was eating melons and fighting, some people made good use of various “find image” tools to find the original image and confirm the guest identities.

Lai Qing, the captain of the new men’s group, had turned into an actor. Tao Ran, a member of the popular boy band, had turned into an actor. Jin Zhe, a member of a returning boy group, had turned into an actor. Ke Yinong, an amateur singer in a singing competition, is said to have a bad voice.

“Hey, I finally know why there are so many bad dramas recently. Is the film and television industry a shelter?”

“The guests in this episode seem to be artists who have made their official debuts and have been popular for at least a while.” There are also puzzled netizens, “Why are they so hard to find?”

“Why are they so hard to think about? Is this variety show difficult? Is it a test of intelligence or athleticism? Or is it a test of courage?” The fans of the prospective guests did not understand.

A huge number of fans flocked to the variety show’s official website, they were very curious about what game their brothers were going to face (this time, coincidentally, they were all male artists).

“I’m Really a Star? What a strange name, let’s take a look first.”

Fans opened the past videos: one minute passed, two minutes passed, three minutes passed… “Damn, who picked this up for my brother?! Can this show be aired?!” The fans were stunned after watching it. They were not blind, they couldn’t see how this variety show was aimed at artists?

Admittedly, there was nothing explosive about this show, but wasn’t that explosive enough for the stars to show their true unscripted looks? How many ‘real’ celebrities can people meet?!

“Ah! Who wants to see what is real in the world? I just like their characters, can’t it just be that?”

There were too many people talking about it, and many passers-by discovered this treasured program, and it spread like this. It was a hot search, and next door was the news that the program group of “My Way, My Show” has changed its mentors.

“Hey! My family, I discovered something.” A sharp-eyed netizen stacked the two variety shows and found an intersection—’Ke Yinong’.

This artist, who had not been heard of for more than a year, was kicked out of “My Way, My Show” on the front foot, and then kicked into “I’m Really a Star” on the back?

“I heard that his contract was about to expire this year, so he found it useless, and burned the remaining value? Terrible capitalists, they really need to refine oil and light lamps on dead bodies.”

“Zhang Ruojun is from the same company? Zhang Ruojun is now Starlight Entertainment’s top artist. Ke Yinong was abandoned by the company a long time ago.” Netizens vowed, as if they were at the scene, crying bitterly after witnessing Ke Yinong being abandoned.

I watched “My Way, My Show” next door. Hey, wasn’t this a topic delivered to their door? Immediately make a fuss.

“We gave up on Mr. Ke because he no longer has the ability to sing, nor is he a professional singer, so he can’t guide our students. It was a pity that Mr. Ke did not have these skills. Therefore, our program team can only express our great regret for not being able to cooperate this time, and look forward to Mr. Ke’s recovery.  Our program team will not forget our original intention and reject incompetent artists. I will do my best, see you tonight.”

The netizens are stunned. This meant that Ke Yinong was completely useless and had no ability? Good guy, they also put up an advertisement at the same time.

Needless to say, there were people who were curious to see this commotion. Although netizens watched the first episode and only saw the talent show of ‘Prosperous Beauty’, fans couldn’t help but blow it up.

It didn’t take long for the news of the program team of “My Way, My Show” to use “do the show seriously, be responsible to all the team members, and not be afraid of public opinion” to become a hot search again.

“Bah! Wow!” The system kicked the phone off the table with a ‘bang’.

“…” An Yinong, “My mobile phone.” He picked up the mobile phone, and the protective film was broken, but fortunately it did not hinder the use of it.

“It’s almost time.” At this time, An Yinong looked different – fisherman’s hat, shoulder-length wig, sunglasses, like a shady character who would follow little girls.

“Mobile stereo, foldable microphone stand, foldable stool, guitar.” He checked the equipment to be taken out one by one.

“What are you doing?” the system was curious.

An Yinong had memories flash in his eyes: “Before my official debut, I often went to the streets with my teacher to try out new songs. Face to face, the feedback given by the listeners was direct and real, and teacher would revise the score based on the feedback.”

“Ah?” The system didn’t understand.

“Now I need some real feedback, to see how well the public accepts this kind of sound. And to try my level, to see if I can perform music.” Before the system could respond, An Yinong picked up the hat and put it on his head: “Hold on firmly, or you will fall. I will take you to the busiest street. There is everything there. What do you want to eat?”

“I won’t fall.” The system snorted arrogantly, and became happy again in the next second, “I want to eat spike potatoes, the longest one, super spicy!”

An Yinong pulled up the mobile stereo and walked out of the room. A folding stool was hung on the stereo, and a guitar bag was carried on his back. He glanced back at the room and closed the door with a ‘snap’.

They spent two dollars to take the bus, and they arrived at their destination in ten minutes. This was a very lively pedestrian street in the city, and it was also an Internet celebrity street. It was centrally located, lined with clothing stores, fancy restaurants, and other date-friendly spots.

It was night, and those who went shopping, dated, had dinner, and took pictures all came out of their holes, and the streets were full of people. An Yinong was standing at a corner of the street.

He had originally set his sights on another place, which was a small square where young couples, grandparents and grandchildren who strolled to digest food gathered, and there were no square dancers to steal the limelight. It was a pity that there were already several colleagues there when he went.

Those were the people who came here looking for opportunities. There were many entertainment companies nearby, and there were often scouts around, so men and women with dreams would sing here, hoping that their talent would be caught.

Of course, this was not an easy task. Today’s headhunters were more willing to pay attention to those young people with good looks. So street performers could only settle for the next best thing, hoping to earn some income through singing to maintain their lives. It was just that the local residents were well-informed and are not easily attracted by these street performers.

An Yinong put the mobile stereo on (he had already charged it before going out), set up the microphone, and connected the amplifier to the guitar. The system sat on the stereo, gnawed on a spiked potato sprinkled with spices, and watched the host set up. It ‘shielded’ both itself and the potato so no one else could see it.

“You spoke so mysteriously, but it’s a street performance.”

“Don’t underestimate street singing, it’s a touchstone of a musician.” An Yinong adjusted the sound, “The extraordinary charm of a singer not only exists in the refined record, but also on stage. You don’t really know a singer until you’ve seen them live.”

“It’s as true as it is.” The system didn’t believe it. It thought that the host was caused by the singer’s feelings, which can be translated as ‘hypocritical’. If he was willing to rely on me, he would have won by now, just like the previous hosts. The system thought.

After studying hard for more than ten years, the system only used a hundred points. With a mermaid voice and a king-level singing ability, the host could become the best singer, but he just had to practice by himself and go to the streets to sing.

“Find it yourself.”

“They are here to sing again. You’re young, what’s wrong with you?” The security guards from an unknown store nearby gathered together, holding a thermos cup in their hands, with sharp eyes.

“It’s better than begging with hands and feet. At least it’s labor in exchange for money.”

“That’s not a problem. Drought and floods will not be guaranteed. If my son performs on the street, I will give him a leg discount, which is embarrassing.”

Pedestrians came and went at the intersection, and some people looked at An Yinong curiously, but none of them stopped. The system licked the small wooden stick, feeling that the host’s opening was hanging.

This location was not good, the people who passed by were either going home or going in for supper. Could it be that the host’s song was more attractive than home and food? Looking at the little potato in its hand, the system felt: no.

The speaker under the system suddenly vibrated, and the potato almost fell to the ground. Hearing only a few plucked strings with his fingertips, passers-by couldn’t help but stop and look back curiously.

An Yinong had already sat down, holding the guitar in his hand, and was flicking his fingers to test the sound. The right hand shape was not very particular, but his playing posture was very casual and free.

It was a very intuitive body language, as if to say, I know the instrument in my hand so I can freely use it to show all the effects I want. Simply put, it was self-confidence. Even if they haven’t heard the complete song, they will feel that this person was not an ordinary person. A few passers-by stopped to watch the performer humming an unknown tune, plucking the strings with their hands, quickly and clearly.

He began to sing, in a foreign language, with a steady rhythm and a simple and relaxed tune, matched with a hoarse and lazy voice, stretching like a cat sleeping soundly on the sofa in the afternoon.

“What a wonderful voice, it’s the same as smoked beef, but it sounds good.” A chef was attracted by the voice and stopped.

“Let’s go, what are you looking at?” Seeing that the chef would not leave, the person in front urged.

“Wait a while, I’ll leave in a while.”

The system took the potatoes and forgot to eat them: Strange, it wasn’t the first time it had heard the host sing, but the host who sang unrestrainedly on the street had a special magical power. The system couldn’t tell what it was, but it sounded so good that people wanted to stop and listen carefully.

An Yinong lowered his head, immersed in his own world. There were frequent variations in the guitar playing, and his songs were free-spirited, as if a cat went for a walk in the garden, rolled on the grass, and turned to chase passing squirrels.

“What song is this? It sounds so good.” More people followed the voice.

The hoarse voice on the street sang songs with changing tunes, and the superb guitar playing skills did not overwhelm the guests. One person with one instrument made this ordinary night extraordinary.

More and more people stopped, the girls lifted their skirts lightly, the boys walked slowly, and even the grandparents who thought they didn’t understand young people’s fashion couldn’t help but bring their grandchildren over.

The couple holding hands on the road stopped, they were rushing to watch a movie, but they were not in a hurry now. The boy held the mutton skewers in his hand, chewing on them without taste.

“Why don’t we listen for a while?” He had a whim.

“Okay, but what about the movie?”

“Change to the next one.” The couple reached a consensus directly, and they squeezed to the front of the line.

On the opposite side of the street corner, a glamorous woman in a red dress was going to the cafe upstairs, she had already walked halfway, but stopped and walked back, following the singing all the way to the street entrance. She even did something that her normal self would never do—squeeze into the crowd, all the way to the front.

On a street corner sat a busker holding a guitar. He wore a wide fisherman’s hat, his face shadowed, and his hair blocked the view, but he was so comfortable holding the guitar and humming. It seemed to say: I can sing how I want, I can play how I want, and I can sing and play very well. Pedestrians often saw street performers here, but no matter what they sing, they don’t have this kind of casual, absolute confidence.

‘I can control my music’, this singer has that signal. When the foreign tune, which was less than four minutes long, was sung, there was a tidy applause from the small street corner, and a circle of people surrounded An Yinong in front of him.

“I think this guy sings pretty well, why isn’t he on TV?”

“You can only get on TV if you sing well?”

“What song is this, why can’t I find it?” someone in the crowd asked.

“This is an original song, and you are the first to hear it.” An Yinong said.

“Eh?” Potato crumbs fell from the system’s mouth: What the hell? Original?

Passers-by were also very surprised, and everyone discovered that he did not deliberately sing in a hoarse way, but his own voice was a bit hoarse. However, this kind of slightly hoarse graininess really fit the song just now, it was a perfect match.

“What a special voice.”

“Excuse me, what’s the name of the song you were singing?” A fashionable woman in a maroon dress stepped out of the crowd. She was very beautiful, but she looked serious with her brows furrowed.

“Is this your original work? Can you still create?” The system also jumped on the sound system.

An Yinong glanced across the system and landed on the lady: “Guess what it’s called?”