After “My Way, My Show” was configured, the directors of other variety shows couldn’t help applauding. Instead of finding four singers who were no longer famous, they might as well find four popular singers.

What are you afraid of if you can’t sing? The biggest fear of variety shows is that they are not popular and have no selling point, and other issues are secondary. We can’t compare, but we can be so bad that we have special characteristics!

“This time the sword is slanted, maybe this variety show will come out.”

Zhao Ze at the other end also knew about it.

“He refused?” He leaned back in his chair, a little surprised, “Ke Yinong still has resources?” Only “Singer-Composers” gathered by big names could compare with one of them. But what it was most famous for was not how many newcomers it had cultivated, but how many newcomers it had trained.

The word-of-mouth reputation of “My Way, My Show” was polarized. Whether it was an instructor or a student, basically no one could really sing, but it was popular and attracted young audiences.

In the previous life, there was an artist who was notorious because he took the script of the “villain” of the program group. Many people scolded him in reality. Later, the artist couldn’t stand the pressure and quit the circle. At that time, Zhao Ze thought about whether he could use this variety show to push ‘Ke Yinong’ out of the circle.

“If he doesn’t quit the circle, he will meet Aran in the future…” Zhao Ze pinched his nose in annoyance, “It shouldn’t be such a coincidence, one sings and the other acts.” 

To be honest, the two of them used to be a bit similar in temperament. Otherwise Zhao Ze wouldn’t be looking for ‘Ke Yinong’. However, recently he felt that the two were completely different, one was a pure white lily, the other was a cactus with thorns.

Thinking of the white moonlight in his heart, Zhao Ze couldn’t help but call the manager of the other party: “How is Aran?

“He accepted an online variety show.”

“Internet variety show?” Zhao Ze frowned. He had already done everything, but he still gave such poor resources?

The agent felt something was wrong, and quickly explained: “It’s not what you think. He said that he wanted to leave a little mark in the circle before leaving. This variety show is very suitable for him. I see it too, and it’s not good for others. But Aran has the strength, maybe it’s an opportunity.”

“What variety show?”

“I’m Really a Star.”

Back at the community, second-hand housing. “36.6.” An Yinong, who just woke up, took his temperature, it had dropped after sleeping, but he was still not in a good mood, and had nightmares again.

He dreamed that he died a thousand times, and at the end of his death, he was numb to the blood. He went to wash up, and then steamed some bread, and washed it down with milk.

“Had a nightmare? Did you dream about that trash show? It’s a disgusting show, it must be slapped in the face.” Seeing the host’s listless appearance, the system was fighting against the imaginary enemy.

“I don’t want any face-slapping.” An Yinong bit his straw and glanced at the system. He suspected that this system was a ‘face-slap system’, and he couldn’t do without ‘face-slapping’.

“Aren’t you angry that that show targeted you like this?”

An Yinong sighed: “Otherwise? I’m a past-life entertainer with nothing, should I chop them with a kitchen knife?” Right now he has nothing other than food delivery.

“I have a gun!” The system excitedly said, “As long as you have 99.8 points, you can bring home unlimited bullets!”

“Thank you.” An Yinong pinched at the system’s face with his fingers, “In a society ruled by law, don’t touch guns and bullets.”

He picked up his phone and looked for information about the ‘I’m Really a Star’ variety show: “If you are not strong enough, you are a small fish to be eaten. If you want to eat a big fish, then turn yourself into a big fish. I don’t know about other industries but the entertainment industry is the kind of place where the weak prey on the strong.”

For him, this live variety show was an opportunity. An unknown and controversial online variety show would not attract the attention of the people behind the scenes, plus it was a live broadcast, and it would be too late for the other party to intervene.

“As long as the quality is not too bad, I have enough confidence.” An Yinong found it and opened the video.

“Rubbish program, rubbish plan!”

“Come on, forever ‘I’m Really a Star’, forever demon mirror!”

As soon as the video opened, two messages were swiped like two banners. Row after row of barrage followed, as if two armies were facing each other, and the sound of gunfire roared.

“…It’s really lively.” The content had been completely covered by the barrage, leaving only the frantic scolding battle between supporters and opponents on the screen.

Just tap with one’s fingertips and drag the progress bar at will. There were as many people praising and scolding on the screen, and the battle between the two sides was raging, and it never stopped from the beginning to the end. What kind of amazing show was this? Celebrity Fight Conference?

An Yinong turned off the barrage, and a handsome face appeared on the screen. He stood on the stage and held a microphone. It was the host of the show. He smiled meanly at the camera, and then took out a bunch of keys and jingled them:

“You can’t hear the lines when you cover the subtitles, you can’t live without eye drops, and you can’t turn on a graham. The most popular singing voice…to be a star, do you deserve it?” The host spoke fast but clearly, his lips were slightly curved but his eyes were not smiling, and his eyes were sharp when looking at the camera:

“Welcome everyone to “I’m Really a Star” the infamous crackdown show. We will also invite four guests today to talk about their confusion and drama in their careers, and to solve the plight of audience members who have no drama, can watch and have no songs to listen to.”

Then he turned around and sped up his words: “This program is sponsored by the ‘Colorful Laundry Liquid’ of ‘Whoever Uses Who Knows, Make the World Clean’~ If you like this program, please don’t forget to click, bookmark and repost, I am the host Ying Qing.”

It had been a long time since he watched a show like this, it was so refreshing and unpretentious, An Yinong’s curiosity reached its peak, so he went downstairs, bought a bag of strawberries, cleaned them and added them to the video enjoyment process. Strawberries with video were definitely the best treatment here.

Everything was ready, An Yinong sat cross-legged on the sofa, holding a plate of washed strawberries in his hand, his mobile phone was placed on the coffee table stand, and he solemnly pressed the play button.

The guest’s acting award suddenly appeared on the screen. The host looked at the screen and wiped away tears with a ‘touched’ face: “I’m really happy for our young actors, they have so much room for improvement.” 

The system was very excited while watching the video with An Yinnong, “Is this host being sarcastic?”

“I know you understand, please keep your voice down.”

The variety show “I’m Really a Star” only aired two episodes, and each episode was full of highlights and constant controversy. They were completely aimed at artists, and never tried to sell fresh meat, and tested the professional ability of the guests in all directions.

They tested the actor’s line ability, personal acting skills, interpretation of roles and scripts, and also tested the singer’s singing ability, mastery of music theory and interpretation of songs. This was the self-definition of this variety show : Whether a human or a demon, just come up and try it out.

Audiences expected guests to reveal their true selves, not just what they saw on screen, whether it was good or bad — although there was basically nothing good about it. This was a variety show that the entertainment industry in his previous life would never dare to do. It was too real, and it was so bloody that people dared not look directly at it. No wonder the supporters and opponents in the barrage were torn like this.

“If this variety show maintains this style and standard of daring to think and do, it will definitely become a popular cult variety show in the future.” As long as it was not forced to be removed halfway.

An Yinong touched his chin: “”My Way, My Show” traffic is king, “I’m Really a Star” is the underdog. System, maybe I really have to do some face-slapping.” 

Starlight Entertainment Company.

“I like this variety show very much. When will the contract be signed?” When An Yinong’s text message came, the general manager was facing artists and employees who demanded to terminate the contract.

The company’s first batch of veteran employees were about to take eight selected trainees to change jobs, and they came to the general manager’s office to force the palace.

The general manager took off his glasses and wiped them off: “Since you have a better future, I won’t stop you here, and you can leave after paying the liquidated damages.” You can leave, just follow the procedure, this was basic courtesy .

Looking at the still calm general manager, the old employees couldn’t figure out whether he gave up on himself or really didn’t care, and emphasized again: “It’s not that we are unkind, it’s just… people always have to eat.” 

The general manager nodded. There was no sadness or joy on his face, and he couldn’t penetrate his heart. After the contract was terminated, the artists left the office, and the old employees were also preparing to leave.

One stopped at the door, turned his head to look at the general manager who was already bowing his head at work, and an unknown resentment made him say: “Manager, have you ever come here against the rules? Sometimes I really doubt if you are a human, but a machine.”

After the group of people left, a gloating voice appeared on the computer: “Boss, let’s see how much resentment you have incurred.”

It turned out that the general manager had been connected to the outside all the time. The contract termination event would also be broadcast live. Listening to this undisguised laughter, the general manager frowned, but when he saw the latest information on the phone, his brows were gently smoothed.

“The time for signing the contract will be announced after it is confirmed.” Remembering that the artist didn’t even have a car, he added, “I’ll pick you up when the time comes.” 

An Yinong directly sent an address, and another compassionate expression.

The general manager’s lips rose slightly.

“My God, are you laughing? Can you laugh?”

The buzzing voice on the computer made the general manager put away his smile: “If you really have nothing to do, go talk about the patent, and don’t come back if you can’t talk about the patent.”

“No, boss, I was wrong. I didn’t talk to you about the patent.”

“You are joking.”

“Okay. Boss, I look forward to your return. You are about to give up this terrible entertainment company and come back, right?”

The general manager didn’t want to explain further, he turned off the computer, and dialed a certain number: “This is Lu Yu, can someone join the “I’m Really a Star” team?”

“…Are you the real person?” The voice on the other end of the phone was distorted in surprise.

“I want a quota, is there any?”

“Other people will definitely not have one, but if you ask, you will receive. Who is so charming that you broke the rules?”

“An entertainer, Ke Yinong. I will treat you to dinner in the future.” The general manager said calmly, and then hung up the phone.

“You want to send me away after just one meal?” The chief director of the “I’m Really a Star” program group also hung up the phone, so all four guests were confirmed.

The guests who came this time were more famous than the previous two episodes. The last two times were bragging rookies who were actually unknown, but this time the four guests were all real artists who had works on their resume.

“Probably because the guests in the first two episodes were scolded badly, but they really did become popular.” The assistant director guessed. This red and black was at the expense of the artist’s career, but the entertainment company was not losing money.

“I don’t care about that.” The chief director handed over the names of the four people, “Go and check and see how strong they are.” 

The assistant director held a note: “Hey, they are all artists with a fan base. Will it be torn up by those fans if it’s too severe?”

“What are you afraid of? Anyway, with our way of doing things, it will be a matter of time before we stop broadcasting. Do a day-to-day program, when will it die and when will it end? Let’s go.”

Author Note:

General Manager: I am a principled person.

Director of “I’m Really a Star”: ?