Chapter 1742 Syl Ouroboros

Chapter 1742 Syl Ouroboros

"Did you not notice something else, Layla?"

Eliza reclined in her chair, gracefully tucking her lush green hair behind her ear. A mirthless smile played across her lips as she continued.

"It seems he took the Seven-headed serpent statue after raiding my Purgatory. Now, I understand why the statue wanted to place all the Sin Series Marks on him," Eliza remarked, gazing at the second offering in the Tools of Liberation section of Menaka's Market.

"That thief," Layla cursed under her breath. "If he wants to capitalize on our possessions, we should demand a fixed amount of Menaka's Runes per user from him," she suggested, eyeing the buyout price of 500 Menaka's Runes for the Bite.

The Bite's ability to cancel Faustian Contracts alone justified its price. It was almost foolproof for all users unless they had completed their True Demonic Transformation. Moreover, the Bite could bestow users with deviated forms of Sin Series Marks. At 500 Menaka's Runes, the price was more than reasonable.

'This subpanel he has secured for himself. It will soon turn into a cash cow trade for him.'

Layla was confident that many individuals seeking to undo their Faustian Contracts would opt for Eren's solution rather than terminating them manually. Eren's approach resembled a risk-free, non-intrusive organ-removal operation with minimal errors and attractive benefits.

Layla's eyes were on the potential wealth that could flow Eren's way as he increased his followers across Labh Salem. However, Eliza's words snapped her back to reality.

"We lost that statue fair and square when Eren defeated me in Anfang, Layla dear," Eliza shook her head, sighing. "I understand its significance to House Samael, but even if we wanted to, we wouldn't have used that statue to amass wealth. We have to accept that he is special. Besides, I have my pride to consider. Losers can't demand spoils of war from victors once the battle's outcome is clear."

"Master Eliza," another figure entered Eliza's view, seeking her attention. It was none other than Leela, Layla's sister, and a homunculus, riding on a broomstick. Interestingly, it was the same broomstick Layla had used in Anfang – Hexen Bee.

Curious, Eliza inquired, "What is it, Leela dear?" as she observed her subordinate approaching with a sense of urgency.

"Kaiser Sylberos has come to propose marriage once again," Leela reported, jumping off her broomstick and landing in front of Eliza, her voice tinged with worry.

"He spoke with Kaiser Jerome Samael, who mentioned that you're engaged in your Tantra practice. Like what we had discussed when we expected that he'd arrive here.

Unlike before, Sylberos has decided to stay in Dragon Palace. He wants to wait patiently for the conclusion of your practice," Leela conveyed the message from Sylberos.

"He just won't take no for an answer, will he?" Eliza's expression reflected her frustration. "It seems that a brute bastard can't grasp the concept of consent. He just can't take hints."N♡vεlB¡n: Inspiring Minds, Illuminating Souls.

Eliza had garnered attention and benefits after showcasing her talents in Labh Salem, earning a prominent spot in the Shaynak 100 list. However, with recognition came unwanted attention. She had become a sought-after figure for entities as strong as or stronger than her.

"That settles it then. Eren better hope the brute doesn't find him. Fufufu."

Eliza said as she took a deep breath. She then walked deliberately towards the Dragon Palace before disappearing into thin air. For the first time in months, she had decided to meet with Sylberos and give him a new target to chase instead of her.


Celestial Hall.

The Immortals had sent their consciousness into this place and were busy arguing on a very grim matter. This matter was of course related to Goddess Menaka's latest change in the Mesh as well as her supposed special treatment to God Aleph's inheritor.

"Goddess Menaka, have you gone mad? Did you forget about the prophecies related to the True Inheritor of the Elder Ichor?" asked one of the 72 Ars Goetia demons who was close to the Demon Prince of Wrath– Samael.

"Goddess Menaka, you are only hurting your divinity by doing something like this. where is your true neutrality now?" asked another elemental goddess from the divine faction. With her harsh tone, she was basically questioning the goddess' stance and her divinity.

"Kyahahaha," Beelzebub laughed as looked at the Immortals surrounding Goddess Menaka's divine throne. "My goddess, don't pay attention to these scared cats. I have complete trust in my Domain."

"Beelzebub!" screamed Prince of Wrath Samael, his voice coated in anger. "That puny demi-god is scaring nobody. But he has become too arrogant if he thinks he can get away by challenging all of us at the same time. All of you– listen to me. We need to—-"

"Silence," Goddess Menaka finally spoke, interrupting Prince of Wrath.

"Don't mistake inaction for neutrality. My true neutrality isn't harmed by anyone," she spoke plainly without attaching any form of emotions to her voice or her demeanor.

"I'd like to clarify that what is available for the true inheritor is also available for you and your followers.

If you wish to counter God Aleph's inheritor, you can do so by using the Mesh. he has decided to expose himself because of me and the Mesh. Now it's up to you how you could make use of the opportunity."

She said calmly while looking at everyone from her divine throne. Although her face was devoid of emotions, her eyes were subtly posing a challenge to all the Immortals.

"Very well," the slumbering goddess partially opened her eyes after a long time. She coldly looked at Goddess Menaka before speaking further in a voice coated in cruelty.

"We will use the same platform that Goddess Menaka has provided to that wretched being. And using the same tools, we will hunt him down." gm