Chapter 1741 Sin Series Marks V2

Chapter 1741 Sin Series Marks V2

After Eliza's cautionary advice, Layla abandoned the idea of delving into the potion synthesized by Eren.

In her pursuit of concocting something groundbreaking, she had momentarily forgotten the formidable and vicious nature of the individual involved.

"That vile man... we should never underestimate him," Layla murmured to herself, stowing away the potion vial.

The Little Witch's homunculus vessel rendered her unable to personally test the potion. However, Eliza had a cadre of other subordinates available for testing, allowing her to analyze the fiend transformation's effects.

"So that's what he meant by 'trusting in oneself,'" Layla pondered Eren's words.

"But, Master Eliza, this potion has a significant drawback. It severs the users' connection to the gods and demons they worship. Corrupted souls and bodies essentially make them akin to monsters from Echidna.

However, they won't be able to worship the monster gods either due to their distinct bloodline genesis. Who would take such a drastic step, bidding farewell to their existing faiths?" Layla voiced her thoughts, a hint of curiosity and disbelief in her tone.

"Never underestimate the frustration within some so-called unlucky individuals from both factions," Eliza responded with a light smile as she settled into a chair within a meticulously maintained palace garden. Preparing a cup of warm tea, she took a slow sip before continuing.

"Injustice is inevitable within both factions, affecting those who don't deserve it. The followers of Immortals become embittered, feeling suffocated by the hold their factions exert over them.

Eren plans to target this frustrated demographic within both factions, converting them into followers of his own. With the fiend transformation being irreversible, the number of his followers will inevitably grow over time," Eliza explained, savoring her tea while gazing at the Dragon Palace in front of her.

"I... I see," Layla responded as she processed her master's words and found them to be logical. She patted the baby dragon's head with her small hands as she started thinking of various things at once.

The Seven-headed Serpent's Bite could be availed in the form of booking slots, exclusively in Maneka's Market. However, the Mesh can only allow a fixed number of users to avail of this product.

As such, expect cooldown times and waiting periods. Users are encouraged to avail of this product in advance to avoid rushing and overburden the Mesh.

Can only be used by Children of Creation.

A single booking slot per Menaka's Blessing User.

Buyout price: 500 Menaka's Runes.]


Layla's vehement curse sharply contrasted with her cute and innocent appearance. Once again, she was taken aback by Eren's audacity in placing such an item in Menaka's Market for his potential followers.

"This man has gone crazy since arriving in Labh Salem," Layla remarked, looking at Eliza with a stressed expression.

"This is the most audacious 'Fuck You' directed at all seven Demon Princes and 72 Ars Goetia Demons. I don't know how he could do something like this, but what I do know is that from now on, all demonic cults will pursue Eren like bloodhounds on a thirst hunt."

The Little Witch predicted, sighing with a sense of disappointment at Eren's apparent recklessness and arrogance.

While the conventional Sin Series Marks caused the user's soul to become increasingly demonised with each use, Eren's version did not carry such a disadvantage. Users would retain control over their will, regardless of how frequently they employed the Sin Series Marks.

The unexpected bonus of the Bite being able to annul existing Faustian Contracts for the users added an element that caught everyone by surprise.Unravel the Unknown, Unleash the Unimaginable: N♡vεlB¡n.