Chapter 5 Questioning Jiangdong


Several bodyguards responded in unison, and when they were about to leave, they were stopped by Yang Shikai, the Patriarch of the Yang family who rushed over.

"Shixiong, don't be impulsive." Yang Shikai persuaded in a deep voice.

"Brother, I have only one son. Now that he has been killed, I must avenge him." Yang Shixiong slapped the gun on the table and looked up at Yang Shikai with a very firm attitude. Yang Shikai waved his hand, signalling the bodyguards to leave first, and then closed the door.

"Shaoting's grudges must be avenged, but it is best not to make too much of a move now. Old Zheng said that the Qiao family may have reported the matter to the province or the capital, and there are important figures paying attention to the Shaoting kidnapping of that woman."

"Now that Shaoting has been killed, I have nothing to worry about. Not only do I want to avenge Shaoting, but I also want that woman's whole family to be buried with Shaoting." Yang Shixiong's mood was agitated; the pain of losing his child had caused him to lose his reason.

Yang Shikai continued to advise: "This way, I will let Old Zheng use the power of the inspection bureau to arrest Qiao Kexin's family. We will say that Shaoting's death was related to them and we will find some evidence, and then kill them in prison without anyone noticing.

As for Shaoting’s murderer, I have already investigated it. It’s that man who made Qiao Kexin have an illegitimate child many years ago. I heard that he is a soldier in the military. However, if he was able to handle over thirty thugs by himself, he should be a martial arts expert. Sending people to capture him rashly will likely startle him and cause him to flee."

After listening to Yang Shikai's words, Yang Shixiong fell into deep thought. He was overwhelmed by anger earlier and could only think of revenge, but now, after his older brother's analysis, he realized that he was indeed too impulsive.

They both knew that the thugs that Shaoting kept at the casino were all street fighters who had scraped and clawed their way to the top, and were all skilled in hand-to-hand combat. The fact that the other party was able to single-handedly kill over thirty of them is enough to indicate that he is a martial arts expert.

It is not easy to capture someone like that by just sending a few people out. Seeing Yang Shixiong's worried expression, Yang Shikai bent down and patted his shoulder, comforting him

"Even if the killer is a military man, there is nothing to worry about. Our family’s Shaojie has been promoted to captain in the Jiangdong Military department. He just called and said that he will return to Longjiang in a few days. It will be no problem to deal a common soldier”

Hearing that Yang Shaojie had been promoted to Captain, the haze in Yang Shixiong's heart was instantly swept away. He turned and walked to the sofa, sitting down with a hop of his short legs, he asked in excitement

"Brother, what you said is true? Shaojie has become a Captain!"

"Well, that’s what he said on the phone." Yang Shikai replied.

For a family in a third-tier city like Longjiang, having a Captain in the family already belongs to the kind of glory that would bring smoke from the ancestral grave. Not only would it secure the Yang family's position as one of the top four powerful families in LongJiang City, but it might even be able to join the provincial capital of Jiangdong and expand the family's power even further.

As if the pain of losing a child was not so important, the two brothers Yang Shikai and Yang Shixiong were immersed in the joy of having a Captain in the Yang family.

At this moment, a bodyguard came to report that Yang Shaoting's younger brothers had brought back a little girl.

Yang Shixiong was furious, jumping off the sofa and roaring: "What time is it and you're still here to cause trouble, just find a place and throw that little girl away."

Yang Shikai stopped the bodyguard and asked, "Who is that little girl?"

"She is Qiao Kexin's daughter." The bodyguard replied.

Yang Shikai and Yang Shixiong exchanged a glance, both understanding what the other was thinking. With the little girl in their hands, the murderer of Yang Shaoting would certainly be caught, and they could do whatever they wanted to with him when the time came.


Jiangdong provincial capital, Jiangzhou city.

It is more than one hundred and sixty kilometres from Longjiang City.

At this time, in an office of the Jiangdong Provincial Inspection Department, the leaders of various official departments of Jiangdong Province have gathered. This included Jiangdong provincial chief Zhang Jun, Kou Tianyou, head of the Inspection Department, Zhang Jianyi, head of the Department of Government Affairs, and a dozen other heads of the Jiangdong council...

They all bowed their heads, standing in front of the desk in fear. Luo Sha sat on a large sofa chair behind the desk, with his legs resting on the table, scanning the crowd coldly.

"Marshal Lin's wife was kidnapped in Longjiang City, what crime should you be held responsible for?"

Upon hearing this, everyone was so frightened that they quickly knelt down, not daring to hesitate for a second.

"Please forgive me, Warlord Luo Sha, I have ordered a thorough investigation and will absolutely bring all the culprits to justice and punish them severely." Jiangdong Province's Chief Zhangjun pleaded in a trembling voice.

Within the jurisdiction of Jiangdong Province, the wife of Shura God of War was kidnapped. As the governor of Jiangdong Province, he dared not shirk his responsibility.

That is Shura God of War!

The legend of the Huaxia Army, the god of death on the northern battlefield. Guarding the northern border to protect Huaxia, his sword unsheathed makes the enemy tremble, the alliance of eight countries is like ants, with one command, ten thousand bones wither.

Now one of the eight war kings under Shura God of War, Warlord Luo Sha personally came to the provincial capital to inquire about the crime, which is enough to show the seriousness of this matter.

When the Shura God of War is angry, not only will their official titles be lost, but many people may lose their heads. Luo Sha directly kicked the documents on the desk away and said angrily

"Thorough investigation? Then let me ask you, have you found the location of Marshal Lin's wife by now? Why have the kidnappers already gotten wind of this before you've even acted!"

Sensing Luo Sha's burst of murderous aura, several big wigs buried their heads even lower, their bodies trembling.

Zhang Jun turned his head and gave the director of the inspection department a fierce glare. The inspection department is responsible for rescuing Marshal Lin’s wife. If there are spies in the inspection system, the director of the inspection department must be to blame.

Director Kou Tianyou was also very aggrieved. When he received the order, he didn't know that it was Marshal Lin’s wife who was kidnapped. He thought it was just a relative of an ordinary high-ranking official, so he sent the matter to the Longjiang City Inspection Bureau to take charge of the investigation. Who knew that there would be such a mistake, and the kidnapper would be alarmed by the leak. What's worse, Marshal Lin also found out about this matter.

At this moment, Kou Tianyou only felt that even if he had nine lives, he would not have enough to die. He was lying on the ground, not even daring to raise his head, and could only beg for mercy.

"Warlord Luo Sha, spare my life, Warlord Luo Sha, spare my life..."

"Although Madam has been rescued, whether you will be spared or not is up to Commander Lin, and it depends on your performance. The person who kidnapped his wife was from the Yang family in Longjiang. Within three days, the Yang family must be removed from Longjiang I don't care what you do, but remember one thing” When Luo Sha said this, he paused slightly, his cold gaze sweeping over the crowd kneeling before him.

"Right now is a critical period when the official Chinese government is signing a truce with the allied forces of the invading countries, and this matter of the Shura War God leaving the Northern Regiment must never be known by those outside the country.

Even in Jiangdong, if one less person knows about Marshal Lin's identity, there is one less risk of it being leaked. This matter is related to the safety and security of Huaxia's borders, you should know what to do."After Luo Sha finished speaking, he left the office. He didn't need to worry about the rest, and he didn't need to know the details, as long as he could get the result.

After Luo Sha walked away, the provincial head Zhang Jun found his palms still trembling, as did everyone else, who stayed in place with trepidation.

Everyone knows very well that the sky in Longjiang is about to change. Many people will be unlucky, and many people will die without a place to bury them. After a while, Zhang Jun roared loudly at the group of leaders behind him. "Immediately put all the members of the Yang family under surveillance and restrict their travel, even if it is a bird raised by their family, they are not allowed to fly out of Longjiang. Use all your strength and resources to collect criminal evidence of the Yang family. As long as it is a dirty thing that the Yang family has done, no matter what ten or twenty years have passed, turn all of them over to me! Quickly find out where Marshal Lin's wife lives, and everyone go and make amends, right away!"