The little boy poured out all the money in the bag and put it in a pile on the ground with a clatter.

Only then did the people around see that all the banknotes had "Huaxia Land Bank" written on them, with the smallest denomination being 10 million and the largest denomination being 10 billion. Lin Hao said that there are hundreds of billions in this bag, this is at least trillions!

But these are not money used by the living at all, they are all ghost money used for burning during offerings to the dead.

Yang Shaoting's face turned green with anger, isn't this a curse that he will die? He held the gun tightly in his hand, and said in a cold voice: "Now, kneel down before me, knock your head three times, and then crawl around on the ground like a dog, maybe I will consider leaving you with a whole body."

More than 30 men standing around Lin Hao shouted in unison: "Kneel down! Kneel down! Kneel down..."

Facing everyone's intimidation, Lin Hao's face did not show any waves.

"The money has been returned to you. Whether you accept it or not, I will burn it to you later."

The more than 30 thugs around looked at Lin Hao as if he was dead. If he dared to provoke Young Master Yang, it would be tantamount to courting death. "Hehehehe..."

Yang Shaoting laughed angrily. Surprisingly, in such an environment, Lin Hao still dared to be so arrogant and presumptuous, which made him very upset.

He took out the magazine of his handgun and then loaded it back with a snap. He looked at Lin Hao with a mocking gaze and sneered,

"To tell you the truth, even if you came with money to redeem your fiancée, I wouldn't have let her go. I kidnapped your fiancée because I wanted her, but she refused to comply. With my family's influence, even if I just took her by force and raped her, no one would dare to say anything.

Do you know why I went through all the trouble of setting up a gambling game to win Qiao Yizhao's money and then deceiving him to borrow at high interest? Because I don't want your fiancee to be like a lifeless doll lying in bed, it would be like raping a corpse, which is not interesting.

So, even knowing that the Qiao family couldn't come up with one million to save her, I had her tied up with iron chains, scared her with dogs, and whipped her.

I want her to feel hopeless and force her to compromise, and then obediently kneel before me, begging me to let her go, and be willing to serve me. After I kill you, I will go grab your fiancée and play with her until I'm tired. Then I will send her down to be reunited with you... "

If Yang Shaoting said those words to anger Lin Hao, then had succeeded. The murderous aura on Lin Hao's body suddenly increased tenfold, as if even a large villa could not contain his monstrous rage. The violent murderous aura instantly suppressed everyone’s breathing, making it difficult for everyone to breathe.

The surrounding temperature dropped by more than ten degrees in an instant. Some people felt the bone-chilling cold and couldn't help sneezing. Tick, tick... The wall clock on the wall showed that it was already eleven twenty in the evening.

"Time's up"

Lin Hao stomped his right leg and his body shot up like an arrow, sweeping out a distance of more than five metres and heading straight for Yang Shaoting.

He said that he would give Yang Shaoting an hour and would always keep his promise without adding a second more.

Yang Shaoting never thought that someone could jump directly from the first floor to the second floor. He reflexively wanted to raise his gun and aim at Lin Hao, but it was too late.

Lin Hao punched Yang Shaoting in the chest, the fist smashed in like a hammer, and pierced out from Yang Shaoting's back, with a bloody heart in his palm. Amidst the rumbling sound, Lin Hao's body hit Yang Shaoting into the wall like a cannonball, causing the wall to collapse halfway.

Under the horrified gaze of more than thirty pairs of eyes, Lin Hao pulled out his fist from Yang Shaoting's chest, and the heart was still beating in his palm.


The heart was crushed and turned into a puddle of blood! Yang Shaoting, who fell to the ground, stared until he died as if he did not believe that he would be killed by the other party so soon.


The timid thug was frightened and screamed on the spot, kneeling on the ground with his head folded, his expression painful and mad.

"Kill him!"

One of the henchmen was the first to react, leading the others to rush towards Lin Hao.

Young Master Yang was killed in front of them, unless Lin Hao can be captured or beheaded on the spot now, none of them will be able to avoid responsibility when the Yang family holds them accountable.

But the murderous aura that erupted from Lin Hao and the shock that the scene just gave them was too powerful.

Although they had steel pipes and machetes in their hands, they were terrified. Reluctantly rushing in front of Lin Hao and meeting Lin Hao's cold gaze, these thugs felt their souls trembling.

Lin Hao grabbed a machete, kicked the three of them flying, and then slaughtered them unilaterally. From the corridor on the second floor to the first floor, in less than half a minute, more than 30 people fell into a pool of blood, and the last two were shivering behind the door.

One of them was so frightened that he went crazy, and the other was so frightened that he defecated and urinated, his legs were so weak that he couldn't stand up, so he could only sit slumped on the ground.

Throughout the incident, Lin Hao's body was not stained with a single drop of blood. He took out old-fashioned kerosene lighter, ignited it, and threw it on top of the pile of ghost money. The pile of ghost money, which he had soaked in gasoline for a long time, instantly ignited into a raging fire.

Lin Hao flicked his right hand and the steel knife in his hand flew out, embedding itself into the plaque above the hall, which read "Day by day, wealth increases". The handle of the knife trembled uncontrollably

Half an hour later. Longjiang Yang Family.

Upon learning of Yang Shaoting's death, his father Yang Shixiong was furious. When the people carried Yang Shaoting's body back, Yang Shixiong, who was full of grief and anger, vomited a mouthful of blood on the spot.

"Who…Who killed my son!"

Two men knelt before him, one of whom was so insane he couldn't even utter a complete sentence. The other's face was pale, and there was a stench coming from his crotch. He barely told what happened, but his legs were still trembling. Yang Shixiong was born with a strange disease, and he is still like a primary school student in his fifties, so even if the two men kneel in front of him, they still look about the same height as him standing. When he finished hearing what happened, he was already furious in his heart. He took out a pistol and pointed it at the other party's forehead.

"My son is dead, why are you still alive?" Yang Shixiong roared angrily. "Master Xiong, please forgive me, Lord Xiong, please forgive me..." The man begged for mercy, but it was to no avail.

Bang bang bang...

Yang Shixiong fired eight shots in a row, not even letting go of the man who was frightened into mental illness, as if they were the murderers who killed Yang Shaoting. The bodyguards standing on both sides were silent, and no one dared to say anything. They were used to this kind of scene for a long time.

Yang Shixiong ordered with a gun: "Call everyone together, I must avenge Shaoting tonight."