Chapter 500

People in charge shivered, and Hu Yiming was like a devil from hell.

In fact, Hu Yiming has long discovered that there is something wrong with these people. After all, everything happened so coincidentally that if it was not for the internal people, how could he know Yue Yihan's action line.

What's more, Yue Yihan's recent investigation is just right?? The interests of these people.

Soon, these responsible persons explained the matter. They did look for the robbers, but when they called the robbers, there was no one on the opposite side.

"Chairman, we really don't know what's going on. It seems that the kidnappers don't listen to us." The person in charge is shaking like a sieve.

Hu Yiming's eyes sank again. According to the surveillance during the kidnapping of Yue Yihan, the other party's kidnappers were a group of highly trained people.

These people in charge have no ability to move them.

Hu Yiming goes out directly, and the people in charge of the house have to pay for their behavior.

Hu Yiming drove directly to Luo's manor.

At this time, the loy was still sitting on the windowsill, smoking. The smoke obscured her face and made her look like a fairy in the sky.

Looking at the smiling people came in.

"Why are you in the mood to come to me today?" Asked the Roy.

"Where is Yue Yihan?" Hu Yiming sharply questioned.

Roy people smile, smile particularly moving, "you guess."

Hu Yiming strode to the front of the loy people, when Mary came out and put her hand on Hu Yiming's shoulder.

Hu Yiming's eyes are shining, and they wrestle with Mary. Although Hu Yiming's force value is not as good as Mary's, he has a lot of Medicine on him, so Mary is quickly poisoned by Hu Yiming.

"Say, where is she?" Hu Yiming puts his knife against the chin of the loy.

But the loys still smoke carelessly.

It seems to be comparing them, whose patience is more general.

Hu Yiming knife to her neck again a few minutes, a few drops of blood flow down, stained her white clothes, blooming one after another bloody plum blossom.

"Suburban factories," the loy said

Hu Yiming immediately put away his knife and strode out.

Roy looked at his back, and his eyes grew cold.

On the other side, the leopard also prepared the diamond. Hu Yiming came to the factory with the diamond.

Just as soon as he got out of the car, a gun was put on his head.

Hu Yiming's eyes sank, holding the diamond bag and saying, "here are 10 billion worth of diamonds."

Hearing this, the kidnapper showed a trace of greed in his eyes and went into the factory with Hu Yiming.

In the factory, there are two women sitting on chairs. They are of the same size and wearing the same clothes, but both of them are wearing hoods.

Obviously, there are two more Yue Yihan.

"Your 10 billion diamonds can only save one person. Choose one, and we will kill the other." The kidnapper said with malice.

If Hu Yiming chooses wrong, Yue Yihan will die.

"I can give you more money." Hu Yiming said.

The kidnapper laughed. "Ten billion is enough for us to spend a while."

That means they won't cooperate.

Hu Yiming stepped forward step by step. When he was about to reach the two women, the kidnappers stopped him.

"Only one person can be chosen."

"Bang." As soon as the kidnapper finished his words, he fell to the ground.

Hu Yiming said with a smile in his hand. He quickly cut off the rope on one of the women. Hu Yiming did not hesitate to hold her and rush out.

Then Hu Yiming's men rushed in and exchanged fire.

Hu Yiming firmly protects the woman without any harm and finally leaves the factory. Hu Yiming releases the woman from his arms.

And this woman is really Yue Yihan.

"It's OK. I will protect you well in the future." Hu Yiming said.

Yue Yihan nodded and asked, "how do you recognize me? The package is so tight."

Hu Yiming smile, "because only see you, I will go nervous, just go back to want to protect you."

Yue Yihan was very moved to hear that the last kidnappers were all caught, and the other woman in the factory was Zhang Fang.

She was taken to the police station with the kidnappers.

Of course, Hu Yiming did not let go of the loy people. The Luos' industries in Kyoto were all eaten away by the Hu family.

The loy people were taken back to foreign countries overnight by the Luo family.

In order to avoid Yue Yihan from being hurt again.

Hu Yiming with the fastest speed, to eliminate all the adverse factors, including those in charge of the branch.

Now that Hu's family is completely finished, Hu Yiming has taken the two Vietnamese children in Changhe city to his old house.With the addition of ah Nuan, the old house is also lively.

Although Wang Xiulan from time to time brush down the sense of existence, but overall, life is still very happy.

Mo Xiaomo later gave birth to a son. With the help of Hu Yiming, he successfully became a star and became more and more popular.

Many years later, Mo Xiaomo met Hu Lei in an old street. At that time, Hu Lei was already very old. He lived in a small bungalow, collecting garbage for a living, and Mo Xiaomo became a hot star.

The two men were speechless, but Mo Xiaomo forced him back home, gave him a bath, changed clothes, he Zhijin was also arranged in another room.

"What are you doing, trying to humiliate me?" Hu Lei asked in a sharp voice, but there was still a trace of love in Mo Xiaomo's eyes.

Mo Xiaomo smile, "two years ago you took care of me, now I take care of you."

Hu Lei is stunned.

The next day, Mo Xiaomo asked someone to take care of Hu Lei, and their son slowly accepted Hu Lei as a father.

In fact, Mo Xiaomo has grown up a lot over the years. Although she can't forgive Hu Lei's behavior at that time, what she doesn't deny is that she likes Hu Lei. In any case, Hu Lei is now a useless person, which does not pose any threat to her, so it can be raised.

So the three of them were together in this way.

Yue Yihan and Hu Yiming have held a new wedding ceremony. The wedding is very grand and romantic. The cherry blossom rain, beautiful wedding dress and many girls' fantasy scenes in their dreams can be seen here.

The two exchanged rings and finished the wedding.

Soon after, a child belonging to two people was born.

Many people in Kyoto think that Hu Yiming will be like his father. He will find many women and have many children, but none of them.

Hu Yiming died in this life, but also only to guard Yue Yihan, also has that pair of twins.

Although there are still some difficulties in life, but a family of four together, is also very happy.

"Wife, I love you." "I can't count how many anniversaries have passed," said the silver haired Hu Yiming. Yue Yihan, who also has white hair, smiles sweetly. They hold hands tightly together, and then slowly close their eyes.