Chapter 499

It's more likely that you'll be saved.

At the same time, the kidnappers also found Yue Yihan's mobile phone, took Yue Yihan's mobile phone out and threw it out.

"Get in the car." The kidnapper carried Yue Yihan into a black car.

Then Yue Yihan's head was covered with a black headgear. He could not see anything, and his hands were still tied.

Yue Yihan took a few deep breaths and told herself to be calm. In this situation, she must not be excited, otherwise there will be danger.

"This little girl is really a sign of him." Said one of the kidnappers in the car.

"Put away your thoughts, this person is not your dynamic." Another kidnapper said.

"I'll tell you. If you've been addicted to your mouth, you can't do it. "

Although that said, Yue Yihan still felt a disgusting look and swept her up and down.

But she had to endure.

The car drove smoothly on the road. I don't know how long it took, and finally stopped.

Yue Yihan was forcibly pulled out of the car by the kidnappers. There was a smell of fragrant grass and even a little smell around him. I think he should be in the rural area of the suburbs.

"Let's go." The kidnapper gives Yue Yihan a push, but his strength is not small. Yue Yihan immediately feels a dull pain in his shoulder.

But now Yue Yihan is sure that the kidnapper who is following him should be the leader of this organization.

Although also lecherous, but can restrain, calm, courageous and resourceful.

Yue Yihan didn't know where she had gone. Anyway, when the kidnapper asked her to stop, she stopped.

Then she was tied to a chair, and then her head was removed.

Suddenly, she is stabbed into the light. Yue Yihan is not used to it. She squints. After a while, Yue Yihan looks around and looks around. It's just like what she imagined.

This is a dilapidated factory with walls of cement and soil mixed everywhere.

The kidnappers stood in different corners of the factory, observing the movement outside.

Although one by one, they look at each other with perseverance.

Yue Yihan knows that these people must have been professionally trained, not ordinary kidnappers.

Thinking of this, Yue Yihan's heart sank, but what made her puzzled was why Hu Yiming's medicine was useless to these people.

You should know that Hu Yiming's medicine was prepared by Hu Yiming himself. No one else knows the antidote except Hu Yiming.

What's more, when they called Hu Yiming just now, these people clearly saw that they had to wait for her to make a video game call before throwing her mobile phone out. It seemed that they wanted to tell Hu Yiming through her that she had been kidnapped.

Thinking of this, Yue Yihan's eyes gradually darkened.

If you have an accident, you can't implicate Hu Yiming.

She looked around, and there were people guarding her, so she had no chance to escape. Moreover, the rope tied to her body was very tight. It seemed that she had to think of other ways.

On the other side, Hu Yiming gets a call from Yue Yihan, especially after hearing the voice of the kidnapper inside, his heart suddenly sinks.

Obviously, he has sent so many people to protect Yue Yihan. How could accidents happen.

At this moment, Hu Yiming resented that he didn't stay by Yue Yihan.

Hu Yiming took out a phone call to the leopard, "immediately search the location of Yue Yihan for me, and immediately."

Hu Yiming's tone is a little urgent, and the leopard can't care about anything else. He quickly searches the location of Yue Yihan, but he can't find it because his position has been blocked.

When Hu Yiming knew that, his face became more heavy.

The other party caught Yue Yihan just to restrain him, but why hasn't he called him yet.

Suddenly, the phone rings. It's a strange number. Hu Yiming answers it quickly.

"Yue Yihan is in my hands. If you want to save her, you must prepare a diamond worth 10 billion yuan. If you want to save her, I will cut a piece of her flesh."

"You dare to move her." Hu Yiming snapped.

There was laughter from the other end of the phone, but soon the phone was hung up.

The 10 billion yuan is not much for the Hu family. The most important thing is that Hu Yiming has just taken over the Hu family, and many fundamental things are still unstable.

The sudden withdrawal of 10 billion yuan is likely to result in the shortage of the Hu family's capital chain, and the Hu family may collapse as a result.

this is like the dilemma Hu Shaoguang faced at the beginning. Is it to hold the Hu family or to save Hu Yiming's mother.

But Hu Yiming is not like Hu Shaoguang. In his mind, only Yue Yihan is the most important. So Hu Yiming asked the company to prepare for the 10 billion yuan.

But it was also quickly opposed by the public.

I saw many senior executives of the company and the person in charge of the branch company ran to Hu Yiming's office one after another and advised him to think about it again."Mr. Hu, the police have promised to rescue his wife. If we put in $10 billion rashly, this is obviously not enough business."

"Yes, chairman, if Hu's capital chain is cut off, then Hu's will be finished."

"We all know that the chairman of the board is in a more urgent mood now, but the more we arrive at this time, the more calm we have to be, otherwise we will be in the other side's way."

All of them were against Hu Yiming's $10 billion.

His eyes were cold, and his face was darkened.

"I am the chairman of the company, and I have the right to withdraw the company's funds. If you dare to say one more word, you can get rid of Hu's family immediately and never step into Hu's territory."

All of a sudden, all of them had no voice, but they were not convinced.

"Leopard, how's the money raised?" Hu Yiming asked.

The leopard hastily said, "yes, I've bought diamonds from all the major jewelry stores in the city with money."

"You go out." Hu Yiming said to those senior officials.

Although they did not want to, but still left, but one of the facial expressions are not very good, or even very that look.

The person in charge of several of the branches, after leaving the Hu family, found a club and gathered together.

"What should we do? Hu Yiming really wanted to do that for Yue Yihan, not Hu."

"It's OK. With that 10 billion, we will be able to go abroad for a while."

Yes, the kidnapping was planned by them. Hu Yiming's medicine is very useful, but they have got the powder and developed the antidote.


At this time, the door was suddenly pushed open, and Hu Yiming came in with a knife in his hand.

"So, do you want to be lenient

Hu Yiming said with pity. The knife in his hand was still shining with silver.

"We don't understand what you say, chairman." A person in charge pretended to be stupid.

Hu Yiming eyes a sink, knife directly inserted in that hand.

The man made a killing howl.