Chapter 35: I Know a Little

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Chapter 35: I Know a Little

Shirley was flying in the air, and Radish was under the effect of Liliths floating spell. It was tied with a rope, and the other end of the rope was tied to Shirleys body.

Although the floating spell can make people fly, their movement speed is rather slow, hence they had to tie Radish to Shirley. As Shirley flew at a subsonic speed forward, Radish was pulled along like a balloon.

Radish was very panicked, her horseshoes kept thrashing around, screaming in terror.


Shirley was displeased by the noisiness of Radish and scolded her, causing the mare to immediately quiet down.

Its just ahead, Master.

Shirley has an auto-navigation function. The more information she has about the target, the clearer she can perceive it.

Of course, miracles are the exception. Their power and nature negate Shirleys tracking ability.

I see it.

It was a vast port. Bai Luo rode Shirley, taking Radish and Issafeiya along, and flew downward like a meteor.

Issafeiya looked very calm, her expression didnt even fluctuate.

Radish on the other hand was so terrified that her legs turned soft.


The moment Bai Luos voice sounded, Lilith immediately flew down.


The old man, who was standing near the Viper Gangs ship, suddenly felt a stream of light flowing in his eyes.

He sharply raised his head and immediately saw Bai Luo and Issafeiya, who were originally invisible, became clearer and clearer.

Theyre back, board the ship.

The old man ordered, Noel and Jerah didnt see Bai Luo, but since the old uncle said they were going, the two immediately dispersed.

The old man led a large number of people and boarded the largest ship.

Jerah took her brother John and boarded another one. Finally, Noel and his sister Fiore boarded the third ship.

Who are you, people? What are you doing here?

There were still many Viper Gang thugs on the ship.

Lilith fell quickly from the sky, flying over the three ships at an amazing speed.

An invisible magic barrier shrouded the three ships, making the passersby originally attracted by the sudden noise immediately forget about it and return to their business.

The three ships have been enveloped by an optical and psychological double barrier. No matter what happens inside, outsiders will not notice anything.

This ship has been requisitioned by us.

Uncle Saros announced their ownership over the ship to everyone on the deck.

Ha ha ha ha

The thugs were amused by uncle Saross words, Is this old guy crazy?

Hey, old man, are you looking for death?

A thug stepped forward and scolded uncle Saros, followed by a sudden attack. He waved the pirate sword in his hand, viciously slashing it at the old mans neck.


However, just when the thugs eyes were filled with playfulness, ready to watch a good show, the thug covered his neck and hastily retreated.

Cough, cough you


The thug fell on the ground, his blood flowed along the deck. This scene deeply stimulated the Viper gang thugs who were watching.

Kill him!

Looking at the rushing-up enemies, uncle Saross expression didnt fluctuate.

Instead of drawing his own weapon, he rushed towards the nearest thug at lightning speed, quickly unarmed him, took his weapons, and decapitated him.

Next, it was like a wolf entering a flock of sheep, a massacre. When Bai Luo and Shirley landed on the deck, all they saw was a pile of corpses.

Uncle, your skills havent dulled.

Bai Luo smiled and walked to uncle Saros, but the old man shook his head and said,

Bai Luo told the crowd to start a fire to cook. There is a special kitchen in the cabin of this ship. Naturally, they should treat themselves.

Diana was overjoyed upon seeing the kitchen,

Ill do it! Ill do it! No one is allowed to snatch this task!

Ardens married women volunteered to prepare lunch. They divided the tasks and started working, vowing to show Bai Luo and the others their skills.

After lunch, the children were all taken by Lilith to the deck of the big ship, which had a large space.

They surrounded Lilith, watching her perform all kinds of marvelous tricks using her fairy magic. It was extremely interesting to them.

How long will it take

Father has been there before, he said that it should take about ten days.

Hmm, ten days, its about right.

With the speed of their ship, they can cross at least 3000 kilometers within ten days. Keeping such a distance from the main continent is optimal. Even if theres an incoming fleet, they would have the time to prepare.

Tell Shirley to come down, next we just have to follow the map.

Issafeiya fixed the rudder of the ship. They intend to travel east for a while, then correct their ships positioning.

Shirley was originally helping them escort and navigate the ship, but thats not necessary for now.

In addition, Shirleys real mission is to deal with the sea monsters in the sea.

These creatures are just like their land counterparts, terrifying beings of unknown origin, most of which dont exist in Bai Luos past life. They are completely fantastical monsters.

Sea behemoths are one of the dangers of the sea.

However, most of them are active in the deep layers of the ocean. Only when storms come will they run to the surface to attack ships, bringing forth terrifying disasters.

It doesnt seem that a storm will appear.

At least not within the next few days.

Uncle, can you even tell this?

I know a little about this, just a bit.

Uncle Saros has also set sail in the sea during his youth. He has very rich sailing experience and is a top-class navigator.

It seems that one of uncle Saross seemingly endless skills has been unlockedNavigator.

Even if we encounter a storm, we have the blessing of miracles.

The old man is not afraid of sea behemoths. Those creatures might have a terrifying size, but they arent much stronger than the monsters hiding in the deep mountains.

Whether its him, Issafeiya, or Bai Luo, they can deal with them.

Not to mention their trump cards, Lilith and Shirley.


If it wasnt for the presence of Shirley and Lilith, Bai Luo wouldnt have dared to sail on the sea with so many people so rashly and without any preparations at all.

He has to acknowledge that miracles had indeed greatly boosted their confidence.

Shirley, come down and take a rest.

Bai Luo called Shirley back through their soul connection.

Master, Shirley isnt tired, I can continue flying for a while.

We might encounter other ships, its better to be careful,

Bai Luo seriously said,

When its evening, you can fly as much as you want.

Okay, master.

Shirley cheerfully flew down. She isnt a real horse, naturally, she isnt going to stay in the cabin along with other horses. She landed on the deck, then mingled with the children.

Shirley, youre so pretty!

Your hair is so white and glowy!

A group of children about five or six years old, led by little Helen, leaped on the body of the kneeling Shirley and started acting like spoiled children.

Shirleys preference will always follow that of her master. Since Bai Luo loves these children, so does she. Conversely, Shirley loathes the people that Bai Luo hates.

Therefore, Shirley is very happy to be loved and admired by the people she needs to protect.