Chapter 34: I Order you to Vanish

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Chapter 34: I Order you to Vanish

We want to see your boss.

The boss is not here.

The gatekeeper was just a small punk. He was crossing his legs and leaning on a broken shack, not even looking at the two of them.

Beating and killing people for revenge, Issafeiya said the secret code.

Give him the money.

Take it.

Bai Luo resolutely threw out a small bag of money, the punk clasped it, then opened it and took a look,

Im a bit clumsy, I hope that the two guests can forgive me. Please follow me.

The punks who guard the entrance to the stronghold dont necessarily require amazing combat power, but they must be very alert.

There are many such strongholds throughout the slum. There are some differences between a regular visitor and a newcomer.

If Bai Luo didnt pay but chose to beat the guard, it means that he is here to make trouble and that he doesnt care about the strength of the Viper Gang at all.

The Viper gang doesnt dare to accept such a guest.

However, if the other party follows the rules and gives money. On one hand, it is an additional source of income for the gang, and on the other hand, its a test of the other partys character.

Knowing how to advance and retreat, being able to bend and stretch.

These are the qualities that the Viper gang demand from their friends.

Following the punk, the two rode their horses to a hidden stronghold.

Bai Luo asked Shirley to stay outside with Radish, while he took off a bag hanging on the side of Radish, which contained money to buy a boat.

Of course, they brought Lilith with them. With this fairy, Bai Luo has absolute confidence.

In this way, under the leadership of the punk, Bai Luo and Issafeiya walked into a relatively hidden underground tavern.

Isnt this Ms. Faya, long time no see.

The head of the Viper Gang was a burly, bald middle-aged man. His upper body was bare, revealing his bulging muscles and the delicate snake tattoo. Bai Luo noticed that the snake had nine heads.

Are you bringing us business this time or are you here to accept business?

Rhude put his feet on the table, which was a large round table that could be used for banquets

Our deal cant even be called a business.

Faya is the alias of Issafeiya outside. The elder sister didnt seem to care about Rhudes taunting,

You havent paid me for our last business.

So youre here to collect debts?

Rhudes face turned gloomy, the surrounding thugs slightly moved forward, but Bai Luo quickly raised his hand,

No, we are here to do business.

Rhude looked at Bai Luo, he noticed that Issafeiya retreated upon hearing Bai Luos words.

Oh, youre the boss.

Rhude was a little curious. He couldnt figure out Bai Luos identity, but he knew a little about Fayas accomplishments. A man who could be recognized by her is definitely not ordinary.

In fact, Issafeiya rarely reveals her true power as an Ardennes. The power she normally displays might not even be 5% of her true strength.

Otherwise, how dare Rhude be so arrogant.

My name is Raja, Im a businessman, but my business has been recently declining in the Iron Eagle, hence I intend to buy a few boats and sail into the sea to look for opportunities.

Sail into the sea

Rhude immediately noticed the loopholes in this young mans rhetoric, Then why dont you take a cruise ship?

You are in the field, why do you inquire about this?

Its okay, I wont inquire. As long as you have money

Puft! Puft! Put!.

The sound of falling to the ground sounded almost at the same time. Rhude watched with wide eyes as his subordinates fell into the ground clutching their slashed throats, twitching and struggling on the ground, releasing sickening gurgling sounds,

Cough, Argh

How could you be so fast?!

Issafeiyas superhuman strength surpassed Rhudes imagination. He never thought that Faya, seemingly just an ordinary mercenary, would have such terrifying power.


Rhude wanted to run, but soon realized that an invisible force was enveloping him,


The bald man slowly rose into the air. He constantly waved his limbs around, but couldnt move an inch from his place.

Lilith, who was sitting on Bai Luos shoulders, snapped her fingers.



Rhudes heart-wrenching screams sounded in the next moment. His hands and feet were folded in reverse, tearing his flesh and shattering his bones.

What the hell is going on?

How could such a thing happen!

The sudden disappearance of the black pepper, and fairy magic, undoubtedly shattered Rhudes worldview.

Dont worry, theres a sound-blocking barrier around us. Your subordinates wont be able to hear your screams.

Bai Luo said as he looked coldly at Rhude. He slowly drew his sword.

You are too greedy. Since you know that we are going to smuggle, then you should take us to the ship port, not some bullshit shipyard!!

I, I, I was wrong, dont kill me, Ill give you the ship you want! No matter how big or how many you want, Ill give it to you!

Spare me, please spare me!

Rhudes wailing didnt provoke the slightest ripple in Bai Luos heart. He raised his sword and ruthlessly chopped the mans head.

In fact, according to the old mans plan, they were never going to buy a ship from the beginning.

In fact, their plan, from the beginning to the end, was based on only one word Rob!

However, if thats the case, why didnt they go directly to the port, but come looking for the Viper gang?

Its simple, there are some human problems involved.

If the Ardennes directly rob the Viper Gangs boat, then with this gangs people still there, they will encounter some problems. Rhude is a very vengeful man. He will definitely look for ways to retaliate.

For example, chasing them, informing the nobles, putting bounties on their heads. Anyway, they will definitely never give up on getting revenge from the Ardennes.

Hence Bai Luo came up with a simple solution kill him.

With Rhude dead, the Viper Gang had lost their leader. Their main goal in the next period would be to choose a new leader. The loss of a few ships is a small matter compared to this.

In the same way, other people and forces wouldnt work hard to find the boat of a force like the Viper Gang.

This is not a legal society. Theres no force within the city like the police. There are only the guards responsible for withholding the nobles interests.

There are no benefits in hunting the Ardennes that have robbed a ship, and would anyone do a job with no benefits?

So what if their ship had been stolen, no one but the Viper Gang had suffered.

In addition, there is some animosity between uncle Saros, Issafeiya, and the Viper Gang. Since they can complete their goal and get revenge by the way, then why not do it?

Lets go.

Bai Luo and Issafeiya left without looking back, their figures disappearing in the aisle, thanks to Liliths invisibility spell.

The members of the Viper Gang waiting outside the room didnt even know that the two had left.

Of course, they also wouldnt know that Rhude and the thugs in the room have died. They will only think that Rhude and the others have somewhat disappeared and that their whereabouts are unknown.