Chapter 26: Ideal Coast

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Chapter 26: Ideal Coast

Whats wrong?

Issafeiya looked at Bai Luo with a puzzled expression, unsure why he suddenly stopped.


Bai Luo glanced at the black book pages that started moving again with extreme excitement, but on the surface, he continued to calmly arrange work.

Soon, Bai Luo arranged things properly.

I have something to do, elder sister, you

The matter of finding miracles is very critical, this thing is an extremely important strategic resource, the more the better.

Bai Luo couldnt tell Issafeiya directly that he is going to find a miracle. After all, the matter of purposely finding miracles is too fantastical. Its shocking enough to shake the balance of the world.

Leave it to me.

Fortunately, Issafeiya understood Bai Luos intentions.

She didnt ask anything. If Bai Luo said that he has something to do, then it must be important. All she has to do is to help him afterward, not question his decision.

Bai Luo didnt thank Issafeiya, with their relationship, it was redundant.

Little Luo, he

Watching Bai Luo leave, Saros walked towards Issafeiya. With his unique vision, he naturally noticed that Bai Luos sudden departure was a bit strange.

This is the talent of our king.

Saros naturally understood what Issafeiya meant. The old man gently stroked his silver beard and said, This Even little Luo cant possibly find a third miracle, right?

Apart from discovering traces of a miracle and attempting to contract it, Saros couldnt find another reason for Bai Luos strange behavior.

Danger? Very unlikely, he didnt feel anything.

The observation and judgment abilities of Saros and Issafeiya arent under Bai Luo, in fact, they are even sharper. The only thing that might get past their terrifying instincts were objects related to miracles.

But still! A third miracle is a bit too much!

He will find it.

Issafeiya has near blind trust in Bai Luo, not to mention three miracles, she felt that her beloved brother could get one hundred!

The matter of finding miracles cant be forced.

Saros was actually quite satisfied.

The basic sacred pouch could serve as the economic and agricultural foundation of a country, and Pegasus can act as the foundation of their military. Bai Luo definitely has the capital to build a huge country, the only thing theyre lacking is time.

Father, in your opinion, what will little Luos third miracle be?


The old man didnt know how to respond to Issafeiya anymore. This girl seems certain that Bai Luo would get the third miracle.

Unwilling to dampen her enthusiasm, the old man said no more.

He was afraid that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment,

I have to inform little Alea. If Little Luo doesnt find the miracle he is looking for, she should be ready to console him.

Its not that Saros was disbelieving. He was just worried that Bai Luo would get disappointed.

In the eyes of the old man, Bai Luo is the heaven chosen. Finding two miracles is more than enough to show that he has the qualification of a great king. Bai Luo doesnt need to prove anything more

Even in his present condition, the Ardennes will fanatically follow him until the end of time.

The third miracle

Saros is rarely so irrational, but his trust and confidence in Bai Luo arent under Issafeiya. He has always thought that his child was destined for greatness,

What could it be?

Not good, my heart is wavering.

I, Saros, am a mature and stable man, I mustnt be so greedy!

I wonder what Little Luos third miracle is?

Bai Luo, who didnt know that the old man and his elder sister had guessed his purpose, was riding Shirley on the edge of the forest.

He sank into the depths of his consciousness, looking at the black book. After more than half a month, the familiar riddle appeared again.Read latest chapters at nov(e) Only

[The door of the pumpkin car slowly opened. The beautiful blond-haired princess, the frozen heart queen, come forth! The godmother is calling your name6 days 23:50]

[Direction: 20 southeast]

Im not the one I used to be! A mere riddle cant stump me.

Looking at the direction the compass needle was guiding him to, Bai Luo immediately rode on Shirley and set off. With Pegasus, Bai Luo no longer needs to worry about any journey.

Shirleys speed is extremely fast, faster than any plane from his past life.

It shouldnt take much time to complete the roundabout trip.

Lets go, Shirley.

Understood, master!

Shirley immediately froze upon saying that

But where are we going? Master?

Shirley inquired with puzzlement. She couldnt see the compass, naturally, she didnt know where Bai Luo wanted to go.

Pegasus has the natural ability of Omni-navigation. As long as Bai Luo desires to go to a place, Shirley can take him there without a map or any other indicator.

However, finding miracles isnt within Shirleys ability range.

Even if Bai Luo wants to find a miracle, Shirley wouldnt be able to feel the location of that miracle.

Were looking for something, Ill show you the way.

Received! My master!

With a direction, Shirley immediately spread her wings and soared into the sky.

She restrained her glittering light. Even under the moonlight, Shirley could conceal herself so as to not be seen by people on the ground.

That way!

A little more to the left.

Yes, keep flying in this direction.

Just like that, Bai Luo directed Shirley to fly in the direction pointed by the compass.

They flew over mountains, dense forests, and huge canyons.

Bai Luo and Shirley didnt know how long they had been flying, but the sky east had started to lighten up.

Havent we arrived yet?!

Although he felt that shouldnt be surprised anymore, Bai Luo felt that he was fooled by the black book again!

He is now leading the Ardennes to migrate! The impact of his sudden disappearance is too great.

Bai Luo originally thought that with Shirley, it shouldnt take long to complete the back and forth journey, but it has been more than six hours and the needle hadnt turned yet.

It took seven or eight hours to come, but only three hours to go back.

Looking at the black swallowtail butterfly, it calmly fluttered in Shirleys wind barrier. The barrier shielded all wind pressure and temperature change, hence it was able to fly so leisurely.

When it got tired of flying, it laid down on Bai Luos fingers to rest.


Little Luo is back!

Hearing Bai Luos voice, Issafeiya hurriedly stood up and led the Ardennes to welcome him.

Instead of continuing their journey, they waited here for Bai Luo to come back.

Sorry, something suddenly came up, hence I had to go.

Bai Luo apologized to the Ardennes, then asked everyone to continue on their way. Meanwhile, he looked for uncle Saros and asked,

Uncle, do you know where I could find a crystal bottle?

Crystal bottle?

This was a rather strange question, but as usual, the old man didnt ask much, How many do you want?


Bai Luo just wanted to ask the old man for the location of some crystal bottles, then either buy or steal some.

But the old mans answer surprised Bai Luo, Do we have crystal bottles?

We didnt have them before.

The old man took a deep breath from his smoke pipe and said,

But didnt you decimate that caravan before? There were a few crystals amongst the things you brought back. I was a bit bored, so I made a few crystal cups and bottles.

You are also capable of crystal crafting?

Bai Luo exclaimed internally that his old man is really versatile. What is this old man incapable of?

Im only a bit knowledgeable. I dont think that Im very skilled.

These words sounded inexplicably familiar. Bai Luo felt that he heard them in the past, but he didnt ask much. Anyway, all he needs is a bottle,

I need a crystal bottle that has air circulation inside, its of use to me.

Saros was already accustomed to Bai Luos wonders.

In his first hunt for miracles, he got the basic sacred pouch. Soon after, he climbed over 20 mountains with a horse on his back and got Pegasus Shirley.

Especially the latter matter. Its simply inconceivable. However, Bai Luo was right in the end. Hence Saros was eager to see what Bai Luo was going to do next.

I made two bottles, which one do you want?

The old man quickly brought back two crystal bottles for Bai Luo, one large and one small,

If neither is suitable, just tell me what you want, I will melt the two and make one according to your requirement.

Is this what you call a bit knowledgeable?

Bai Luo looked at the extremely exquisite crystal containers in his hands with eyes as wide as saucers. He held them up to the sunlight and found that they not only sparkled but even had incomparably delicate patterns etched on them.

Even though Bai Luo is almost artistically illiterate, he felt that such a beautiful and exquisite handicraft is a treasure amongst treasures.

Even though he lacks interest in art, Bai Luo wanted to collect a few to appreciate them.

Are you sure youre not a grandmaster?

Bai Luo felt that the old man might have misunderstood the meaning of being a bit knowledgeable. This is a goddamn artistic masterpiece, right?

It was really casually made.

Bai Luo felt that his old mans casually made things are something that others might not make in their lifetime.

Ill take this one, its perfect.

Bai Luo happily said, Im going to use it to house a butterfly.

Cough! cough cough

The old man almost choked on his smoke pipe. He waved his hand while turning away, Im really old, I dont understand what you young people think.

Housing a butterfly in a crystal bottle, thats too much fantasizing.

The old man left, leaving the grinning Bai Luo.

He quickly returned to Shirleys side, then carefully placed the swallowtail butterfly in it.

This crystal bottle is very delicate. It has two layers. When its opened, the swallowtail butterfly can freely fly in and out. When its closer, the mouth of the bottle will be greatly narrowed, making the butterfly unable to fly out.

Either way, the airflow within the bottle will always be smooth.

In addition, in order to make the Swallowtail Butterfly more comfortable, Bai Luo also carefully placed some flowers and branches as decorations inside, making the crystal bottle look more delicate and elegant.

As expected of the old man, its perfect.

Bai Luo naturally knew that the old man wasnt boasting. Even if the bottle he made was unsuitable, the old man would immediately make a perfect one.

[The beautiful house was shining brightly. It fluttered happily within, thinking I finally have a home]


Master: Bai Luo Arden

Level: Medium

Type: Miracle Creature

Faction: Ideal Coast

Ability: Unawakened

Bai Luo watched as these words appeared on the third page. Having experienced this two times already, Bai Luo knew that the miracle represented by the black swallowtail butterfly belongs to him.

Even if someone else gets the black swallowtail butterfly now, they wouldnt be able to continue the miracle awakening trial.

So next, Bai Luo must find a way to awaken its miracle power.

In this way, he would truly acquire his third miracle.

Medium, its level is higher than Shirley.

Bai Luo isnt sure what the level exactly represents, thus he asked uncle Saros, and the old man said that the level represents the potential of a miracle.

Bai Luo decided to properly ask the old man about this once the power of the blacktail butterfly is properly awakened.

Now, lets see what conditions are required for the awakening of the butterfly.

[You got it, it will only belong to you]

[Girls who love to dream, but dont know what dreams are]

[Find some cute girls and tell them stories about dreams and fantastical girls. Make it listen together and it might fulfill their wishes]

With his hands clasped, Bai Luo rode on Shirleys back and continued on his way.

He hung the crystal bottle on his waist. He has to escort the team now, hence he cant be distracted, so for the moment, he controlled himself to fully concentrate on protecting the team rather than thinking about the meaning of the riddle.