Chapter 25: The Sound of Pages Flipping

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Chapter 25: The Sound of Pages Flipping

Alea, Alea, are you there?

Just when Alea made sure that the two children had fallen asleep, and carefully walked toward her room, Bai Luos voice sounded from outside.

His voice was quite muffled. He suppressed his voice to a very low level, making him look very sneaky.

Lord Bai Luo?

Why are you calling me my lord, just call me Bai Luo.

Naturally, Bai Luo didnt come to find Alea in the middle of the night for some nefarious reason.

Alea is the kindest woman in the village. Although she is very beautiful, no Ardennes would have intercourse with her, because she lost her fertility.

Its not that they find her disgusting, this is simply the nature of the Ardennes. If they were just coveting her beautiful appearance, it would be insulting Alea, almost treating her like a prostitute.

The Ardennes would never insult this kind and pure woman. Naturally, Bai Luo is the same.

He wants to give Alea a better life and make her happy, but even if Alea refuses his aid, Bai Luo will always respect her and protect her.

Whats more, Bai Luo already has Issafeiya. He couldnt even take down his dear elder sister, how could he have the time to look at other girls.

The reason why Bai Luo visited Alea late at night is that he is still bothered by the matter he talked about with uncle Saros two days ago.This chapter is updated by nov(e)(l)

Yes, its Inyas business.

Is that so?

Alea and Bai Luo came to the courtyard outside her house. Their voices were quite hushed to not disturb the sleeping children.

Uncle took Inyas horse away and deceived her, but you silently allowed that to happen, Alea calmly asked,

Youre feeling very guilty, thinking that you hurt her, dont you?

Yeah, Im quite contrite.

Bai Luo nodded, he really didnt know who to consult on this matter. His elder sister is strong and wise, but Bai Luo felt that he couldnt ask her about this matter.

Does his elder sister know about this matter? Maybe she does, maybe she doesnt.

Bai Luo is a strong man, he can kill without any hesitation, and he can also be quite ruthless if needed.

However, Inya is Bai Luos soft spot, only about her can he feel so guilty about the smallest things.

Feiya knows, but she also made the same choice as great uncle, Alea said

Do you feel that Inya who is kept in the dark is pitiful?

I do think so.

Alea is blind, but she can see peoples hearts clearer than anyone else.

Uncle once commented on her, saying that she is the heart of the Arden clan and the barrier that guards their souls.

I envy Inya.

Alea said emotionally,

Her father protects her in his own way. Feiya, her big sister, also greatly loves her, and you

Dont you love her?

As her big brother, Bai Luo would naturally protect his little sister. He will kill anyone who even dares to touch a strand of her hair!

Although she eats a lot, throws her quilts, grinds her teeth, and talks in her sleep, Inya is his sister, his most beloved little sister!

There are two solutions to this matter.


Aleas method might not necessarily be the best, but it will definitely be the most to Bai Luos liking.

She always puts everyone at ease.

Weakness is a sin. Only ones strength is the best protection.

Alea calmly said,

The reason why you find it difficult to swallow is that great uncle suppressed Inya too much, making her weak. You feel that this is too unreasonable.

Yeah, thats it.

What Bai Luo really didnt like was directing Inyas life without her consent, like a bad parent controlling his daughters life.

Whats the difference between that and the super controlling parents from his past life? My daughter has to learn piano, be good at sports, get into a good university, and marry a rich son-in-law Bai Luo hated these types of parents.

Inyas life should belong to her!

However, Inya is stupid.

The moment Alea said that she quickly covered her mouth, Sorry, I, I didnt mean that.

You dont need to worry, thats the truth.

Bai Luo didnt think it was an insult to Inya at all, Not calling her hopelessly stupid is already complimenting her.

Thats right, after all, thats Inya.

Alea snickered, laughing softly, her tone conveyed her love for Inya, So, you can raise Inya well. Since great uncle refuses to raise her as a warrior, then its your duty as her older brother.

But in this case, problems will occur.

The problem is, Bai Luo cant really send Inya to dangerous places, but if he doesnt send her, then it would be like raising a useless general. He has to consider Inyas feelings.

Then make her your bodyguard.

A man that can work all day and night for several consecutive days and remain energetic dare to say he cant stay up late?


Hehehe, you dont need to call me general, its embarrassing, hehe.

Bai Luo heard Inyas sleep talk as soon as he opened the door to his room. He sighed helplessly, feeling like a fool for worrying about this girl.

Why is she always acting like a child

Bai Luo shook his head, he fixed the girl falling off clothes, covering her body, then took out a warm wolf fur and covered her gently before laying down to rest.

The next day, everyone packed their things and prepared to set off.

They obeyed Saross instructions and didnt bring many items with them.

Children and old people rode on horse-drawn carriages, surrounded by the adults with certain combat power, including dozens of middle-aged women.

Those whose combat power has reached Inyas level and further rode horses to clear the way ahead, or lined up on both sides to protect the caravan.

Pam! Pam!

Noel was at the lead, exploring the way for everyone.

Theres a monster over there. John, go ahead and lure it away.

Okay, sister.

Jerah and her younger brother John wandered around the caravan. Their mission was to guard the Ardennes against wild beasts, monsters, and possible ambushes.

All stop, change lanes, there are people ahead!

Issafeiya suddenly spotted human tracks. She quickly turned around and told the team to change their track.

Unlike the mountains where the Ardennes used to live, this forest is too close to human villages and towns.

Therefore, its home to many people who fall into banditry every year due to one reason or the other. Its either heavy taxation, endless conscription, or the persecution of those in power.

For the people of the Thorns Earldom, obedient farming is not enough to support themselves. Becoming mercenaries who can die at any moment is one of the few ways out.

However, once these mercenaries break the bottom line, such as robbing or killing their employer, their credibility will completely disappear, becoming shunned outcasts no matter where they go.

Naturally, with no other choice, they can only become bandits or pirates.

Are there any big bandit strongholds around here?

Bai Luo walked at the head of the team, next to him was Issafeiya. Inya and the old man were at the center of the team.

There are a few.

Issafeiya calmly said,

But dont worry, our route was discussed by father and me beforehand. Although its longer, the possibility of encountering bandits is much lower.

Even if we encounter them, we can change lanes at any time, and there is more than one route.

The route they chose has been screened at various levels, its safety is guaranteed. The risk factor is almost reduced to the lowest level.

Sure enough, after walking for two or three days, Bai Luo and the rest of the team didnt encounter any bandits.

That night, the Ardennes found a suitable area in the forest, opened a clearing in it, and made a campfire.

They chopped the trees to make the clearing suitable for a team of their size, then worked together and put them aside.

By the time everyone finished preparing the camp, the women and children had already prepared dinner.

They spend most of the day traveling, and to save time, they only ate dry food. However, at night, everyone is preparing a camp to rest, naturally, they have the time to make more bountiful food.

It smells so good!

Noodles! Noodles! Noodles!!

Todays dinner is noodles, grilled meat, and fresh fish caught from a nearby river. Its a quite generous meal.

They used all kinds of spices to season and remove the fishy smell from the fish and meat, making their dinner quite delicious.

The Ardennes have become accustomed to pasta. They all liked the taste of this food very much, especially Inya, her stomach growled due to hunger, and the fragrance of the food was so appealing that saliva was almost dripping out from her mouth.

Your saliva is dripping, Inya.

Oh oh oh.

Iniya reflexively wiped the corners of her mouth, but there was no saliva,

Brother, you lied to me, there is no saliva!

Oh? There really isnt.


Even Inya will be angry at being teased.

Here you go, noodles. Keep this a secret, but I gave you a big bowl.

Brother you are the best!!

Taking the noodles that Bai Luo handed over, Inya immediately forgot her unhappiness and dug in. Its so delicious!

Eat slowly, or youll choke.

Bai Luo laughed and scolded the little girl, and then told everyone to start distributing food.


After dinner, everyone was resting, just as Bai Luo started arranging the nights vigil, the sound of pages turning sounded in his mind.