With the gathering of the 12 family students, it feels like we’ve gained more attention. After all, even from Kotone’s memories, the 12 families have never been together in public like this before.

「Come to think of it, is it alright for us to simply stay here?」

While it has become a rest space here, other than getting drinks for the newcomers, nobody hasn’t moved from this place at all. Normally, these guys should be walking around greeting people.

「Building bridges with other people is important, but we don’t need to do that yet. It’ll be necessary when we become working adults, but we’re still young.」

「I’m aiming to be independent, so I don’t need to build personal connections here.」

The two who are about to graduate soon can act like this, so for the rest of us yet to graduate, it’s even less important. Besides, I don’t think making personal connections here is important either. After all, I don’t even know what I want to do in the future.

「Still, people who want to approach us will just come on their own anyways.」

「This time, there doesn’t seem to be anyone foolish enough to do so. I mean, it’s great that people don’t just come near.」

「About that, well, you’re here after all. Still, if someone does come, they’d be an exceptional sort of fool.」

For us, this place is a rest space but for perceptive people, they probably see this as a minefield. Moreover, one where you’re sure to step on a landmine. So of course no one would come close, if they had good sense.

「The past me would be one of those exceptional fools.」

「True. And thanks to that, we can relax here right now. This would probably stop working the more you attend a party, though.」

「You say “more” but consider this the last I’d be attending.」

I wanna break that flag to pieces. To begin with, only those related to the 12 families would think of inviting me. Those not in the know would still be wary of me. Still, what do I do if I do get invited?

「I personally want to get you involved in more parties. I mean, I only have a limited time left, after all.」

「It’s not even settled that you’ll be allowed to leave yet, isn’t it? Give me a break.」

「You think I’m considerate enough for to do that?」

Not a bit. I know that you’re the type to do whatever you say you’ll do. And you there, Rin. Would you please not look at me with those hopeful eyes? I really don’t want to get involved anymore.

「Please don’t send me an invitation with the Shimotsuki family’s name. Since then I’ll be forced to attend.」

Even my father won’t be able to turn down invitations addressed to me. If that happens, I’ll have to attend any parties they’ll invite me to. Maybe I should beat her down to prevent this.

「I’ll me making use of that, Senior Kisaragi.」

「What I’m saying is don’t do that.」

「I won’t pick my methods.」

This girl really is a child of the Shimotsuki family. Please consider my feelings even just a bit. Next to her, Aya has a wide grin and Hadzuki is enjoying this too. Is it that fun to mess with me?

「True, having this sort of space would be really helpful.」

Even Nagatsuki and Minadzuki are agreeing, dammit. Nagatsuki probably wouldn’t send me an invitation, but Minadzuki just might do it for real. And even Kotori’s nodding in agreement. Crap, I’m slowly being surrounded.

「If I do get invited, I’ll make sure to cause a ruckus, alright?」

They all just answered with a smile. They definitely don’t believe that I’ll do it. I can do it if I wanted to, though. You’ll get swept by your ankles if you let your guard down, you know?

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「Ah, everyone prepares for combat. There’s one fool approaching.」

It seems like the main event is really happening now that the party’s nearly done. Everyone is already used to having idiots approach them at any event. The relaxed atmosphere has instantly tensed up. Is this a warzone or something?

「Who’ll take the idiot on?」

「Anyone should be fine? We still don’t know who the target is, after all.」

Seeing as no one is retorting to my exchange with Hadzuki, everyone’s ready to throw down. I guess everyone’s pretty pissed about the intrusion of our rest space. Looks like the fool has picked the worst place to come to.

「Good evening everyone.」

Everyone’s silent. As if to subtly tell her that we don’t have any intention to talk to her. The girl is a cute type. Her dress is light pink, probably to make her more appealing but the person herself… Yup, she’s an enemy to me.

「E-everyone, why are you all gathered in such a place? People such as yourselves would suit better to be in the center-stage.」

Silence continues on. I guess she still hasn’t settled on a target. Honestly, as long as she doesn’t refer to any specific person, I don’t think anyone in this group will be answering her. The same goes with me.

「Still, it seems like there’s someone here unbefitting this place. Right, Ms. Kisaragi?」

Seems like she has her sights on me. Still, unbefitting she says? These guys just gathered to me and made this a rest place on their own.

「For any complaints, feel free to lay them on these people. I was simply standing here, after all.」

「Then couldn’t you just move away?」

「She can’t.」

「That’s right, she can’t.」

The two seniors gave their no. They just think that it’ll be bothersome to have the rest place moving around. I do agree that a moving rest place would be super inconvenient.

「As they’re so against it, I cannot move. To begin with, me moving about would only cause the others trouble.」

「I see you know yourself well. If you think that you’ll only cause trouble to begin with, wouldn’t it be better for you to have not attended?」

In the first place, I don’t get why she specifically chose me. I’ve never seen her at the academy and from her youthful look, she should be younger than me. Besides, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in any past parties.

「Don’t you agree, Mr. Nagatsuki?」

I see. So she’s trying to use me as a bridge to others. Still, she picked the worst subject ever. There’s no way she’ll get anyone’s agreement. Even from Nagatsuki.

「No, that’s not possible.」


Naturally. If I could, then I wouldn’t have come here to begin with. I’m just here, despite my reluctance, because we can’t refuse. You think I was happy coming to the same place I once made a fool of myself in?

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「The 12 families are all equal. Once we receive an invitation from a fellow 12 family, we will attend even if we have to make changes in our prior schedules. This, to us, is simply common sense.」

Yup, correct. Refusing can be seen as making light of the other party. So as long as there’s no need to be antagonistic, there’s no reason to be absent. If there’s no specific person addressed, then you can pick any of the family as a representative. And since it was directly addressed to me this time, we can’t have anyone else representing.

「As I received a direct invitation, it would be disrespectful to refuse.」

「Kisaragi’s course of action is only natural and your assertion is by no means correct. Unfortunately for you.」

「B-but Ms. Kisaragi has caused a lot of trouble with her previous antics…」

「That’s not relevant right now. After all, she hasn’t started any ruckus this time.」