「Choosing her to be vice-president is another mistake as well.」

「Someone like Kishita would be the most ideal, after all. Someone who’s so timid won’t do well in that position.」

It’s not that Kirigamine is bad. It’s just that her understanding of the 12 families makes it hard for her to be assertive, which isn’t too good. Just thinking that I’ll have to help her out regarding that is making me depressed already.

「It’s best that you don’t think that getting someone as good as Kaoru would be easy. It really took a lot of effort to get a hold of her, you know?」

「Since when have you been eyeing her?」

「I had her in my sights since I saw you two together, Aya. A certain incident then made me think that Kaoru would make a perfect vice-president.」

「I absolutely overdid it that time. It’s one of the rare times I really reflect on and it’s become a dark history for Kaoru.」

What the heck did they do? I’m pretty curious about what Hadzuki did to get Kishita to join, but I’m more curious about that dark history. It must be something even she considers to be a stain in her past.

「I’ve never heard of that before.」

「We were still first years when that happened, you see. Our classmates don’t want to talk about it much either. Since there’s no telling what would happen to them if they do.」

Just how awful was it that talking about it would have you purged? So that’s why it didn’t reach the ears of the underclassmen. Still, I’d probably know if I ask the principal about it. Though considering what would happen after, I won’t be doing that.

「Thanks to our predecessors, we didn’t have much of a presence, so I’m really grateful for it. After all, we haven’t really caused any sort of trouble.」

「I had my hands full chasing after big sis Aya, so I didn’t do much other than that. Still, it is true that we haven’t caused trouble.」

As for the 2 years, Kotone has caused a lot of trouble, so I really can’t say the same. Besides that, I’ve become known from the student council activities as well. Mostly from the photographs.

「Still, our second year counterparts are pretty famous. Fumidzuki for her looks, Nagatsuki for his volunteer activities, and Kisaragi for a lot of things, really.」

From Rin’s words, I seriously don’t understand how the first years see me. Kotori, probably considered a mascot character. Nagatsuki’s volunteer activities probably refer to his after-school patrols. I’ve had previous experience with it, after all.

「Rin, what do you think of me?」

「If Senior Kisaragi were my big sister, I would feel so at ease.」

「I won’t let you have Rin, Kotone!」

Why are you reacting to that part, Aya? Also, please for heaven’s sake, don’t ever say that line in front of the twins. If those two ever hear that, they might feel murderous intent.

「I’m not taking her away, Aya.」

「If I ever lose Rin, who’s going to clean up after my mess?」

No, you do it yourself. I almost said that out loud, but I held back. Rin’s shaking her fist, but seeing how she immediately relaxed, this probably happens a lot.

「You can do it, Rin.」

「Thank you for the reinforcement, Senior Kisaragi.」

That’s pretty much all I can do, after all. I’d offer to share the burden, but I really don’t want to babysit Aya either. It’s actually too big of a burden.

「Actually, what if Senior Kisaragi becomes big sis Aya’s little sister?」

「Rin, calm down. You aren’t thinking straight.」

I absolutely don’t want that. No matter what I’m given as compensation, I’m not going to be her sister even for a day. From experience, Aya will definitely toy with me.

「But since you’re big sis’ bride, then by all means, you are my little sister.」

「Do you intend to drag that on forever?」

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We already finished talking about that earlier, so please don’t bring it up again. Explaining it to Nagatsuki is a chore, so I’ll just ignore him. It’s not like he’ll understand even if I explain anyways.

「Now that I think about it, Akane is a pretty carefree person. I suppose that’s why she and Mr. Shizuo suit each other so well.」

「From what I heard, it seems that they really hit it off with each other from the first time they met. To the point that big bro brought her to our home the same day.」

「He’s quite the man of action. As to be expected from the Shimotsuki family, I suppose.」

「She also hit it off with the whole family on the same day. I thought I was having a nightmare, though.」

Yeah, that’s definitely the case for Rin, being the only sane normal in their family. I can just imagine how rowdy their place was. And how much it made Rin’s stomach hurt.

「Will you be alright for the after-party?」

「With you around, I should be alright. Since we’ll be sharing the burden, after all.」

「I don’t think you should trust me on that.」

Rather, please don’t. Instead, put some trust on the meat shield aka Nagatsuki. I don’t think he’ll be too useful, though. I should think of how to effectively utilise him while we’re still here.

「Come to think of it, will your younger brother join too, Nagatsuki?」

「The venue being your room is somewhat worrying, so I didn’t allow him this time.」

Hmm, in that case, there’s no need to inform Akira. There’s no telling how she’ll react if I tell her that there’s more people joining, after all. Isami’s old man would probably have some complaints too.

「It’d be nice if there is a next time.」

「When it happens, we’ll join too. It’d be a huge waste to miss such an interesting event.」

「I wholeheartedly agree. Rin, make sure to keep this a secret, alright?」

In the first place, there’s no assurance that there will be a next time. This time pretty much happened gradually after I got invited here, after all. And doing it at my place every time is a bit problematic.

「You won’t ask me to have another one this year, will you?」

「I’d love for that to happen, but schedule-wise, it’d be tough for me.」

「I can clear up my schedule anytime.」

「Big sis Aya, please don’t be so unreasonable.」

It seems like their schedules are mostly occupied for this year. Well, there’s only two months left for this year, so there’s no planning around it. Depending on how chaotic this one goes, I’m never holding a party again, okay?