Chapter 37: Expanding the production scale!

As the number of Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicators sold by Heavenly Origin Pavilion every day increased by tens of times,

More and more people bought and used Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicators.

They enjoyed the convenience brought by the communication.

The former message talismans and heart jade pendants were swept into the trash.

Especially the heart jade pendants, which used to sell for fifty medium-grade spirit stones, now no one would buy them for one medium-grade spirit stone.

And the original popular sound transmission secret technique, no one practiced it anymore.

In the various sects, Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicators were widely popularized.

Now when the sect leaders had something to notify, the stewards didn’t have to run around the mountain to inform. They could contact directly with a phone call.

And in the task halls of the various sects, the hard requirement for team tasks was to have a Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator.

This way, when they go out to do tasks together, they could contact each other at any time when they split up, and know each other’s situation and location.

In case something happened, they could support at any time.

The probability of completing the task would increase greatly,

If you don’t have a Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator, don’t even think about participating in team tasks.

They won’t work with you at all.

And many high-level cultivators, who were not interested in Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator itself, but for the sake of their children’s safety, they would also wear it.

In case their children had any accidents outside, they could contact directly.

In short, Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator gradually became a necessity for cultivation.

Its importance had risen to the level of storage rings.

Under this trend, more and more cultivators were attracted to buy Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicators.

So even though Heavenly Origin Pavilions all over the place were well supplied now with at least two million units per day.

But it was still in short supply.

After all, besides scattered cultivators buying Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicators,

The major forces would also buy them in large quantities.

At this time, it showed whether the sect had strength and money or not.

For example, the three sacred lands, they directly bought rings for every disciple above the outer sect, stewards and elders and distributed them for free.

And there were also many big spenders among the first-class forces.

But some only supplied elders and not disciples.

And there were many who simply pretended not to know.

This disappointed the disciples very much.

After all, Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator was definitely not cheap for low-level disciples.

So now when the disciples gathered together to chat, they would compare their sect’s benefits.

Whoever’s sect gave them out for free, that was a good sect.

Whoever’s sect was stingy and poor, that was a bad sect with no future.

This trend made the leaders of the various clans and sects in the Great Yan Province miserable.

It’s not that we’re stingy, we’re really poor…

Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator was too expensive.

But no matter what, the popularity of Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator was getting higher and higher.

Heavenly Origin Sacred Land made a lot of money.

Everyone envied them very much.

And as Heavenly Origin Sacred Land made money, the major subcontracting forces also drank soup with them and became fat and oily.

In Gu Clan, the elders of the whole clan were happy and refreshed lately.

Before, the Yin Fire Vein was about to dry up and they couldn’t refine Yin Fire Thunder Pills anymore. The most profitable thing in their inventory.

This made the elders frown and worry.

They racked their brains but couldn’t find a solution.

But now?

Ever since they took Heavenly Origin Sacred Land’s subcontracting order, Gu Clan, a refining family, could refine three hundred thousand Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings every day.

They could make six million low-grade spirit stones a day.

Even if converted into high-grade spirit stones, there were still six hundred pieces.

A year’s income was almost two hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones.

You have to know that Gu Clan’s income before was only around 150,000 pieces a year.

Now just by refining low-grade magical tools, they could easily make more than before.

It was simply a pie in the sky.

At the same time, the elders of Heavenly Origin Sacred Land taught them how to motivate the clan members to refine tools when they delivered the materials.

That was piecework reward.

Clan members who refined less than five pieces a day were rewarded with two spirit stones per piece.

And if they exceeded five pieces, the excess part was rewarded with three spirit stones per piece.

If they exceeded ten pieces, the excess part was rewarded with four spirit stones per piece.

If they exceeded twenty pieces, the excess part was rewarded with five spirit stones per piece.

This rule came out and it really motivated the clan members to refine tools.

Many clan members would refine tools after cultivating and cultivate after refining tools. They were crazy about it.

This made the output soar.

This method made many elders amazed.

Why didn’t they think of this good method before?

The effect of motivating clan members to refine tools was perfect.

When Gu Yunyun heard this piecework reward method, she immediately affirmed it.

It must have been thought of by that Heavenly Origin Saint Master.

Only that Saint Master could come up with such a…creative method.

Gu Yunyun looked at the clan members’ tired but satisfied smiles.

She didn’t know how to evaluate this piecework reward strategy for a while.

And today, the elders came to expand the production scale.

Golden Core cultivators could refine these low-grade magic tools with ease using their pill fire.

But Qi Refining and Foundation Establishment low-level clan members had to use external flames to refine tools.

Now Gu Clan’s internal refining rooms were not enough.

If they expanded production, they could increase output even more.

Gu Yunyun heard the elders’ intention and frowned, “Do you want to expand the production of Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator?

“I don’t think it’s necessary!

“After all, we’ve already made a lot of money now.”

Gu Yunyun had already found out that subcontracting had its benefits, but also its drawbacks.

Now the clan members only had Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator in their minds.

Many high-end knowledge courses on refining spirit tools were not learned by clan members.

After all, refining magical tools could earn them so many cultivation resources.

Why bother learning harder things?

If this went on, the clan’s refining level would inevitably decline from generation to generation.

Gu Yunyun finally understood why Heavenly Origin Sacred Land wanted to share the benefits and let the major forces subcontract.

That Saint Master must have foreseen this in advance.

Gu Yunyun had always been the one who had the final say in the clan.

She didn’t plan to expand the production scale any more.

But today, there was an elder who insisted on speaking after Gu Yunyun refused, “Clan leader, we have to expand the production scale.

“Because Burning Rock Valley has already started to expand. They have opened up two more land fire areas and are building more refining rooms. At the same time, they are recruiting more refiners from outside.

“Burning Rock Valley’s output was already close to ours. Once they finish expanding, they will surely surpass us.

“Burning Rock Valley will be able to earn more cultivation resources and their strength will inevitably soar.

“Although the previous war has ceased, Burning Rock Valley’s people are full of hatred for our Gu Clan.

“If we let their strength surpass our Gu Clan, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

The elder’s words made Gu Yunyun silent…

Indeed, you don’t expand your subcontracting scale, but your enemy is expanding.

Can you watch your enemy make more and more money and become stronger and stronger without doing anything?

Gu Yunyun sighed and could only approve the elders’ expansion plan.

But Gu Yunyun knew, by approving this expansion plan, Gu Clan’s dependence on Heavenly Origin Sacred Land would become immense.

Maybe years later, they would become a vassal force of Heavenly Origin Sacred Land.

What could they do?

Give up the benefits of subcontracting?

Even if she was willing, the whole Gu Clan wouldn’t agree.