Chapter 22: Making hardware is not as profitable as making software!

Seeing the puzzled expressions of the people, Ye Chen did not beat around the bush.

He leisurely opened his mouth, “Do you elders know how many cultivators there are in Great Yan Province?”

Hearing Ye Chen’s question, everyone was stunned for a moment.

There was no census in the cultivation world, who knew?

But there must be a lot of them.

Seeing that everyone could not answer, Ye Chen calmly said, “Great Yan Province is vast and boundless, and there are four Sacred Lands!

“And like the Gu Clan, Burning Rock Valley and other first-class forces, there are almost a hundred of them!

“The number of second-class forces is even more!

“Third-class forces are as numerous as cow hairs.

“And the various small forces and small clans below are even more difficult to estimate.

“And the number of loose cultivators is more than those with organizations.

“The whole Great Yan Province, conservatively estimated, has a billion cultivators.”

Hearing Ye Chen’s inference, everyone also nodded.

Indeed, Great Yan Province was so vast.

Cultivators were countless.

A billion was definitely not an exaggeration.

But what did this have to do with their expansion?

Ye Chen waved his hand, “A billion cultivators, even if only half of them can afford our Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings, we would have to make five hundred million Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings.

“And even if we double our output to two hundred thousand a day, how long will it take us to make five hundred million Little Spirit Communicator rings?

“Do you mean that for ten years, our Heavenly Origin Sacred Land will do nothing else but make Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings, without sleep or rest, and not cultivate either?

“The disciples won’t learn more advanced refining knowledge either. They would be good as long as they can make low-grade immortal tools?

“Making money is for cultivating faster. If we don’t cultivate for the sake of making money, isn’t that putting the cart before the horse.”

Ye Chen’s words made the elders think deeply.

Indeed, making money was good.

But if the whole sect was making low-grade immortal tools, that was indeed a bit wrong.

Ye Chen’s eyes swept over everyone and continued, “So, you elders have to change your mindset!

“Why do we have to do such a simple thing as making low-grade immortal tools ourselves?

“Let those refining forces make Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings.

“And we just need to collect money!”


Ye Chen’s words were shocking.

Let other forces make them and earn money by lying down?

The other forces were not fools. How could they agree?

Ye Chen could see the confusion of the elders and raised his hand from his storage ring and took out a piece of iron essence, “What is the source of the Little Spirit Communicator ring’s ability?

“It is not the Little Spirit Communicator ring itself, but our Sacred Land’s Heavenly Origin Immortal Book.

“So it must use iron essence with the Heavenly Origin Immortal Book’s imprint.

“Otherwise it would be useless even if it was made.

“Since that’s the case, why don’t we just sell the iron essence with the Heavenly Origin imprint?

“Every family that wants to make a Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator has to buy our iron essence.

“We can make money by selling the iron essence at a high price, so why bother working hard ourselves?”

Ye Chen’s words made the elders fall into deep thought.

We could actually make money like this?

Indeed, only they had the iron essence with the Heavenly Origin immortal book imprint.

They would definitely make money.

This was beyond doubt.

They could really make other forces work for them.

But although the elders understood, their brows did not relax.

Elder Wang Changchun hesitated and said, “Saint Master, I understand what you mean. It is indeed very creative and reasonable.

“But the problem is, although we make money by doing this, some of the money is also taken away by other forces!

“This money, our Sacred Land could earn it ourselves.

“But we gave it away to other forces for no reason, which seems a bit unworthy.”

Hearing Elder Wang’s words, many forces nodded secretly.


Nowadays, every force that could make money themselves would never share it with others.

Although there was also cooperation among the forces, it was limited to trading medicinal materials and materials that they did not need.

Share a profitable business with others?

That never happened before.

Ye Chen shook his head.

The cultivators in the cultivation world were powerful, but their business sense was really poor.

Letting other families work for them, although they shared some money, but the output was bigger, and they would definitely earn more.

Their own disciples and elders could also have more time to cultivate and learn more profound knowledge and become stronger.

Moreover, the more Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicators were made and used by more people, the more it would benefit Ye Chen.

Making hardware was profitable, but the market had a limit.

Just like the mobile phone manufacturers on Earth in his previous life, they made money in the first two years.

But after the market was saturated, fewer people bought phones, and their profits plummeted.

On the contrary, those internet giants made more money because more and more people had phones.

The facts proved that making hardware was time-consuming and laborious, and it was not as profitable as doing internet.

Later on, they would launch various internet services, charge commissions, membership fees, advertising fees.

Wouldn’t they earn more than making Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings?

They could clearly make money in an office.

Only those who were fools would have to make their sect work 996 sweatshop factory.

What’s more.

Ye Chen was now at the early stage of Nascent Soul. Just to break through to the middle stage of Nascent Soul perfectly, he needed 100,000 high-grade spirit stones.

What about later on, when he broke through to the late stage of Nascent Soul?

What about breaking through to Deity Transformation?

The Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator earned 300,000 high-grade spirit stones a year at most. It might not be enough for Ye Chen to level up, let alone cover the operating expenses of the entire Sacred Land.


He had to let enough forces join in and work for him.

To make the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator popular as soon as possible, and to bring Great Yan Province into the internet era quickly!

Only then could he become an immortal immediately!