Chapter 21: Expansion Plan!

One million?

This number made the entire Saint Master’s hall quiet.

Previously, the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings did not sell well.

But the Sacred Land’s production did not stop.

A hundred thousand a day, a full million in stock.

They were worried about when they could sell them all, and would just accumulate more and more.

They did not expect that in one day, all the stock was sold out!

This was simply unbelievable!

“It’s popular, finally popular!”

“But this is too popular, right? A million Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings sold out completely, it’s simply unbelievable.”

“Indeed, even the Yin Fire Thunder Pills made by the Gu Clan, which every low-level cultivator has one of, probably only sell this much in a year.”

“How did it suddenly become popular?”

The elders were amazed.

The external affairs elder spoke again, “And, it’s only a million sales because our stock is only a million!”

“Many immortal cities’ Heavenly Origin Pavilions ran out of Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings by the afternoon.”

“Some big forces directly contacted us, hoping to buy in large quantities.”


A million was actually because they ran out of goods.

Otherwise they could sell even more.

Although the elders knew that their Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings were powerful, as long as they were recognized by the cultivators, they would be crazily snatched.

But such a heat still exceeded their expectations.

It was simply a legend.

“No wonder when the sales were low before, the Saint Master did not let me reduce the production. The Saint Master is really wise!” Elder Wang Changchun bowed sincerely to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled and waved his hand, indicating that it was nothing. Ye Chen’s mood was also very good at this moment. After all, in terms of the demand for spirit stones, no one was higher than Ye Chen.

Now that the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings finally exploded in popularity, it meant that Ye Chen’s internet plan officially began. A million Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings.

The income was ten thousand top-grade spirit stones. Even after deducting the cost, there were nine thousand left. It was comparable to one-thirtieth of the Sacred Land’s annual income. But Ye Chen had been buried in the immortal device for the past two days, studying new functions.

He did not pay attention to the outside world. Why his product suddenly became popular. Ye Chen did not know either. When Ye Chen opened his mouth, the external affairs elder immediately replied, “Reporting to the Saint Master!

“Our Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings suddenly became popular because of the Gu Clan!

“The niece of the Gu Clan’s clan master was…” The external affairs elder knew everything about what happened between the Gu Clan and Burning Rock Valley and told it in detail.

Ye Chen suddenly realized. It turned out to be for this reason. He knew the Gu Clan’s clan master Gu Yunyun.

He had met her when he ascended to the throne, and chatted with her for a bit. After all, although the Sacred Land was aloof, it was not arrogant enough to ignore everyone else.

It had dealings with various big forces.

Gu Yunyun was a mature beauty, quite in line with Ye Chen’s aesthetic.

So he had a deep impression of her.

As for Gu Xun’er?

Ye Chen vaguely remembered that she seemed to be a little girl who followed Gu Yunyun around.

She looked okay, with a especially sweet face.

But far less impressive than the impression Gu Yunyun left on him.

When he would have time later, he could visit the Gu Clan and have a meal with the clan master.

After all, his Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings would gradually accumulate word of mouth and definitely become popular.

But it would definitely not be so fast and so hot.

Ye Chen was also eager to make money and break through.

So the Gu Clan and Burning Rock Valley helped Ye Chen by accident.

The Gu Clan was a refining family.

He could cooperate with them later!

“A pure profit of nine thousand top-grade spirit stones a day is really astounding!”

“You have to know that our Nascent Soul elders only get a thousand top-grade spirit stones a year as their allowance.”

“The Saint Master is truly a genius. With this Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator ring, our Sacred Land will surely become stronger.”

“Nine thousand top-grade spirit stones are indeed a lot, but they are the income from selling the entire production of ten days. After that, it will only be nine hundred a day.”

“Nine hundred is already a lot, and we can also expand production and earn more.”

The elders discussed, all very satisfied with this income.

You have to know that the treatment given by the sect to the elders was already top-notch.

For example, Nascent Soul elders, their annual allowance plus task rewards, were about a thousand top-grade spirit stones.

Plus they could refine pills or refine tools themselves, meditate and think, or go outside to look for opportunities, hunt monsters and so on.

Even so, most of the Nascent Soul elders of the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land had an annual income of no more than two thousand top-grade spirit stones.

And the Nascent Souls outside had even lower incomes.

From this you can see how powerful the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator ring’s ability to make money was.

The elders were all happy.

After all, the sect made money.

Everyone’s allowance would definitely increase as well.

This was a great thing.

But in everyone’s minds, they all thought of the same word: expansion.

The Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator ring was so popular that it was in short supply.

The more they made, the more they earned.

Elder Wang Changchun spoke again, “Saint Master, the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator ring has become completely popular. Should we expand production?”

Ye Chen smiled slightly when he heard this.

Of course they had to expand production.

This was already in Ye Chen’s plan.

So Ye Chen nodded. “Indeed we have to expand production!”

Everyone’s faces lit up with joy.

They heard Ye Chen continue, “But not as you elders said, expanding production within the Sacred Land, making the disciples and servants produce more Little Spirit Communicator rings.

“On the contrary, the internal production of the Sacred Land will be reduced. The subsidy for producing Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings will be cut down and the contribution points will be lowered.”

As soon as Ye Chen said this, all the elders were stunned.

Now the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings were selling like hot cakes.

But their Saint Master wanted to reduce the subsidy and lower the contribution points for making Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings?

Wouldn’t this greatly reduce the enthusiasm of the disciples to produce Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings!

The output would become even lower.

How was this expanding production?

It was simply reducing production!

Their Saint Master’s actions were like giving up money.

All the elders looked at Ye Chen with confusion, completely unable to understand!

What was the Saint Master thinking?