Chapter 12: Is the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land Down? 

Heavenly Origin Pavilion was indeed different today.

In the previous days, the pavilion’s shopkeepers, stewards, and disciples all seemed listless.

But today, as they opened the doors, everyone seemed to be glowing with energy.

The shopkeeper, who was at the late stage of the Golden Core, even showed a brilliant smile to the other shopkeepers who were looking at him.

This demeanor made the others feel uneasy, wondering what was going on.

Could it be that the elder’s prediction was wrong?

Did Heavenly Origin Sacred Land’s Immortal Peach Tree and Creek Secret Realm not have any problems?

Was it just delayed because of other issues?

Everyone felt anxious in their hearts.

However, the shopkeepers and stewards of Heavenly Origin Pavilion felt that they would finally have their moment of pride.

Yesterday, their Sacred Land had delivered a surprising new product with perfect effects.

The shopkeeper had already tried it out.

He was able to communicate with his friends in the Sacred Land even from Great Seal City, which was 500,000 kilometers away, as if they were talking face-to-face.

It was truly a miracle.

With such a great product, selling it for only one mid-grade spirit stone was practically giving it away for free.

It would definitely become a hot item in Great Seal City.

Every cultivator would want to get their hands on one.

For the past few days, the three neighboring shops had been laughing at them, but after seeing the popularity of the Little Spirit Communicator rings, they wouldn’t be able to laugh anymore.

Cultivators had vast abilities.

By the time they reached the Golden Core Realm, they could go without sleep for an entire month without any issues.

Thus, even early in the morning, there were cultivators who had finished their cultivation and were wandering the streets.

Many cultivators didn’t intend to enter Heavenly Origin Pavilion at first.

After all, there were no Immortal Peach Leaves or Golden Jade Pills available.

There wasn’t much else to attract them.

Why bother going in?

However, when they passed by Heavenly Origin Pavilion and saw the expressions on the stewards’ faces, they couldn’t help but feel intrigued.

Could it be that the Immortal Peach Leaves had been restored?

Immediately, many of them stepped inside.

“Excuse me, have Immortal Peach Leaves and Golden Jade Pills been restored?” asked a cultivator.

“I’ve been relying on Jade Clear Pills for my cultivation these past few days.”

“Jade Clear Sacred Land’s Jade Clear Pills are ultimately 20% less effective than Golden Jade Pills, and because more people have been buying them recently, they’ve even raised the price by 10%. It’s really…”

“Forget it, forget it, let’s not talk about it.”

“Please give me two bottles of Golden Jade Pills and a piece of Immortal Peach Leaf. I feel like I’m about to break through to the middle stage of the Golden Core soon, so I want to be prepared,” said a white-haired old man in the early stage of the Golden Core, walking in with excitement.

However, the steward shook his head, “I’m sorry, but the Immortal Peach Leaves and Golden Jade Pills have not been restored yet.”

Immortal Peach Leaves were no longer for sale to the public.

And due to the downgrade of the Creek Secret Realm, the output of medicinal materials had been reduced to only one percent.

The main ingredient for making Golden Jade Pills had been most affected, leaving just enough for supply within the Sacred Land.

The old man was stunned upon hearing this.

He wanted to say that without these two items, there was no reason for them to be so happy.

He wanted to say that neither of these things mattered, so why were they so excited?

However, the other party was a steward of the Sacred Land, and he, as an elder of a small sect, didn’t dare to talk back.

Before he could excuse himself,

The steward enthusiastically said, “Although we don’t have Immortal Peach Leaves anymore, why don’t you take a look at the new product personally designed and crafted by the Saint Master of our Heavenly Origin Sacred Land?”


The Saint Master of the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land?

That person was a true genius.

The idol of countless cultivators.

In just twenty years, they had gone from an ordinary person to achieving the Nascent Soul Realm, a feat unparalleled in history.

A new product personally designed by such a powerful figure?

The elder’s interest was immediately piqued.

“May I ask what kind of new product the Saint Master has created?” The elder asked cautiously and expectantly.

The steward smiled proudly, picked up a ring from the counter and said, “This is the item. It is called Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator!”

“A ring? Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator?”

The elder took the ring as if it were a treasure, carefully examining it.

However, his expression changed slightly the next moment, “This is a low-grade magical artifact?”

The steward chuckled, “That’s right, it may be a low-grade magical artifact, but it has an incredible function.”

“No matter where you are in the cultivation world, you can communicate with another ring without any obstacles, even if you are millions of miles apart.

“Moreover, this ring can penetrate the isolation of secret realms, allowing you to communicate with friends outside even if you are inside a secret realm.

“In other words, once you have our Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator, you no longer need any messaging talismans or communicator rings, and there’s no need to study any long-distance voice transmission techniques.

“Are you interested in the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator, my friend?”

Upon hearing this, the elder’s mouth twitched.

Communication from any corner of the cultivation world?

No problem with a distance of millions of miles?

And even penetrate the isolation of secret realms to contact people outside?

These functions were not even achievable by treasure-class items.

Could a low-grade magical artifact really do all this?

Did they really believe their own hype?

“Would you like to try it on? If you want to buy it, it’s best to buy a pair and give one to a friend, exchange communication codes, otherwise you won’t be able to contact each other.” The steward thought the elder’s expression was due to being stunned by the impressive functions.

He could understand.

When his sect informed him of the features, he was stunned too.

Achieving these functions with a low-grade magical artifact was nothing short of a miracle.

“How much is it for one?” The elder hesitated to ask.

“One mid-grade spirit stone per ring, not too expensive, right?” The steward revealed the price.

The elder was already exclaiming in his heart, one mid-grade spirit stone for a low-grade magical artifact?

What a joke.

A typical low-grade magical artifact would cost only five low-grade spirit stones.

One mid-grade spirit stone could buy twenty low-grade magical artifacts.

Although he was at the Golden Core Realm, he was merely an elder from a small sect. He painstakingly earned some money, only wanting to buy cultivation resources and strive to break through to a higher realm before his time ran out. How could he afford to spend money so recklessly?

The old man pursed his lips but didn’t dare to say anything harsh. He simply returned the low-grade magical artifact called the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator to the attendant. He told the attendant he would definitely consider it next time and quickly left the Heavenly Origin Pavilion.

Once he was far away, he continued to grumble under his breath. “Everyone is saying that the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land’s immortal peach tree has withered, and it has reached its time limit. It seems to be true now.

“But trying to sell a low-grade magical artifact for a mid-grade spirit stone by making wild claims? Have they gone mad with poverty?

“Heavenly Origin Sacred Land has indeed encountered a huge problem, and the young Sacred Master is probably seeking help in desperation.”

It wasn’t just in Great Seal City. The Heavenly Origin Sacred Land’s shops all over the Great Yan Province encountered the same situation. For an entire day, the explosive sales they had hoped for never materialized. As soon as the cultivators heard the introduction, they would turn around and leave, showing no interest at all.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t sell any at all. Over the course of the day, each shop managed to sell several dozens to a hundred rings. After all, the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land’s reputation was still there, and the price was indeed not expensive. Many people bought them to give it a try.

However, the problem was that the situation was far from what they had imagined. How could their incredibly powerful Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicators not become popular? It was truly strange.

The Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicators, which the Sacred Land had placed high hopes on, failed to catch fire. The news that the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land had fallen on hard times and resorted to selling low-grade magical artifacts, on the other hand, spread throughout the entire Great Yan Province, attracting countless attention.