After observing for a long time, erastrow attacked himself, but unfortunately there was nothing he could do.

Erastrow even used his artifact, but the defense of this divine island is too strong.

That feeling seems to be the same as the whole starry sky.

Enigma didn't even shake, that is to say, his attack didn't even defeat enigma.

In fact, erastrow can see a loophole in the enigma lock and force his way in.

But he can only guarantee himself to go in, not to take others with him.

In the face of the three demigods, erastrow was not sure.

Alastro could see that the demigod was already the peak demigod.

Besides, it's still three bodies and one mind, that is to say, it's the separation of a demigod!

Therefore, in terms of cooperation, the three must have a very tacit understanding.

Even if he was confident, alastro did not dare to touch it.

"Can't you see that, Gladys?"

Gladys thought a lot, this place, the emergence of neserel's mystery lock, he has been a little shaken.

"You should know who this is!"

Erastrow turned his head and immediately remembered that this was the one who came!

At the beginning, when the coming came, someone put the inheritance of neserell in it.

At that time, he quickly identified people, but was stopped by the saint Edwin.

Now, it looks like the saints are helping.


Wait, isn't that ancient god in there?

"Even if it's not a person, it must have something to do with it!"

Alastra sneered: "Edwin, it depends on whether you can lift a stone and hit yourself in the foot!"

Edwin wanted to cultivate a successor so that he could be a God at ease.

But now, people have become

Huh? Isn't that a better successor?

"Wait a minute?"

Erastrow looked up and over his head.

Baron the king of golden bimont! Only two demigods did not come!

Alastra is not willing to leave, but Baron, king of golden bimont, dares to risk the world's great injustice on the holy day of refining!

Even if he doesn't want to, alastro has to let go.

Compared with an ancient god, holy day is more important.

What's more, this one is just a matter of time. He can't break the riddle at all, and there is no problem at all.

The Lord of the four seasons just needs to recover his strength. There is no danger at all.

As for gold, it's more dangerous there than King Meng.

If the holy day is refined, the king of golden bimont will immediately have the foundation of divination.

Gladys thought about it and caught up with it.

The rest of the demigod you look at me, I look at you, also turned away.

This tortoise shell can't be broken at all!

Looking at each other, I didn't worry at all.

If you wait for the other side to finish forging divine character, it is estimated that they will not come to a good end.

In the twinkling of an eye, they have come to the glory highland. On the way, erastrow also killed a player's residence!

Who let that Linchuan is also a player?

Lin Chuan didn't know that because of himself, other players were implicated.

But I know Lin Chuan will not be sad, because this guild has a grudge against him.

"Barron, what are you going to do?"

Alastro called out the latter, but Baron didn't care about him at all.

There's something elstrow wants to do to stop baron.

Unfortunately, one after another golden bimont came out of the dark: "this is something we have accumulated for tens of thousands of years to plan. We can't let the little girl destroy it.

Alastro was also surprised when he was stopped.

See so much gold than Mongolia, is the bottom of my heart out do not know how much cold sweat.

It turns out that orcs are not without powerful demigods!

They all stay, but they are always hidden. Even if the orcs are in trouble, they never appear!

Orc, it's hard to bear!

But he couldn't stop, and alastro had to stop him: "Edwin, do you want to sit and watch?"

With a sigh, Edwin came from a distance: "Barron, stop it!"

A golden bimont said, "Edwin, it's impossible to stop. It took us tens of thousands of years to get to this point. In any case, it has to be successful. Today, even if we all die here, we must find a way for the orcs. Humans and elves are too powerful. Orcs must have their own details! "

Erastrow sneered: "it seems that there is no room for orcs today!"

Just as the two sides were about to fight, the saint Edwin sighed, "Baron, do you think you've made it? For so many years, have you ever found anything wrong in refining holy day? "Baron suddenly opened his eyes, but they were not golden eyes of golden bimont.

The saint Edwin's face changed: "fraud, you succeeded?"

"Barron" laughed: "it was not so easy. You and the little girl come here and help me

The saint Edwin's face was gloomy, and erastrow asked, "what's the matter? You call him cheating? Is he

Baron couldn't live completely at this time. He just laughed: "yes. Edwin? You didn't change your name, Edwin Cecil Walker Wayne

Many people are unfamiliar with the name that Barron said.

But soon, the faces of alastra and others changed greatly.

"You, you talk nonsense!"

Edwin sighed helplessly: "fraud, you haven't changed for so many years. But now you jump out and feel like you've won? There are many true gods in the upper plane! "

Barron was not worried at all: "what am I afraid of? At this time, the star world is fighting! The nine levels of hell and the bottomless abyss are attacking the upper level. They can't spare any time! "

Two people you a word I a language of say, let others don't understand words.

Erastrow wanted to ask, but at this time, a huge momentum rose, erastrow suddenly turned back.

Edwin nodded: "it's the end of divinity. I don't know. Well, it's so fast. It's already here. "

As the voice falls, Lin Yang and his three incarnations have arrived.

At this time, the integration of Eurasia and the real world has begun.

Collision, everywhere!

And disaster, everywhere!

Yao Chuan said: "be careful, stand up and protect yourself. If you can, summon the body of Aeolian continent and integrate it into your own body. Protect lvyuanxing and wanxingge. I'm going to my battlefield

After such a long time of investigation, Lin Chuan has almost grasped the secret of his rebirth!

In addition, all the plots will end today.

Barron laughed. "Oh? Edwin, is that your card? An ancient god? "

Edwin shook his head. "It was an accident. I just wanted to solve it myself."

Lin Yang broke in and said, "wait a minute, my body will arrive soon. All the explanations, I'd better wait for me to come, and explain together! "

Edwin nodded, waiting for Lin Chuan to come.

Alastro felt that his brain was not enough, and so did Gladys and others!

Soon, when Lin Chuan came, erastrow was shocked.

"Are you a great Olympian?"

However, erastrow shook his head quickly, and Gladys said calmly, "what step have you taken?"

Lin Chuan nodded: "yes, great Olympian, the ultimate step. I will not die as long as the world does not die

The strength may not be enough, but you can guarantee that you will not die. No attack will do.

Unless you die!

Baron suddenly laughed: "Edwin, I'm on the verge of success. Now that you have dodged, why do you want to step out again? "

Edwin sighed and began to speak slowly without waiting to ask.

"This matter can be traced back to the historical period. At that time, Titan had fallen, and the three upper dragon families were dead and wounded. The ancient gods were forced to leave, and the vidus were the overlord at that time. Even the ancient gods did not dare to intimidate the vidus. "

Edwin's eyes slowly become deep, he slowly tells, it seems that the long river of History opens in front of people's eyes, telling them an unknown history.

"Among them, the elder of the tribe is Edwin Cecil wark Wayne, who led the rise of the tribe in this world."

Edwin said a lot of people's names, many of them are very famous people.

For example, the ancient god of death, there are many, are suitable for the vidu people.

Before that, they didn't know that the Vitus were so powerful!

The saint Edwin said, "unfortunately, it's just at the time when the Vidos are developing at the fastest speed. The elder's good friend deceived the elder and made the vidus summon the worm mother to the world. From then on, disaster came! Although we have made great efforts to seal the insect mother, we have also solved the problem of the Zerg. But the continent of aiou is full of holes! The true gods of the vedos tried their best to make up for aeolian continent. Unfortunately, at this time, the elder's good friend, in disguise as a fraud, summoned the gods and expelled the true God of the vidu, either suppressed or killed. In the end, none of them survived. And the rest of the Vitus... "

"The rest of the vidu are cursed by the gods and become cave dwellers!" Lin Chuan took over and said the result.

Alastra and others are stunned. Unexpectedly, the origin of caveman is like this!Alastra looked at Barron, and Barron laughed: "yes, I'm a good friend of Edwin, and I'm a fraud!"

He laughed: "it's all over. I will... "


"What's the situation?"

Barron yelled, and Lin Chuan said with a smile, "do you mean this?"

At his fingertips, a lot of force came out. He and his three parts, as well as Lin Yang, the incarnation of the ancient god, were all powerful.

Lin Yang said with a smile: "since you know that I am the God of cave dwellers, naturally you know that I have also touched the source of the curse. Thank you very much. Otherwise, where can we find our promotion resources? "

Edwin nodded: "fortunately you found it, otherwise, the power of fraud, I'm afraid it will soar."

Waiting for so many years, from ancient times until now.

Fraud is to seize the power of this curse, let him ascend to God!

Edwin said, "fraud, do you think I know nothing? You forge this boundless curse with the material of our vidu clan. Just want to use these forces to help you ascend the great power of God, you want to be God! Is it that easy? "

Barron got up, his face was very ugly: "you already know?"

Edwin: "that's for sure. I'm leading all of these. When I see the pestilence umbrella refined by Lin Chuan, I know that all my years of dormancy and waiting have come to an end. "

It turns out that Saint Edwin is not an elf, he is a Vito!

Barron laughed. "So what?"

The whole main material plane, and even the newly integrated interstellar world, countless shadows of fraud emerge.

"You think I haven't done anything for so many years? I've accumulated countless shadows of fraud, and I'm just waiting for this moment! "

For this, Lin Chuan and Edwin are prepared.

Looking at Edwin, Lin Chuan said, "don't worry, they will deal with it by themselves."

Wanxingge players, are Yao told the story.

If they want to protect their families, protect themselves and protect their property, they must work hard.

Yao Chenchen is in the middle, Yao Tongtong gives support, and they jointly command the combat effectiveness of wanxingge.

As a botanist, Lin Chuan planted countless fighting plants in his own sphere of influence.

This moment, played a very good role.

Other places naturally have their own fighting capacity. No matter how busy they are, they are resisting.

Those are just small things.

Barron laughed. "You think I'm not prepared for anything? The curse is gone. I still have... "

Lin Chuan laughed again: "I'm sorry, cut the Hu again!"

Lin Chuan's head, a rotating mirror of yin and Yang suspended, emitting light.

The power of the holy sun and the holy moon, in exchange for the power of this mirror, repels the power of the Lord of fraud!

Lin Yang threw out a Book of pictures to cover the demigods, and many of them disappeared.

"What's going on?" alastro asked

Lin Chuan didn't answer, but Barron's face was ugly: "you even caught my shadow in the demigod?"

There are a lot of semi gods in the kingdom of LAS, and there are a lot of ugly faces.

Unexpectedly, the master of fraud also arranged spies?

Balun's various actions were defeated by Edwin and Lin Chuan one by one.

Edwin said: "fraud, do you think I have no way to avenge you for so many years?"

Barron looked ugly, but said, "so what? No one knows where my real body is, no one can do anything to me, but I'm on the upper level

But Lin Chuan suddenly laughed: "after waiting so much time, I and several members have refined the theory. Just to wait for this moment! You think you're hiding so much that we can't do anything about it? "

A slate was abolished from Lin Chuan's brow, and Barron's face was ugly: "slate of fate?"

Edwin nodded: "this is what I got before. I gave the slate to Lin Chuan. Perhaps Lin Chuan thought that he had been born again for 20 years, but in fact, it was all the function of slate. Use this slate, you can know where your real body is

Baron wants to hide, but the slate rises and holds baron.

The power of the slate even penetrated the upper plane and killed the real body of the master of fraud.

This is the power of the slate of destiny!

But the slate of fate, also broken, completely destroyed.

It seems to be over.

But Lin Yang turned around and caught an elf demigod.

Barnett half God face ugly: "Lin Chuan, what do you want to do?"

Lin Yang said with a smile: "master of fraud, you don't think that the saint of Edwin doesn't feel at all when you have been around Edwin for so many years, do you?"Barnett, half dead, turned to Edwin!

But Edwin nodded: "I know what you always want to do. If it wasn't for paralyzing you, how could I keep you till now? "

Lin Yang throws Barnett's demigod seal to Edwin.

"He, it's up to you. Next, the integration of the two worlds is the biggest crisis. Also, true gods, I'm afraid they can come. Next, I'm afraid you and I will have a crisis one after another! "

Edwin nodded, but said with a light smile, "don't worry, you see!"

When Lin Chuan looked back, he saw countless floating cities pouring out from all over the world

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