When Shangqing came back, Lin Yang asked, "how's it going?"

Shangqing nodded, passed the memory on, nodded and said: "it's the same as what we guessed! It's even more profound. I think, maybe, the whole thing is done by the vidu people. Maybe more of them are alive! "

Taiqing nodded: "I even guess that it's a conspiracy to summon the insect mother!"

Lin Yang and the two are in a daze, right?

The whole thing, it looks like a conspiracy!

I don't think so. Is it really a conspiracy?

Soon, wanxingge side, purification almost.

The wormhole on the other side of the Dark Kingdom also needs to gather people.

Wanxingge naturally went to the side of Xingyue kingdom. Each of the six peak demigods has one.

Zerg have no wisdom, but the art of fighting is very familiar.

In the process, many people died more than once.

Slowly, a year later, the resurrection of players was completely abolished.

This time, many players are afraid to go forward.

Wanxingge is one of the few players' guild that charge in the front line. Other players dare not, but wanxingge dare.

Wanxingge has its own pestilence umbrella. The quality of each player's pestilence umbrella is very good.

In addition, wanxingge has strong alchemy technical support, everyone has good alchemy items.

And then there's the pastor, the powerful medical support.

Wanxingge also has many strategic treasures, and the effect of recovery is good.

And Yang has been promoted to the top of the demigod.

Lin Yang didn't need to be so dangerous, so he lit the magic fire naturally.

The priesthood is the four seasons and samsara, and Lin Yang is doing the last one at this time.

Burn the clergy with divine fire and forge the divine personality.

Taiqing separation and Shangqing separation are already demigods, which other people can't do at all.

But here, it's normal.

Two separate protection around Lin Yang, so that Lin Yang can be at ease to forge the clergy.

At this time, they are in the place of overseas island of God.

When Lin Yang is about to ascend, and the breath of the true God is passed on, the fastest one comes is the high spirit of Yongju island!

Taiqing step out: "come on, stop! This is the kingdom of the Lord of the four seasons. No one is allowed to break into it

It has been more than a year since the arrival of the kingdom of God.

The star array is shrouded in many mysterious arrays, killing arrays and trapped arrays.

Even if a demigod intrudes, it's not a problem to have two demigods!

In the interstellar world, Lin Chuan's ontology is also refining the last magic net.

Linchuan's side is Yuqing's separation!

Although it is impossible for the outside world to be in danger, Lin Chuan still let one of them come to take charge just in case.

Yao Tongtong and Yao Chenchen were also outside at this time, looking at the forest not far away: "big brother said he would be a God, I don't know if he will succeed?"

At this time, Yao Tongtong and Yao Chenchen are already strong at Huiyue level!

Sister Yao said, "don't worry. When did the president do something that is not sure?"

In fact, sister Yao is also worried, but in order to make her younger brother and sister not worry, she must say so.

God, where is such an easy thing?

As a matter of fact, Lin Chuan is not a deity. He uses the theory of the great arcane master of neserell, which is similar to the existence of ancient gods.

But the ancient god did not need to sacrifice to live forever.

And the great Olympian also needs to sacrifice the demigod of the lower plane to the main material world!

In fact, it is also a choice for the main material plane to reverse the lower plane!

Sister Yao feels that the two worlds are merging!

And this opportunity is that Lin Chuan ascends the throne of God!

In Aeolian continent, the saints of Edwin are still in the base camp, so that the Zerg will not really be rampant.

But at this time, the insect has actually been killed.

"At this time?"

Edwin had a feeling: "it seems that Lin Chuan is not slow. Is this going to take the throne earlier than me? I think I should be quick. "

Edwin turned back and let a separate person sit down. He had disappeared.

"Right now!"

Lin Chuan secretly said that he had refined all the magic nets in the interstellar world.

In my hand, a catalogue of stars is also shining.

This star map is finished!

At this time, Lin Chuan said: "you will bring the star map to the continent of Europe, three separate bodies, should be able to block all."

Yuqing took the atlas separately, turned around and entered the continent of Europe.

Yuqing Fenshen originally left here and came back here.At this time, the separation of Taiqing and Shangqing has been fighting with the demigod outside.

If it's not magic array, I'm afraid it can't be stopped.

Outside, there are at least thirty demigods!

Yongju Island six, other demigods, there are more than 20!

Yu Qing came over and asked, "what's the situation?"

Taiqing shook his head: "it's OK, with a big array blessing, defense up, it should be no problem!"

But it was at this time that alastro arrived.

Taiqing's words haven't been spoken for a long time. I feel that my face has been beaten.

In addition, Pope Brandon of thorns, lord Christopher of Griffin heart and Lord Gladys of the ninth ring tower have all arrived.

Taiqing came out: "it seems that you all want to come in?"

This is the last chance!

If Lin Yang is allowed to succeed in forging divinity, the power of the true God is not the opponent of these demigods.

Erastrow said: "I have only one word to say, leave the main material plane at once. We won't stop the Lord of the four seasons from canonizing God! "

The main material plane, half god for respect.

If there is a real God, it is the mountain on the body that cannot be moved or killed.

At that time, demigods would suffer.

Yu Qingfen stepped forward, threw down the star map, and said with a smile, "then you'll try to see if you have this ability."

The three bodies split in an instant and stand in the position of three talents.

The sky, the constant power of the stars, erastrow tried, can not stop.

"What artifact is it?"

Erastrow immediately understood that the level of the artifact was not low when he looked at the separate hand just now.

"Everyone, we must break the mystery lock as soon as possible. Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable! "

Then he turned to the demigods of Yongju island and said, "you don't want to have a mountain on your head, do you? Your mystery lock can't stop the true God

Yongju Island demigod face big change, immediately agreed to come down.

What makes you demigods look so different is that they have no way to break the mystery!

Alastro also tried to use magic net, but it didn't work!


Erastrow, with an ugly face, looked at Gladys!

Gladys shook her head: "my level is limited, and I haven't inherited all of neserell's knowledge. Don't you have more than half of them? "

Alastra can't help it. This place is obviously the way that neserell uses the magic net. Even the goddess of the magic net can't intervene in it.

"What to do?"

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