“Mom, I-I’m going back first,” said Jiang Mo, taking off his apron and addressing the woman in the kitchen.

Mrs. Lu reminded him, “Be careful on your way back.”

“I know,” Jiang Mo obediently nodded and walked out of the noodle shop, carrying a lunch box.

“Is this your youngest son?” The old customer, who hadn’t been to the noodle shop for several days, had been observing Jiang Mo since he entered. He waited until the person left before asking Mr. Lu, who was kneading dough.

Mr. Lu, who usually had a stern face, revealed a faint smile and replied indifferently, “Yes.”

Their youngest son, whom they had raised for nineteen years, was not their biological child. When Mr. Lu learned the news, he was devastated for several days. Jiang Mo’s return to the Jiang family dealt another blow to him personally. Mr. Lu went to the Jiang family himself to bring Jiang Mo back, experiencing a third blow. Given the opulent and magnificent Jiang family versus the crowded and dilapidated Lu family, anyone would choose the former.

Mr. Lu didn’t know how to face his unfamiliar biological son, Jiang Mo. Whether he acted harshly or overly eager, nothing seemed right. He and his wife were busy with their business, and Jiang Mo had been back for almost half a month without much time for interaction. Most of the information they knew about Jiang Mo came from Lu Yu.

Lu Yu said that Jiang Mo was doing well, and Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu could sense it. Yesterday morning, when they saw Jiang Mo voluntarily appearing at the noodle shop, they were startled. Jiang Mo offered to help, despite their attempts to dissuade him. Seeing the child keeping quiet and working diligently, despite his stuttering speech, instantly broke down the barriers between them.

There were certainly some awkward moments, but it was much better than when they first met.

Lu Yu was busy with work and didn’t have time to cook. He usually ordered takeout or waited for Mrs. Lu to bring him food. When Jiang Mo came back, he also packed some food for Lu Yu.

“Brother, have some food,” Jiang Mo placed the lunch box on the table. Lu Yu nodded and remembered something, so he called out to Jiang Mo who was about to leave.

“Do you have plans this afternoon?”

Jiang Mo replied, “No, I don’t.”

Lu Yu asked, “Can you help me with the livestreaming later?”

In the past two days, Jiang Mo had been climbing the ranks in the game, and Lu Yu received many private messages from fans. None of them mentioned missing him; instead, they all urged him to let Jiang Mo go on the livestream.

Lu Yu knew that he didn’t have the qualities of a successful streamer, so handing over the livestream to Jiang Mo seemed like a good idea. It would also solve the problem of his monthly livestreaming commitment.

Jiang Mo agreed, saying, “Okay.”

The original owner of Jiang Mo’s body had poor academic performance and couldn’t get into a film academy. He barely managed to enter a university through connections, but after his identity as a fake heir of a wealthy family was exposed, coupled with previous scandals, someone reported his character and behavior issues. They also leaked his high school exam scores, leading to his expulsion from the school. He had become a laughingstock in the entire entertainment industry.

Jiang Mo hadn’t even finished middle school before he started playing games professionally. His academic performance was poor, and retaking the college entrance exam was impossible. Jiang Mo wasn’t troubled about his future. After finishing this reality show, the company would terminate his contract, which suited him just fine. He wanted to go back to playing games professionally.

Although the background of this book’s world was the same as Jiang Mo’s world, the timeline was chaotic.

Jiang Mo is the same age as the original owner. Before transmigrating into the book, the S13 Finals had just begun, but now, the World Championship has been held nine times, and LPL has yet to win another world championship. Several familiar teams are still around, including the NG team Jiang Mo used to play for. His betrayers and old enemies are still active, but there’s a new team called SVP that Jiang Mo isn’t very familiar with.

[“Little brother, Ning Ning is really amazing! Did you watch his match against SOG in the World Championship? His Camille solo-killed two opponents in a 1v2 situation. It was incredible!”]

The day Jiang Mo made an impressive pentakill and his two solo matches with Xie Ning were edited by netizens and uploaded to major video websites. Overnight, Jiang Mo gained tens of thousands of fans. As soon as he started streaming, his chat was flooded with new fans, and half of them were Xie Ning’s fans.

Jiang Mo quite liked Xie Ning’s fans. They didn’t see him as someone who took advantage of their team’s player but treated him kindly as a brother.

However, considering his age among professional players, Xie Ning might even be younger than him.

“Don’t… don’t call me little brother. I-I’m nineteen,” Jiang Mo thought to himself.

He opened a website to check Xie Ning’s information and circled the age section with his mouse. Confidently, he said, “See, h-he’s only eighteen. Y-you should call me big brother.”

[“Pfft, I can’t bring myself to call you big brother when I hear your voice.”]

[“Alright, if not little brother, can I call you stuttering brother?”]

[“Even if I call you stuttering brother, isn’t that already generous enough?”]

Jiang Mo’s voice wasn’t as ‘milky’ as the netizens described. It only gave off that impression because of his stuttering. When he spoke normally, his voice was quite clear and pleasant.

[SVP·Lemon: Little brother is streaming now. We both have time, do you want to play a game together?]

Jiang Mo: “I don’t play with no-noobs.”

[“SVP·Lemon: …”]

[“SVP·Lemon: Don’t be like that. I’m really good. Give me a chance to prove it!”]

[“Xie Ning, don’t you think you look like a bootlicker right now?”]

[“Hahaha, in the past, everyone begged Xie Ning to play duo with them, and now karma is catching up.”]

[“What’s a noob? Is it tasty? Have you eaten a stuttering chicken?”]

[“Don’t tease him about that. What if he cries later?”]

[“SVP·Lemon: What do I need to do for you to play duo with me?”]

“Why… why do you insist on playing games with me?” Jiang Mo couldn’t understand. He had only played two solo matches with Xie Ning, and now the other person was pestering him.

[“SVP·Lemon: Because I’m a bootlicker. Big brother looks so cool when playing games. Will you mentor your little brother?”]

Jiang Mo: “…”

[“Xie Ning, what happened to your pride?”]

[“An old dog doesn’t care about dignity anymore.”]

Jiang Mo: “Please stop…”

[“SVP·Lemon: I heard you like watching fireworks. I’ll set off a few fireworks for you. Will you play a couple of games with me?”]

[“Give up. Money can’t move the heart of a stuttering brother. You’re too noob. Go practice and come back later!”]

[“Hahaha, Xie Ning, the regular season MVP: ???”]

[SVP·Lemon set off ten starry fireworks in your livestream and left a message: Big brother, mentor your little brother!]

Jiang Mo: “Okay.


[“What about your principles?”]

[“I understand now. He really likes watching fireworks.”]

[“For the sake of fireworks, he’s actually willing to play games with noobs. He’s making me cry!”]

[“Xie Ning, the regular season MVP: Who are you calling a noob? Is that polite?”]

Early in the morning, the team manager received news that Chi Yu would be coming over. He had been on high alert since morning, waiting until the afternoon to finally see Chi Yu.

The team members were all young, so as not to create a depressing atmosphere, Chi Yu didn’t wear a formal suit. He was dressed casually, and his 6’3″ height didn’t give off a strong muscular impression. His body proportions were almost perfect, and everyone who saw him would first notice his handsome face, forgetting about his prominent height.

Chi Yu was 27 years old, considered a junior in the entertainment industry. He purposely left his bangs unstyled today, hanging loosely to cover his forehead. Suddenly, he looked several years younger. Passing trainees who saw him thought he was a new recruit for the team. When they looked at his face, they were stunned on the spot.

Even those who were immersed in the gaming world recognized his face—Chi Yu, the movie emperor. How could he be in the team?

The team manager had a stern expression and waved his hand to dismiss the gathered trainees, smiling awkwardly, “The new kids who just joined the team don’t know any better.”

Chi Yu said calmly, “It’s fine.”

The manager hurriedly pointed to the stairs and said, “The main team players are all in the training room on the second floor. Would you like to go up and see?”


“Mr. Chi, rest assured, these kids are all well-behaved. They’re training intensively every day to achieve good results in the Spring Split.” The manager followed behind Chi Yu, trying to make a good impression in front of him.

“Big brother, am I handsome in this move?” Xie Ning played Jax in the top lane, just securing a 1v2 kill against the enemy jungler who came to gank him. After making his moves, he quickly looked for Jiang Mo to seek praise.

“Why aren’t you saying anything, big brother? I proved myself, so you can’t call me a noob anymore!”

“Big brother, big brother~” Xie Ning was the youngest on the team.

He had a cute baby face, but when he acted spoiled, it was particularly scary. No matter how exaggerated he was, his voice always ended with a sticky tone, earning him several slaps from his nearby teammates.

“Xie Ning, can you stop acting spoiled? I’m about to puke my lunch because of you.”

The team manager stood outside the training room with a dark expression. If his gaze could kill, his eyes would have pierced through Xie Ning’s back.

He had just whispered kind words in Chi’s ear, and the next second this kid came to slap him in the face!

The manager sneaked a glance at Chi Yu’s expression. Chi Yu remained calm, his gaze focused on Xie Ning’s screen, as if he was admiring Xie Ning’s gameplay.

The manager looked at Xie Ning’s screen again, and his expression instantly stiffened. Xie Ning wasn’t playing seriously at the moment. After securing a kill, he finished buying his items and then ran into his own jungle, following his own jungler, Bao Nu, while shouting, “Big brother, praise me! Am I amazing?”

Jiang Mo was getting annoyed with Xie Ning’s constant calling, and goose bumps started to appear on his skin. Bao Nu’s Q ability went through the air and didn’t hit any jungle monsters. The barrage of comments laughed, [“Hahaha.”]

“Can… can you stop calling me?” Jiang Mo’s voice became louder.

This person was so annoying, it was affecting his gameplay!

Xie Ning: “Then tell me, was I amazing just now?”

Jiang Mo: “Wait until you get a double kill in a 1v2, then… then talk to me.”

Xie Ning: “…”

[“Hahaha, Xie Ning: Damn, don’t I deserve praise for my godlike moves? Do I have to 1v2!”]

[“Stuttering teacher, your standards are too strict!”]

[“After all, Stuttering is a person who gets pentakills in 1v5 situations. Compared to that, Xie Ning is indeed too noob!”]

“Xie Ning!” The manager was infuriated but still tried to lower his voice. Xie Ning didn’t hear him due to his headphones, but his teammate who was eating nearby did and quickly reminded him.

Xie Ning turned his head and saw two people standing at the door.

Oh, damn, the manager and the boss?!

He trembled, and his character’s skill went on cooldown. He was killed by the enemy top laner, and his teammate Bao Nu, who had just arrived, made some moves and bit down on the enemy top laner and jungler, securing a double kill.

Through his headphones, Jiang Mo’s strict voice came, “You… you’re not doing well. Stop talking and focus on playing.”

Xie Ning: “…”

“Um, Mr. Chi, they’re not usually like this…” the manager explained.

“No need to be nervous. I know what they’re like. I usually watch their livestreams,” Chi Yu replied.

The manager: “…”

Chi Yu’s face remained calm, his gaze fixed on the name “MOMO” above the cougar’s head.