The rules were set, Xie Ning had no intention of wasting time with his opponent. He wanted to quickly resolve the matter and then go play ranked games.

He chose his most frequently used champion, Eyu and couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw the opponent pick Dao Mei.

[“Dao Mei against Eyu? It might be a close match, but unfortunately, she encountered Ning Ning.”]

[“I’m curious, why did Ning Ning suddenly decide to play solo games? Is this person who encountered him a fan? After soloing with him, will they draw lots for other fans to solo with?”]

Xie Ning’s fans didn’t think there was any suspense in this game.

At level three, Dao Mei accurately controlled Xie Ning with her second stage E (crowd control skill). If Dao Mei kills a target or hits a marked target with her Q, it refreshes the cooldown.

Dao Mei moved flexibly among the minions while Eyu’s fury was blocked by Dao Mei’s W (damage reduction), and she stacked her passive, followed by an ignite-enhanced basic attack.

First Blood!

Whether someone plays Dao Mei well or not depends on their mastery of the skills. The actions of a high-level player are always pleasing to the eye.

The screen suddenly darkened, and the voice from the headphones came through.

“Damn!” Xie Ning unconsciously blurted out.

Xie Ning, who had been feeling a bit drowsy, instantly became alert. He sat up straight, still looking a bit dazed.

His cousin’s skill level was at most platinum, and getting to diamond was through account boosting. Clearly, this knife sister was not in the same division as his cousin.

[“??? I also exclaimed ‘damn’ in front of the screen. This guy is amazing!”]

[“Hahaha, is this the LPL’s number one top laner you guys always praise? How come you can’t even beat an ordinary player?”]

[“Hey, toxic person, back off. Ning Ning just finished a training match, his condition isn’t good.”]

“No, I underestimated him.” Xie Ning sincerely praised, “He’s really good.”

[“That was amazing! I didn’t even have time to react, and he killed me?”]

[“Ah, little brother is so awesome! He truly lives up to my expectations!”]

[“This reaction speed is insane. No wonder he’s a young player.”]

Jiang Mo concentrated all his attention, his hand speed reaching its limit, not giving the opponent any time to react. After the game, he instinctively rubbed his wrist, which didn’t feel any pain.

Lu Yu, equally shocked, snapped out of his daze and looked at Jiang Mo. The soft light shone on Jiang Mo’s slightly chubby face, giving him a baby-faced appearance. Jiang Mo’s eyes and cheeks were still red from the excitement, making him look more like the one who had just performed the solo kill.

Lu Yu couldn’t merge Dao Mei on the screen with the Jiang Mo in front of him.

After winning, Jiang Mo immediately quit the game, but the opponent chose not to quit. Lu Yu’s account remained stuck in the game, and a few new messages appeared in his friend list.

[Suan Ningmeng: You played really well. Mind playing another game with me?]

[Yu Jian Ni: ?]

[“What’s wrong with these two? One idiot ran away, and now a new idiot showed up?”]

[“He thinks my little brother is easy to bully. He wants to test and torment my little brother, right? Little brother, ignore him and go to bed obediently.”]

[“I remember now, this is Xie Ning’s smurf account. I just visited Xie Ning’s livestream, and it’s really him!”]

[“No way, Xie Ning isn’t the kind of person who can’t distinguish right from wrong. Why would he help Ru Geng Zai Hou bully a small streamer?”]

[Suan Ningmeng: I genuinely think you’re amazing. I want to learn from you. We don’t need to start a new game. Let’s continue from this point, okay?]

The opponent’s attitude didn’t seem like Ru Geng Zai Hou, and Jiang Mo didn’t feel uncomfortable. He feared no one’s challenge, and he reconnected to the game.

If they weren’t convinced, he would continue playing until they were.

The match continued in the mid lane. Jiang Mo didn’t use the First Blood gold to buy equipment, keeping his items on par with the crocodile’s.

Both of them continued to farm in the mid lane. The rules had changed this time, with a single kill determining the winner.

Xie Ning fought with all his spirit against Dao Mei, and the more he fought, the more focused he became. He rarely experienced this level of pressure since turning professional, even on the World Championship stage.

This Yu Jian Ni was too aggressive, showing no fear of hero counters. Every time he used his Q after dashing through the minions, he would exchange auto-attacks with him to trade damage.

Suddenly, Xie Ning had a ridiculous idea. It seemed that he had already lost the momentum to the opponent, and the worst thing to do during laning was to be timid.

The opponent seized one of his mistakes. Dao Mei landed a second-stage E under his feet, and her ultimate directly struck him. In the instant the Q landed, she immediately followed up with a second-stage E to lock him down. His fury was blocked by Dai Mei’s W, and a beautiful sequence of Qs successfully harvested him.

“He used his W skill too well.” Xie Ning wasn’t discouraged by his death; his face was filled with excitement as he analyzed his own failure.

[Suan Ningmeng: Impressive!]

Just as Xie Ning finished typing this, a Sylas suddenly rushed out of the river bush, bearing the name Ru Geng Zai Hou on his head.

In the previous duel against the crocodile, Dao Mei was left with only one-third of her health, and Ru Geng Zai Hou had been jungling all this time. By now, he had reached level five.

The viewers from both livestreams hadn’t reacted yet, but Jiang Mo deftly sidestepped the opponent’s engage skill, using his E skill in an instant to control the pouncing Ru Geng Zai Hou. With the help of his own minions and a full stack of his passive, he turned the tables and killed Ru Geng Zai Hou while being low on health.

[“Haha, that’s hilarious! This person is truly insane. With this level of skill, they still want to take advantage?”]

[“I knew something was wrong when he joined the game. This person is truly audacious!”]

[“Ah, little brother, you’re too amazing! I love you, I love you! Have you ever thought about becoming a streamer? If you start streaming, sister will send you ten fireworks!”]

The unexpected situation furrowed Xie Ning’s brow. A few people from Lu Yu’s livestream flooded into Xie Ning’s stream, and amidst a barrage of bullet comments, Lu Yu’s boss even directly donated money in the stream. The golden text instantly rose to the top.

Xie Ning turned on the microphone to inquire about the situation, and his fans stopped spamming the bullet comments. In just a few words, Lu Yu’s boss explained everything clearly.

Everyone was confused. Wasn’t this an ordinary solo game?

Xie Ning angrily opened the chat box and confronted Ru Geng Zai Hou in front of millions of viewers in the livestream.

[Suan Ningmeng: What are you doing?]

[Ru Geng Zai Hou: I’m helping you vent.]

[Suan Ningmeng: Bullshit! From now on, I won’t help you clean up your mess! I will talk to Auntie about your affairs.]

After typing the message, Xie Ning deleted Ru Geng Zai Hou from his friend list. He scratched his messy hair and explained to the livestream viewers, “I’m sorry, he’s my cousin. I’m not close to him. I helped him out of courtesy, but I didn’t expect it to be like this. If I had known, I would never have helped him.”

The trolls started to flood in. They weren’t actually trying to help Jiang Mo vent; they were just taking the opportunity to stir up trouble. When they saw someone saying that a professional player was bullying a small streamer, Xie Ning didn’t get angry. He thought the other person had a point.

“What’s the name of his stream?” Xie Ning asked.

The barrage quickly provided an answer.

Lu Yu had been a streamer for almost four years. Usually, his viewership only surpassed four digits during platform events. But now, seeing a large wave of viewers flooding into his stream, Lu Yu was shocked.

Fifty thousand people, and the number was still increasing. Even his meager number of followers had increased by several thousand. Was he seeing things?

Seeing the flood of gifts in the stream, Jiang Mo’s eyes were dazzled. He stared at the scrolling gift list with excitement, thanking each boss obediently.

[“Wow, this voice sounds so young. Xie Ning’s cousin is going too far. How can he bully even a child!”]

[“He’s kind of cute. How old is the little brother? Do you mind an age gap relationship?”]

[“Sorry, little brother. Xie Ning didn’t mean it. He was also deceived by someone.”]

[“SVP·Lemon exploded ten Starry Sky Fireworks in your stream.“]

[“SVP·Lemon: Sorry, little brother!”]

Lu Yu wasn’t happy and said, “Who are you calling little brother? He’s my little brother.”

[“Heh, the big brother who protects the little one. By the way, how old is the stuttering kid? He could play professionally with this level!”]

[“It’s up to the individual’s wishes. Don’t hinder the kid from going to school.”]

Jiang Mo was a bit confused. After reading the barrage for a while, he finally understood. Suan Ningmeng turned out to be Xie Ning, the top laner of SVP team.

Xie Ning also thought like the viewers that this kid wasn’t of legal age yet and had great potential. Their team was currently recruiting young trainees, so maybe the other party would be interested.

[“SVP·Lemon: Do you have time, little brother? Let’s duo queue together?”]

Jiang Mo: “I-I don’t have time.”

[“SVP·Lemon: Oh, right, the kid should go to bed early. Tomorrow is the weekend. Is your school on break? How about playing with big brother?”]

Jiang Mo: “I-I don’t want to play with you.”

Xie Ning raised an eyebrow. Normally, a bunch of people wanted to duo queue with him but never got the chance. Why was this kid so difficult to handle?

[“SVP·Lemon: Why? Playing duo queue with me will help you climb the ranks quickly, you know.”]

Jiang Mo: “Y-You’re too bad. I-I don’t want to play with a noob.”

Xie Ning: “…”

As soon as Chi Yu finished work, he received a text message from his manager.

[Dui A: The spring tournament is about to start. You should visit your team more often. You just renewed your game endorsement, so you should show your face. What do you think?]

Contrary to his abstinent and cold appearance, Chi Yu still had remnants of his passionate youth in his heart. He used to be immersed in games for a long time until work took up most of his time. It had been a while since he played a game.

He bought the SVP team last year, and his vision was correct. The team, which was on the verge of disbanding, made it to the World Championships in the summer tournament last year. Although they didn’t win the championship, they made a name for themselves.

[Chi Yu: Okay, I’ll go in a few days.]

After replying to his manager, Chi Yu suddenly received a new message on WeChat.

[MOMO: Do you have time to help me make a kill?]

The name MOMO reminded Chi Yu of a person. He opened the message and saw Jiang Mo’s selfie in the Moments.

Chi Yu raised an eyebrow and clicked on the link provided by the person. The link prompted him to download an app.

Chi Yu returned to the chat window. The other person only sent him a link without saying anything.

Chi Yu waited for a while but eventually closed his phone.

Author’s Note:

Jiang Mo: $$$-$$$ Thank you, boss! Boss is generous!

Chi Yu: You have the ability to send a link but no ability to talk to me? I won’t help you then!