The cure himself was still thinking about the plot.

Yan Ci probably guessed that he was pretending to sleep in the cellar. Xia Zhinian touched his neck and became more wary of the black sesame dumplings.

Yan Ci was too smart, and his heart was black. He was not easy to deal with. It was better to start with Chu Qingjian first.

Xia Zhinian planned to continue sending love letters and breakfast to Chu Qingjian according to the original owner's setting. As for people... he had just been taught a lesson by his brother, so it was reasonable to restrain himself a little and not look for trouble.

But he didn't know why, Yan Ci seemed to have put a magnet on him, and he could meet him everywhere.

Xia Zhinian pushed open the door of the teacher's office, and Yan Ci was standing by the table, putting down a stack of homework, and handing the list of students who didn't hand in their homework to the math teacher, who was also their class teacher.

A big sticky note, with the ten big characters "Xia Zhinian" written on it, the handwriting was strong and powerful, very eye-catching.

Yan Ci put down his homework and walked out. He passed by Xia Zhinian, smiled gently, and said in a clear voice: "Good morning, Classmate Xia."


Classmate Xia flattened his red lips and ignored him. He walked past him and went straight to the class teacher's desk.

Old Qin held a thermos cup in his hand, his figure slightly round, and he smiled very kindly. He stuffed him two candies. "Don't be nervous."

He chuckled. "I called you here just to ask you, have you encountered any difficulties in your studies recently? I asked all the teachers, and you haven't handed in any homework lately."

Xia Zhinian hung his head and pretended to be depressed. "Well, I don't know how to do it."

"Is it all? You used to have difficulty with homework too, but you would hand it in from time to time. How come you haven't handed it in lately?"

Xia Zhinian: "......" How dare he hand it in? The original owner's bad handwriting, he couldn't write it.

He hummed again. "I don't know how to do any of them."

Old Qin rambled on. "Xiao Xia, this won't work. It won't be long before you go to senior high school. The pace of senior high school is fast. If you don't catch up now, you will have more pressure later."

"How about this? I found you a good student who can help you with your studies."


Xia Zhinian felt a thud in his heart and looked up abruptly. "Teacher, there is no need--"

Old Qin: "It's already settled. Go back."


Xia Zhinian pushed open the door, his head still looping around Old Qin's nagging words--

"Xiao Xia, the school is implementing a tutoring program. You can try it out for your classmates."

"Xiao Xia, you never hand in your homework and it's not good. If you don't know how to do something, just ask your classmates."

"Xiao Xia, if you really don't understand, just copy the homework every day. It's good to have an impression. I've already communicated with all the teachers."

Xiao Xia, Xiao Xia, Xiao Xia...

Xiao Xia's head was full of Xiao Xia, his head was dizzy and he pushed the door out, thinking of Old Qin's last sentence.

"Oh, by the way, your tutor is Yan Ci, the first in the grade and has a good temper. He will definitely be able to help you."

"Good luck, Xiao Xia."


Xiao Xia's head was buzzing with pain.

Xia Zhinian stood by the door and rubbed his head. His eyes naturally fell down and saw a pair of straight and slender legs walking towards him.

"Classmate Xia, do you have a headache?" Yan Ci raised his lips.

Classmate Xia glared at him, wanted to say something, turned around and closed the office door first, then turned to Yan Ci. "Don't worry about it. You can pretend that nothing happened. I will handle it myself with the teacher."

However, things came as he thought. Before Xia Zhinian could figure out how to deal with his homework, the Chinese teacher handed out a special exercise on word meaning analysis as a class exercise.

Xia Zhinian held a blank paper in his hand and flipped out the original owner's Chinese paper from the messy desk hole. He glanced at it--

The paper was full of pink hearts, and behind it were dense "Brother Chu Brother Chu", ending with a line of "like you together".

The words were pink and ugly, and the few multiple-choice questions that were covered up were also written crookedly.

Xia Zhinian sighed, looked at the teacher with his apricot eyes, and hid behind the tall boy in front of him. He leaned down on the table, buried his fluffy head in his arms and closed his eyes to sleep.

"Xia Zhinian!"

A slightly angry voice sounded nearby. The Chinese teacher walked around from the podium and saw a small ball lying on the back in a few steps. He raised his voice. "Did I let you sleep when I asked you to do the exercise? Stand up!"

Xia Zhinian: "......"

Jiu Min.

Xia Zhinian's expression stiffened, sighed again, stood up with his head hanging down.

The class was quiet, and rows of heads turned back to watch the drama. The Chinese teacher had a fiery temper and gave Xia Zhinian a burst of output.

"You haven't written any homework lately. Can't you read or write Chinese characters? You also sleep in the multiple-choice exercises. Can't you guess? Take your exercises and look at them now! What did you choose for the first question?"

Xia Zhinian had attended a private school in his previous life, and the teachers didn't care much about him. He was in a special situation, so he couldn't be managed even more.

He had never encountered this situation before.

Xia Zhinian's earlobes turned red, glanced at the paper, and it was a simple idiom selection. He coughed and said in a clean voice.

"Choose A."

The Chinese teacher sighed. "This is wrong. Continue, second question!"

Xia Zhinian: "......B."

The Chinese teacher showed a surprised expression. "You're right. This question is difficult. What about the third question?"

Xia Zhinian touched his ear. "C."

The Chinese teacher's expression changed. "Wrong, fourth question."

Xia Zhinian buckled the corner of the table. "D."

"......" The Chinese teacher noticed something and slammed the paper on the lectern, frowning at him. "What about questions five to eight?"

Xia Zhinian: "......"

Sorry, teacher.

He repented for two seconds in his heart, and said it again. "ABCD."


A burst of laughter broke out in the class.

Xia Zhinian's ears were red, and they were more eye-catching against his porcelain-white skin. He was ashamed and wanted to hide, but he stiffened and didn't move. His fingertips rubbed back and forth on the corner of the table.

The Chinese teacher was so angry that he felt a surge of anger in his head. He was silent for two seconds and waved his hand. "Forget it, move your stool, take your questions, and sit next to Yan Ci."


The girls in the class suddenly stopped laughing.

Xia Zhinian couldn't laugh anymore.

He wanted to refuse, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he was glared at by the Chinese teacher and closed it again. He moved his stool over with a dejected look.

Zou Ziqian watched his deskmate go bravely.

Yan Ci hooked his lips, moved his books to the left, and made some room for him. He smiled and praised. "Classmate Xia has a great skill of guessing the answers."

"......" Xia Zhinian's ears were still red and started to spread again. The tips of his ears showed a beautiful blush. "It's none of your business."

Yan Ci smiled. "Of course it's my business. Classmate Xia is my tutoring object. Otherwise you wouldn't be here now."

Classmate Xia was angry. He put the paper on the table and turned his head away from him. Yan Ci looked at his exercise, and he didn't even write his name. His eyes turned and suddenly saw that he had another paper under his paper.

He lifted it up and revealed the paper below that had words on it. At a glance, the pink color was very dazzling.

A few big words at the beginning--

I Like Brother Chu!

I Really Like Brother Chu!