Yan Ci whispered a word, his voice hoarse, as if he chewed and rubbed this name in his lips and tongue, and silently hooked his lips.

Xia Zhinian didn't hear the sound, touched the door, pressed the metal handle hard, but the door didn't respond. He was shocked and opened his eyes wide, and pressed it a few more times.

The door was broken?

He turned to Yan Ci, facing a pitch black. "Yan Ci, the door won't open. Do you have the key? I'll try again."

Yan Ci reached into his pocket, took out the key, and the rubbing of his skin made the pain that was pulling his nerves sharper. The crazy tingling in his body was like boiling water, making him want to tear off that layer of skin.

Yan Ci's eyes fell on the direction where the sound came from, deep and dark, like a fierce beast lurking in the dark. For a moment, he suddenly curved his lips and rubbed his tongue over his teeth.

Smart kids should run fast.

The farther the better.

Yan Ci followed the spatial layout in his memory and threw the key over. Xia Zhinian heard the sound and walked forward a few steps and caught it successfully. He turned back to the door and inserted the key.

However, the door lock seemed to be stuck, and the key couldn't turn.

This place was remote, and few people came here. Because it was originally a warehouse, the doors and walls were also very thick, and there were no windows.

Xia Zhinian pursed his lips and looked at Yan Ci's direction from the door.

"The door is broken. The teacher will notice that there are fewer people in the class later. Maybe someone will come to look for us. You..."

He wanted to ask how are you, but quickly changed his words. "Are you uncomfortable?"

"I am, a little bit."

Yan Ci's voice was already a bit hoarse, just like in the cellar, panting unevenly, as if holding back something.

He was anxious and restless when it was dark last time. He only got better after turning on the flashlight, but now there was no flashlight.

Xia Zhinian looked around and hesitated. "There is a bit of wind at the door. Will you feel better if you sit here?"

Yan Ci leaned back against the wall and raised his head. "Thank you, but forget it. I have no strength."

Xia Zhinian put the key back in his pocket and clenched the table tennis racket in his hand.

In order to prevent him from discovering that he was afraid of the dark in the cellar last time, Yan Ci knocked him out directly. Now...

Xia Zhinian blinked his eyes and swallowed. "I can help you. You...you..." Don't do anything.

Yan Ci leaned against the wall and heard his stuttering voice. He chuckled lightly, his eyebrows and eyes curved. "Don't worry, I've been discovered by you. I won't knock you out."

Xia Zhinian: "......"

Xia Zhinian pretended not to understand and refused to admit it. "What?"

Yan Ci snickered.

Xia Zhinian put the table tennis racket on the iron shelf where it was convenient, pressed his left thumb on his index finger joint, walked slowly to Yan Ci's side, bent down and stretched out his hand tentatively. "My hand is here, you move a bit."

Yan Ci just opened his mouth. "No strength, you move."

The voice was already very close. Xia Zhinian stared blankly at the air, slowly stretched out his hand, and touched the edge of a piece of cloth.

The slightly hard touch, a bit of warmth came from the side, the raised knuckles slid, and unexpectedly rubbed against his fingertips, and then quickly left, taking away the hot body temperature and faint pulse.

It was his Adam's apple!

Xia Zhinian shrank back his hand as if he had been burned, opened his eyes wide and backed away, but his chest was suddenly tightened by his clothes, and a strong force came. He bent down and fell forward uncontrollably.

A strange body temperature enveloped him. Xia Zhinian crashed into Yan Ci's arms, his chin hit his collarbone, and both of them groaned in pain. They didn't know who was more hurt.

Yan Ci hissed, his voice low and smiling.

"Got you."

Xia Zhinian: "?!!"

He curled his fingertips subconsciously, stood up with all his hands and feet, opened his eyes wide and backed away, his voice clear and fierce. "What are you pulling me for?"

Yan Ci leaned against the wall and heard his stuttering voice. He chuckled lightly, his eyebrows and eyes curved. "Classmate Xia, little friend, you can't touch the Adam's apple casually. Do I have to tell you that?"

Classmate Xia was fierce: "I can't see it. You told me to move. And I pulled back quickly."

So cute.

Yan Ci's tone was casual. "Too late."

Xia Zhinian: "......"

Xia Zhinian glared at him in the dark with all his strength, pretending not to understand and refusing to admit it. "What?"

Yan Ci snickered.

Xia Zhinian grabbed Yan Ci's arm with one hand and pulled him up with difficulty. He felt that he had put most of his weight on himself. He gritted his teeth. "You're so heavy."

Yan Ci had no guilt at all. "I have no strength."

Xia Zhinian pouted. "How come you have no strength every day."

Yan Ci turned his head and looked at him, vaguely seeing a shadow nearby. He smiled ambiguously. "There will be."

They stayed at the door for a long time before they were found by someone who came over. They opened the door, and Yan Ci was sent to the infirmary. Xia Zhinian went back to the classroom by himself.

Outside the infirmary, in the stairwell, a few beams of light shone from the high windows, and dust was scattered in the air.

Yan Ci's white shirt was stained with some dust. He looked at his fingertips casually against the light.

The knuckles were distinct, slender and jade-like.

Unfortunately, he looked like this on the outside, but inside he was like being gnawed by countless bugs.

He had just touched Xia Zhinian again, and the residual warmth on his fingertips was still there. The delicate and warm skin directly touched, bringing a touch of excitement that reached his nerves.

The same feeling as last time.

Soft, warm.

There was no disgust at all, only incomparable attraction.

But what followed was an unbearable desire.

Meng Chen stood by his side, holding a syringe. "The warehouse circuit is back to normal. Brother Yan, it's been a week. The last dose of medicine should have worn off."

He had something to do and took a week off. He just came back to class today. "Do you want to take it?"

Yan Ci nodded, unbuttoned his cuff, and let Meng Chen push the syringe in.

This kind of injection would cause muscle spasms when injected, and Yan Ci couldn't do it himself. The needle tip was withdrawn, and he clenched his hand lightly and turned to Meng Chen.

"Stretch out your hand."

Meng Chen: "?"

He didn't understand, but he obediently stretched out his palm.

Yan Ci moved his hand down, and his index finger was suspended above his palm.

He touched it lightly.

An indescribable sticky feeling surged into his mind.

Dirty, so dirty.

Meng Chen also saw what he was doing now. "How is it? Is the injection useful? Or... that Xia Zhinian?"

Yan Ci retracted his hand, took out a wet wipe, and gently wiped that place.

"The injection is useless, so there's no need to take it anymore." Yan Ci hooked his lips, and a trace of joy flashed in his ink-black eyes. "I found a cure."