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Goddess Abne was a popular goddess among players and NPCs in the game.

Her stunning beauty, coupled with her ability to fulfill people’s needs and the intoxicating sense of being at the center of the vast universe, captivates everyone who lays eyes on her, regardless of gender..

With a multitude of worshippers and followers, legends and stories about her have spread across different regions, each carrying its own unique variation.

Those who hear these tales are filled with a sense of exhilaration as they delve into the enigmatic world surrounding her.

Legend has it that she was born beneath a resplendent starry night sky, and as her feet touched the mortal realm, the world bestowed its blessings upon her.

“There once lived a woman who was born on a profound and tranquil night, when the stars and the universe harmonized in unison. She emerged as a deity, possessing boundless wisdom and knowledge. With a benevolent heart, she generously shared her immense knowledge with the less fortunate, earning her the revered title of Goddess Abne.”

Her legends have been passed down through the ages, stated that she offered wisdom and guidance to those who seek it.

She played a significant role in the development of civilization, paving the way for progress and inspiring generations. Her legacy continues to shape the world even to this day.

Abne, the embodiment of night, stars, and beauty, held the reputation of being the most intelligent among the gods.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, mortals embarked on a centuries-long journey, unearthing the hidden secrets and harsh realities concealed beneath the ocean depths and ancient ruins, seeking wisdom from her.

Gazing up at the heavens, she brought inspiration and enlightenment towards the world.

Her profound influence resonated deeply within the hearts of mortals, as she bestowed prophecies that brought forth positive transformation and guidance, all while casting her eyes upon the stars.

Moreover, it is believed that Goddess Abne possesses the ability to unravel the deepest truths, seeing through the veils of deception.

There are no lies that can escape her discerning gaze, and she possesses an intimate understanding of the delicate balance between revealing and concealing the truths that lie within.

As a result, in certain provinces, Goddess Abne is revered as the Goddess of Truth and Justice, and her divine wisdom is entrusted with the trial and judgment of numerous criminals.

Her shrine symbol colors are indigo, black, and light blue, creating a sense of mystery and dreaminess. Her temples and appearance evoke a feeling of vastness, as if one is gazing into a star-filled universe.

Many people were captivated by the cosmic ambiance, the indescribable ecstasy, and the exquisite beauty that Goddess Abne exuded. It is believed that she graciously bestowed her knowledge upon those devoted followers who offered their tribute to her.

That is the setting of Goddess Abne in the game I know.

The development team also set Goddess Abne as the most enigmatic god, making it impossible for players to know the exact meaning of Goddess Abne lines.

In the community, Goddess Abne is often known for her blunt and straightforward language. However, the majority of people support her because they recognize the significance each of her lines as the story unfolds.

Despite her beautiful appearance and generous rewards, it is her unique way of speaking that adds depth to her character.

“Harold, this is your first time seeing Goddess Abne right?

“Yes …”

In reality, I’ve encountered Goddess Abne numerous times in the game and have even reached the maximum level of our pledge bond numerous time.

However that’s not the case now.

“Well, in this royal capital, she may be highly revered as the best goddess, but let me tell you, when you meet her in person, she’s not as great like what people said! Hahaha! So don’t be too nervous!”

What the hell is this guy saying?

Paulo is the highest-ranking member of the Order of Abne and served as her loyal knight.

This guy, of all people, should be the one to praise Abne the most, but now he’s spouting these things!

I just can’t figure out what he’s thinking

I had a slight doubt about this guy’s strange smile a few minutes ago, but now it seems to be just my imagination, so I’ll just forget about it.

After walking for a while with Paulo, we arrived at Goddess Abne shrine.

Unlike the usual buildings that are typically designed with bright colors on a white background, the temple is painted in indigo, blue, and black, making it stand out from afar.

Perhaps due to the highly publicized event, there were more members of the Abne Shrine present, and it seemed that people from other shrines were also drawn to the Abne Shrine, showing interest in the proceedings.

If a shrine event is active in the game, then you can see these kind of changes.

It’s not a new phenomenon, but I find myself feeling a bit amazed by the fact that events from the game are being reflected in reality. The mixture of surprise and nostalgia brings about a complex smile on my face.

“It’s over there Harold! Let’s go!”

He  shouted so loudly, grabbed my arm again, and rushed into the temple.

This bastard is acting weird today…

… Really, why are you like this?

Is this really the Paulo I know?

The doubts that I had buried start to resurface, but I shake my head to dismiss the unpleasant feelings once again.

“Well… whatever…”

“What?! I can’t hear you Harold!”

“no it’s nothing….”

Finally, we reached the inner part of the shrine

As we step further inside, the brightness of the outside world gradually fades away, and darkness envelops us.

However, the pictures of stars adorning the ceiling and walls emit a soft, pure white glow, casting an ethereal ambiance that evokes a sense of wonder and mystique.

“Come on Harold! We’ve arrived! This is the Goddess place!.”

Coming in right away like this? No security at all?


In the game, it is implied that larger shrines like this one require more intricate screenings or procedures to gain access to their inner sanctums.

Even more so to meet directly with God this easily…

As we walked through the shrine, I noticed that the hall we passed was empty. There were no guards or attendants around, which was unusual.

Not only that but beyond the massive door in front of me lies the immediate encounter with Goddess Abne.

The level of security here should be the highest, surpassing any other area.

“Paulo… something is strange…”

Feeling a sense of unease, I asked him a few questions, but his response was indifferent.

“hm? What is it?”

“There are no knights in here…”

But he maintains his usual smile and continues to push me forward from my back.

“It’s okay, it’s okay! If you open this door, you can meet the Goddess, so go ahead!.”

Feeling frustrated with this guy, I couldn’t help but open the audience’s door and went into the room.

“No matter what, an unexpected moment will come at some point in our life and probably something strange will happen inside, so just accept it! Hahaha!.”

This guy is saying things that don’t make sense until the very end and pushes me into the room.

As if I were truly immersed in the vastness of the universe, the dreamy sensation overwhelmed me, making my body feel as if it could burst with emotions.

I felt that sensation upon entering the room.



A man emerged before me, his figure obscured in the darkness, yet possessing a strong and imposing presence.

Though only a blurry silhouette, I could sense his remarkable size and masculine energy… and above all else..

He was so familiar.

Suppressing my mounting anxiety, I summon the courage to inquire about the identity of the approaching figure.

With a shaky voice, I ask the person who draws near,

“..Who are you? Where is the goddess…?”

And it was only when the mysterious person came right in front of me that I could fully see him.

The person is…

“What? Paulo…?”

What the fuck?

It was Paulo

This- this is really Paulo, right…?

But isn’t he’s outside-

rub rub

No matter how much I rubbed my eyes, It’s still Paulo.

And then confusions hits me.

So who the hell has been with me so far? Who is the Paulo outside? Are they twins? No… Paulo doesn’t have any brothers…

My head is so confused by what I’m witnessing right now..

“I’m sorry… Harold!…”

In the midst of that, the mysterious Paulo suddenly apologizes to me.


He appeared so downcast that I began to question if he was truly the person I knew.

His face wore a sorry expression, and he kept his head lowered as if burdened by sadness.

“You… what are you-”


“ugh !…?”

Suddenly, a sharp pain surged at the back of my neck, causing my head to spin and my vision to blur.

I struggled to focus as my consciousness turns hazy.

Shit!!!! This again!

“Good job, Paulo, now get the hell out. I’ll take care of him. And don’t let anyone come here. I’m going to be a little busy~.”

As I lose my strength and dropped to the floor, I’m still trying to make sense of the situation, the Paulo I had been walking with until now spoke those words and tapped the shoulder of the other Paulo who appeared in front of me.

The two Paulos, seemingly identical, stood face to face.

What the hell…

“I understand… Goddess…”


At that moment, the appearance of the Paulo standing behind me began to distort in a peculiar way, undergoing a transformation.

“Huh huh~… How much have I wanted you to come into my room until now…”

Then his appearance started to change…

“Is this the first time you and I have met in person?”

Oh My God… The Paulo I’ve been walking with isn’t the real Paulo!

Holy shit!…

All the questions I’ve had until now begin to be solved at once, like pieces of a puzzle put together.

“I’ll introduce myself. I’m the Goddess, Abne.”

The realization struck me like a bolt of lightning. The nonsense he’s been spouting, and all the weird actions he did…

It became clear that the Paulo I met back then isn’t the real Paulo

The pieces of the puzzle started to fit together, revealing a disturbing truth.

Showing off her beautiful appearance, she lifts my body, which has fallen due to lack of strength.

Paulo, who has been walking with me from the guild, is actually not the real him!


“Nice to meet you.”

It was the Goddess, Abne.

“Stranger from another world”

Abne’s setting in the game where she keep saying cryptic words, and…

The ability to perceive all truth…