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“…You’re quite funny Harold. So you almost got our pledge broken to that Mir or some ancient dragon?”

Eleanor taunted, her voice laced with mockery.

With a knife-like sensation on my throat, I quickly and concisely conveyed everything that happened, leaving out unnecessary details.

Her response was half-hearted, responding to me with ‘Are you telling me to believe that?’ and ‘It’s interesting, keep trying.’

As if she didn’t fully believe what I was saying. Part of her seemed intrigued and urged me to continue. She looked at me with an expression that was both subtle and hard to describe.

Despite some progress in resolving the issue, she still seemed skeptical and didn’t fully believe me. She maintained her cold, empty gaze and narrowed her eyes as she stared at me. In response, I met her gaze directly, trying to convey confidence in the truth of my story.

“Hmmm, I don’t think you’re lying, Harold, and you better not. So now, tell me the detail.”

Fortunately, it seems like I have been successful in persuading her to some extent, and the chains binding me are slowly being released, allowing me to tell her the full story.

I take a deep breath, feeling the air fill my lungs, now lighter with the freedom that has been granted even just a little bit.

My heart continued to beat vigorously, a lingering ferocity still coursing through my veins. I knew I needed to calm down and regain composure before continuing.

With utmost concentration, I reminded myself of the stakes at hand.

The consequences of missing a single word or inadvertently saying something foolish could result in an avalanche of troubles.

I couldn’t even fathom the magnitude of the problems I would face if I failed to be cautious and precise when telling the story.

The gravity of the situation had etched itself deep into my memory, leaving a lasting impression akin to a traumatic experience.

I told Eleanor everything that happened with as much detail as possible, making sure to not miss anything because I’ll get into trouble again if I did that.

As Eleanor listened, she nodded in understanding, her expression showing a mix of different emotions.


After hearing the story, Eleanor put her chin in her chin and gently closed her eyes as if in thought for a moment, but that was only for a moment…


“Goddess..? ㅡ Huh?!”

Suddenly, she dug into my arms and hugged me, rubbing her face against my chest and taking in a deep breath.


She took a deep breath, inhaling my scent in a single big breath, and then furrowed her eyebrows in response.

“It smells disgusting… but it does smells like a bitch of a dragon and also the smell of corruption. It’s like the scent of a pathetic creature I’ve encountered before….”

I’m not sure if she’s fully convinced yet, but I managed to persuade her that I didn’t intentionally try to break the pledge.

“Is she really the dragon that Goddess knows?”

I ask her the question, and Eleanor folds her arms, tilting her head as if recalling a distant memory. Soon, she begins to share information about Mir.

“Mir, The Devourer of Darkness… right? According to a tale passed down, she’s said to be a ancient dragon that lived before I even existed… Then I’m sure that’s her..”

It appears that Eleanor is familiar with Mir’s existence, which eases the weight on my heart. Knowing that she is aware of Mir, I feel relieved, as it means the story can progress more smoothly.

“I don’t know if living beings are aware of this, except for the gods… but there is a forgotten history,”

Forgotten history…?

“From the history that people are learning now, they know that the beginning of the world is the age of the Old Gods… But even before that… In the distant past, long before the Old Gods were first born… Once upon a time, there was a being who ruled this world,”

Forgotten history… This was a story that didn’t even exist in the game.

The information Eleanor shared contradicts what the development team had stated about the beginning of the world being the Age of the Old Gods.

This discrepancy adds to the mystery and confusion surrounding the true origins of the world and the beings that once ruled it.

I am intrigued without knowing that there’s a story that’s not even appears in the game.

“Then what is that existence…?”

When I asked the question carefully, as if to urge a little, she gave a slight impression as if it was troublesome, and then sighed as if she was tired.

“The Age of Dragons… The first beings to rule this world was the dragons.”

I held my breath and waited for Eleanor next word.

The Age of Dragons… Mir’s setting was of a dragon from the ancient times, but now hearing Eleanor’s story, is Mir probably an old dragon that has existed since then?

According to Eleanor’s account, this being that ruled the world existed even before her time.

It suggests that this entity has a much longer lifespan and history compared to both Eleanor and myself.

The exact extent of Mir longevity and the details of her existence remain unknown, but it appears that she has endured for a significant period of time.

“However, the old gods were born and declared war soon afterward… Then many mountains and seas were formed and destroyed due to that war, and the flat topography was overly altered and settled into its present form.”

Listening to Eleanor’s words, it seemed like I was entering a world of fantasy where powerful beings fought epic wars that shaped the very fabric of existence.

It was a concept I had encountered before in games and movies, where the world itself was molded by the clashes of extraordinary entities.

So, the story of Eleanor came to be somewhat familiar.

“It was said to be a long and long war… Many ancient dragons and gods were killed, and there is a legend that their blood is still pooling in the depths of this world.”

“After a long and cruel war, the Old Gods have won the victory, ending the Dragons Age and ushering in the Old God’s Age.”

Is this the beginning of the history depicted in the game…?

I nod my head at that thought.

“That’s how the dragons went extinct, with the exception of one individual… the last ancient dragon that became so powerful that even the Old Gods were reluctant to deal with.”

Maybe that dragon is…

“Mir… She is said to have thrived on the pure darkness that can drive even the gods to madness. Feeding on that power, she transformed into an unmatched entity by any other due to the overwhelming absorption of such immense darkness.”

Mir, The Devourer of Darkness… If it truly is her, then she was indeed a formidable ancient dragon in the past. It somewhat explains her arrogance

If so, how strong was she compared to her weakened state now…?

If we go by only with what is described, Mir is considered to be such a huge existence that, even if some gods attacked her, she will beat them back and forth.

“The Old Gods who opened their era…”

From then on, it was a story I knew, so I responded appropriately.

“Your fate is intertwined with such a dragon in a rather intriguing manner Harold.”

Eleanor, who seemed to be relieved after finishing the story, spoke in a vague tone.

Fortunately, my explanation was successful, and at some point, the piercing gaze that had been holding me captive disappeared, and I could once again see her clear, gentle, and cheerful eyes.

The sudden relief washed away all the worries that had burdened me, but before I could fully bask in it, Eleanor swiftly moved towards me and pushed me down once again.


“! Goddess?!”

her sudden action

“But at the same time, I’m starting to get fed up! I can’t stand the stench of that wretched woman any longer!”

Eleanor exclaimed, her tone filled with irritation.

Unable to respond, I stumbled and fell while still holding her in my arms, unintentionally ending up in an awkward position. A wave of unease washed over me, adding to the already mounting anxiety.

“No, I can’t tolerate it… I’ll never forgive you for smelling like a woman other than me and with that wretched b*th smell too, so I’ll make sure to cover it myself properly.”

rustle rustle

“?! Goddess!- huh?!”

Eleanor’s actions became more intimate as she started to rub the nape of my neck with a gentle yet possessive touch, akin to an animal marking its territory.

She pressed her body against mine, initiating a slow and sensual rubbing motion. The sensation sent a shiver down my spine, mingling with a sense of both desire and unease.

“Don’t resist, because I have to cover it properly… Even if it tickles, be patient with it, it won’t take long.”

This situation is very embarassing, so my face starts to get hot.

If she continued like this, I could feel my self-esteem as a man slowly slipping away.

But if I resisted, I would be completely helpless against the overwhelming strength of her

“Hmm? There’s not only one… but two smell of other bitches… I really can’t stand it.”

Two…? After the last time she said I had the scent of another woman, I’m certain that I’ve never had any romantic involvement or contact with any woman other than Mir…where the hell is the other smell came from..?


I tried to maintain my rationality as much as possible, but as the strange shock comes, a certain inner wall collapses.

Now, she pricks my ears and bites me a little.. Eleanor’s cheeks were covered with blush as if she was ashamed of something.

“ugh Goddess?! Stop it…!”

I beg you- , I have protect my pride as a man too!,


Only to met with her cold reply, and she continued to erode my self-esteem as a man.


“Huh… huh…”

In the end, I had no choice but to let her do as her wish until she was satisfied.

“Haah… That’s enough, I’ll forgive you today… If you’re not careful in the future, I’ll have to punish you more severely.”

The word “punish” badly instills fear in another meaning.

I, who was finally able to be freed, managed to get up and ask the question I had kept in mind.

“About the smell, Goddess… I only met Mir, so where did the other smell came from…?

Hearing my question, Eleanor’s expression turned serious as she pondered over it.

“Honestly, I’m not entirely sure…. The familiar yet burning smell… It felt faint last time, but it gets stronger now.”

It seemed as if she knew it, but as if she did not know it, she was trying to look back into her memory, but it didn’t seem like she can recalls it for now.

“I understand… Thank you, Eleanor-sama. It was just a moment, but I truly felt like I was being consumed by darkness, but you saved me…”

I expressed my gratitude to Eleanor.

Although many things have happened, I am grateful for the help I received from Eleanor, and I expresses my gratitude with a smile.


mumble mumble

It seems like Eleanor is saying something but I couldn’t hear it.

“Yes? What did you say?”

“Ah… Ah!… No! As a goddess, it’s natural to take care of one’s servants! Always take care of yourself Harold! Be especially careful with women! These days the world is ugly, so stay away from other women!!”

After saying that, she suddenly kicks me out of the temple.

What the hell-…

It was hard to figure out why she’s acting all innocent like that, considering all the crazy shit she has done to me until now.