Ye Chen's eyes flickered and he said, "Oh, what do you want me to exchange for?"

Huangfu Xuan said: "The bone stone. I know the six gems in the God of War's gloves, one of which is in your hand."

The God of War's Gloves are a magical weapon used to fight the God of War in the past. They are inlaid with six gems: bone stone, blood stone, star stone, moon stone, sun stone, and heart stone.

To the descendants of the God of War, the God of War gloves and the six gems are extremely valuable and extremely important.

The Dou Zhan Mansion has the God of War as its master, and is naturally very interested in those six gems.

Huangfu Xuan could clearly feel that the Bone Stone was in Ye Chen's hands!

"Haha, Brother Huangfu has a good eye, he can actually see the bone and stone on my body."

Ye Chen smiled, raised his right hand, and golden divine light emerged from his palm, forming a metal glove made of a mixture of gold and bronze. It was the God of War's glove, but it was an imitation.

The real God of War gloves had long been lost after the death of the God of War. The one Ye Chen wore on his hand was a trophy he had captured in the Starry Sky Contest, and it was a replica made by the Xiongba family.

Although it is an imitation, this God of War gloves still have a similar order to the real gloves. With the help of this order, the six gems can exert their most powerful power.

At this time, there was a gemstone inlaid on the tail finger of Ye Chen's glove, which was the bone stone.

Ye Chen has many magical powers. He has not used the Bone Stone and the God of War Gloves since the end of the Starry Sky Contest. He only mobilized them when he heard Huangfu Xuan mentioned them.

When Huangfu Xuan saw the bone stone inlaid on the tail finger of Ye Chen's glove, his eyes suddenly shone. He was no longer as calm as before. His face could not hide his enthusiasm, and even a touch of greed came over him. Even his breathing became rapid. ,road:

"Bone Stone! And the God of War Gloves! Although these gloves are imitations, they are also made with painstaking efforts by the Xiongba family. They are worth a lot of money. 1

Among the descendants of the God of War, the Xiongba family is the only pure blood, possessing the same source of war madness as the God of War. The Douzhan Mansion where Huangfu Xuan is located is just a side branch of the God of War lineage, and only the Xiongba family is the direct lineage. .

Huangfuxuan originally thought that Ye Chen only had bone stones, but he didn't expect that there was also a replica of the God of War gloves, which made him a little surprised.

"Lord of Reincarnation, as long as you are willing to give me the Bone Stone and the God of War Gloves, I can give you all the Dragon Soul Heavenly Gold here, and even give you some resources."

Huangfu Xuan said directly.

Ye Chen couldn't help but laugh: "Do you think I look like a fool?"

Although the Dragon Soul Heavenly Gold is precious, it cannot be compared with the Bone Stone, because the Bone Stone is unique, and there is only one in the world, while there are many Dragon Soul Heavenly Gold. "You also have a God of War gem in your hand, right? Is it the Star Stone?"

"If you want my bone stone, then you can exchange your star stone for 1

After Ye Chen revealed the Bone Stone, he also clearly sensed a resonance coming from Huangfuxuan.

He immediately discovered that Huangfuxuan was wearing a ring on the index finger of his right hand, with a gemstone inlaid on it. The gemstone was slightly glowing like a star. If he read correctly, it was one of the six major gemstones. The Star Stone!

Among the six gems of the God of War Gloves, the Star Stone represents the power of the stars, and it is not an ordinary star power, but the power of the stars on the other side of the starry sky!

In terms of value, the Star Stone is higher than the Bone Stone.

If Huangfu Xuan was willing to take out the Star Stone, Ye Chen wouldn't mind handing over the Bone Stone in his hand.

Huangfuxuan's face trembled and he said, "Are you trying to embarrass me?"

Ye Chen looked at Huangfu Xuan's expression and said with a smile: "Brother Huangfu looks like he doesn't want to trade. That's all. Let's not talk about it. I only want Dragon Soul Tianjin 1 today."

After saying that, Ye Chen stopped talking nonsense and suddenly swung out his palm wildly, killing the many dragon souls guarding the oasis.

"The Great God's Destruction Palm 1

A violent aura of destruction burst out from Ye Chen's palm. With the blessing of the God of War Gloves, this palm also carried a monstrous fighting will. The ferocity of this fighting will even made Ye Chen's mental strength surpass that of many dragons. The resentment of the soul!

The ferocious and violent palm wind crushed past, and an astonishing scene appeared. Many dragon souls were crushed by Ye Chen's destructive palm wind in an instant. The resentful evil spirit lingering in the oasis suddenly dissipated. It was clean and the world became refreshing.

Ye Chen was so powerful that with one palm strike, all the dragon souls were destroyed, completely unstoppable.

Huangfu Xuan and all the disciples of Dou Zhan Palace were completely shocked. They knew that Ye Chen was powerful, but they didn't expect to be so powerful!

The violent destructive palm wind swept the entire oasis, but it did not hurt them. Naturally, they would not think that Ye Chen did not have this ability. Ye Chen obviously had a hand in reserve and did not want to break his face.

Ling Qingzhu and the mechanical puppets behind her were also shocked. In her eyes, the Resentful Dragon Spirit was extremely difficult to deal with, but Ye Chen actually solved it with one palm!

With a smile on his face, Ye Chen strode into the oasis and walked towards the Dragon Soul Heavenly Gold Mine. Ling Qingzhu thought about it and hurriedly followed Ye Chen. Even if she had to fight against Douzhan Mansion, she would not Don't retreat.

"I want to take away half of the Dragon Soul Heavenly Gold, which one of you objects?"

(End of chapter)