"This way of light is not something that people without time and space can come up with. It is a law outside the world. 1

Ye Chen's eyes were very sharp. With just one glance, he felt the brilliance of the warriors of Douzhan Palace, with an aura from outside the world, filled with the mysterious Tao Yun of the Way of Light.

The source of everything is the Light of the Absolute Beginning. Regarding the Absolute Beginning and light, the Seventy-two Pillar Gods have more or less their own opinions. For example, the Heavenly Patriarch comprehended the way of light and created the Heavenly Light Reincarnation Slash, and this civilization's Light must be a wonderful method created by another Pillar God!

Ye Chen's words spread to the oasis. In the Dragon Soul Sky Gold Mine, a young man's ears twitched and the corners of his mouth curved into a smile. He stopped mining, straightened up, clapped his hands, stared at Ye Chen, and said:

"As expected of the Lord of Reincarnation, his vision is indeed vicious. You can see all this. Haha, the light of civilization in our Douzhan Mansion was inherited from the Great Sage. The secrets in it are much more powerful than those of the Heavenly Ancestor."

"The Heavenly Ancestor is too barbaric. It would be too overbearing to want to include all sentient beings in his reincarnation. Only great sages are the real sages. They can establish a civilized order and educate living beings. Only in this way can a truly perfect world be established. , cleanse away the filth of the fruits of creation.”

Legend has it that there is a creation fruit in the world, which is the fruit of the great merits of creation. The seventy-two pillar gods all want to seize this creation fruit.

But it is a pity that even if they grab the Fruit of Creation, they cannot become light, because there are too many dark places in this world, causing the Fruit of Creation to be full of filth. If these filth are not washed away, it will not be possible. What may be approved by Taichu cannot become light.

In order to build a truly perfect world, the seventy-two pillar gods each showed their magical powers. Their wills were projected into all time, space and the heavens, causing countless great beings in the heavens to meditate on how to build a perfect world and find the ultimate solution. order.

"Tianzu is barbaric?"

Ye Chen couldn't help but smile after listening to the young man's words, and said, "You said that the Great Sage is more powerful than Tianzu, so why is Tianzu still alive but the Great Sage is dead?"

Ye Chen also remembers the name of the Great Sage. Nanzhou Tian's Divine Law Stone contains the remaining laws of the three pillar gods. In addition to the old man Qianji and the Black Emperor, one of the three pillar gods is the Great Sage. By!

The ending of the great sage must be similar to that of Old Man Qianji and the Black Emperor. They both died, their bodies were broken, and their fragments of laws were collected by the Heavenly Ancestor and melted into the Divine Stone of Laws.

The young man listened to what Ye Chen said. He was startled at first, and then smiled and said: "Civilization and barbarism are not decided by life and death. Just like in the secular world, there are many great dynasties that have been captured by barbarians. Could it be said that barbarians are worse than civilized countries?" Advanced?"

"Barbarism is only violence and is unpopular. In a world built on barbarism, the fruits of creation must be dark. Only civilized order is the real light. 1

Ye Chen smiled and said, "Brother, you are really interested. You actually started discussing Taoism with me. I don't know what to call you?"

All the people in the mine stopped their movements and gathered around the young man, all looking at Ye Chen again.

The young man smiled slightly, cupped his hands to Ye Chen and said: "I am Huangfu Xuan, the Holy Son of Douzhan Mansion. I have met the Lord of Reincarnation. In your previous battle with the Xingyuan Witch, your martial arts skills were astounding. It is really admirable! Under such a famous reputation , It is indeed true. 1 When Huangfu Xuan spoke, the light of civilization on his body became more and more brilliant. The dragon souls in the oasis rotated around him one by one. The picture looked strange and spectacular.

Ye Chen clasped his fists and said, "It turns out he is the Holy Son of Douzhan Mansion. It's a pleasure to meet him."

He sensed Huangfu Xuan's aura and found that he was probably on the first level of Tongtian Realm. Even if Ye Chen didn't have the help of the blood dragon in the Samsara Cemetery, he could defeat this level of God King with his own fighting power.

However, since Huangfu Xuan is the Holy Son of Dou Zhan Mansion, he also has a variety of powerful trump cards, which are naturally not comparable to those of ordinary god kings. Moreover, Ye Chen's condition has not fully recovered yet. If there is a fight, the outcome is still unknown. .

Huangfu Xuan smiled and said: "Lord of Reincarnation, look at you, do you also want this Dragon Soul Heavenly Gold?"

Ye Chen said: "Exactly."

Huangfu Xuan said with a smile: "I, the Douzhan Mansion, discovered this mineral vein first. I would like to ask the Lord of Samsara to give me some respect and not to fight with me. Otherwise, my harmony will be harmed."

Ye Chen smiled and said: "There is no owner of treasures in the world. Those who are destined can get it. And I think this dragon soul sky gold vein is very rich in mineral deposits. I think it is enough for us to share."

Huangfu Xuan shook his head and said: "I'm sorry, I don't want to share it with others. To create a great wonder in Douzhan Mansion, we need a lot of resources. Although the Dragon Soul Heavenly Gold Mine is rich, it is absolutely not enough."

"What's more, this place is guarded by the Resentful Dragon War Spirit, the Lord of Reincarnation. It's not that easy for you to come in. 1

As he spoke, Huangfu Xuan activated the light of civilization on his body, and under his command, the dragon souls bared their teeth and claws at the edge of the oasis, roaring low, the evil spirit boiling violently, and the scene was quite terrifying.

Huangfu Xuan's move was a bit threatening, and was intended to make Ye Chen retreat in spite of the difficulties.

Seeing Huangfu Xuan's threat, Ye Chen only smiled slightly and said, "It seems that Brother Huangfu really wants to monopolize this mine and won't give it to me at all?"

Huangfu Xuan smiled and said: "The treasure discovered first by our Douzhan Mansion will naturally belong to our Douzhan Mansion. If the Lord of Reincarnation wants it, he can exchange it for something."

(End of chapter)