Chapter 612 Devil Blood Sharks

"Human, we have been waiting for you for more than half a day and you finally came now."

"It's been quite a while since we ate human challengers and your blood has been making us go crazy for the past 12 hours."

The two mythical grade beasts were pitch black in colour and looked like sharks as they circled Leo and spoke.

'Huh? Waiting for the past 12 hours? My blood is making them crazy?'

Leo raised his brows and looking at the blood coming out of the cuts on his body, Leo understood what they meant.

'So, this must be the second level of obstacle to reach the bottom of the ocean.'

It didn't take much time for Leo to nod his head in understanding as he understood the Water Trial a little better.

For the water trial, the challenger must overcome more than a thousand devil fishes which had the strength of a peak-legend grade. That is the first level of obstacle.

The second level of the obstacle was the two Mythcial Grade Beasts.

As for the other levels, Leo didn't have a clue about them; however, he was sure there were other obstacles as he dived deeper into the ocean.

'I have lost so much blood during my fight with the shoal of devil fishes.'

Leo silently muttered as he observed the two sharks that were moving at a good speed and continued thinking,

'However, these shark-type beasts can enter the first level of the ocean to eat me due to the restrictions of the trial. No wonder they said they were going crazy over my blood.'

"Since you finally came, it is our time to feast on you."

The two mythical grade beasts swam towards him.

'Should I activate my [Nether Rage Booster] now?'

If they were peak legendary grade beasts, they would have fought directly; however, he was confident that they were Mythcial Grade beasts.

Therefore, he thought of activating his [Nether Rage Booster].

'No…I have filled it by 4000 percent and I just need 5000 percent to make the [Nether Rage Booster] undergo some changes.'

With that thought in mind, Leo directly cancelled his previous thought and decided to use another trump card.

'System, use the Diluted Recovery Potion (Merged) and Diluted Rage Potion (Merged).'

Since he was underwater, Leo asked the system to directly send the Diluted Recovery Potion into his body which healed all his injuries and recovered his stamina in less than 10 seconds.


The master's defence is increased by 50 percent for the next 10 minutes.

Note: Additional effect of the Diluted Recovery Potion.


The master's strength will be increased by 200 percent for the next 30 minutes.


The master is immune to pain for the next 30 minutes.

Note: Additional effect of the Diluted Recovery Potion.

Upon using two merged diluted potions, Leo received some good temporary buffs that could help him in his fight with the two Mythical Grade beasts.

[Legendary Nether Domain - Herculean Domain]

At the same time, Leo didn't forget to activate the [Herculean Domain] which reduced the battle prowess of his opponents by 30 percent.



Leo barely dodged the incoming sharks because he was unable to use his movement technique [Starlight Steps] in the water.

[Rapid Starlight Fists]

Nevertheless, after dodging them, Leo targeted one of the sharks and used his fist technique to rapidly punch it to death.



However, he was unable to break the defence of that shark with his bare fists, making Leo give up on using the punches.

'They must have undergone two layers of Body Tempering or maybe their ascending status was much higher than the beasts I have encountered so far.'

Since the second layer of Body Tempering needed 1000 units, Leo knew it would be very hard for the sharks to go through the second layer of body tempering.

Even with the effects from the merged Diluted Rage Potion, Leo was unable to break the defence of the shark.

Therefore, he came to the conclusion that they must have higher ascending status.

'Since punches don't work, then I should go with a blade.'

Leo knew that to kill the Mythical Grade beings, he needed to use a weapon or [Nether Rage Booster]; however, he could not activate the latter.

Hence, he decided to use the last weapon card he had with him.

'I will clear this trial even if I have to spend all my trump cards.'

Leo no longer showed any hesitation in using the trump cards as he directly crushed the weapon card and summoned his weapon, Arcane Silver.

'Arcane, let's finish them as soon as possible and get to the bottom of the ocean.'

Leo could hold his sword for only 10 minutes and Leo wanted to kill both sharks and at the same time, he wanted to go deeper and kill the beasts in the third level of the trial.

[Weapon Skill - Weapon Eye]

Upon activation of the weapon skill, Leo's eye shone with a golden light as he saw a single weak spot behind its left fin.

To be on the safe side, Leo even checked the second shark for its weak spot and to his surprise, the other shark's weak spot was behind the right fin.

'Before I kill them, let's make a mark on one of them.'

Leo wanted to mark them to differentiate between them because if he failed to kill them in a single blow, it would be difficult for him to find which shark had the weak spot behind its left fin and which one had its weakness behind its right fin.

[Weapon Skill - Sword Wave]

Leo chose the shark that had its weak spot behind the left fin and released a huge sword wave that directly chopped its left fin.

'Now, it's easy to kill it.'

Leo thought it was easy and wanted to finish it in a single go before killing the other one.


The shark roared in pain and angrily looked at Leo with its bloodshot eyes.

"Human, you have successfully angered him. Now, you are going to die."


Just as the other shark said those words, the injured shark's speed increased to an incredible level where Leo could only see the afterimages left behind it.