Chapter 613 [Bonus ] Devil Stone




The [Nether Rage Booster] has been increased by 2 percent.




Before Leo could realize what was happening, the Devil Blood Shark without the left fin made 12 cuts on his body with its right fin and the sharp tail.

'Did I just unlock its strength by chopping off its left fin?'

Leo was surprised and tried to dodge the incoming attacks from the Devil Blood Shark; however, it was useless in front of the injured blood shark.

'If only I can use the [Starlight Steps], I could have dodged its attacks.'

This was what Leo thought; however, there was nothing Leo could do about the [Starlight Steps] when he was underwater.

'What's more, the second blood shark is not making any attacks. If it also starts attacking, I will die in a few minutes.'

Leo gritted his teeth and while enduring the continuous cuts made by the Devil Blood Shark, he started thinking, 'I should do something and kill them before I lose my temporary buffs and the weapon.'

Leo didn't have much time to waste as he racked his brain to come up with a solution.

Currently, Leo has enough strength to kill the Devil Blood Sharks; however, the problem was, he was unable to see the injured blood shark's movement, much less kill it.

'Let's use another trump card and confuse these blood sharks.'

[Ghost Card]


After thinking for a moment, Leo thought of Ghost Card and crushed it.


The master has used the [Ghost Card]. For the next 10 minutes, his presence will completely disappear from his enemies.

"Huh? Where did he go?"

"Did you see him?"

The two Devil Blood Sharks enjoyed toying with Leo; however, when they didn't feel Leo's presence, they were confused and hurriedly asked one another.

"I am here."

Leo used that opportunity to sneak up to the injured Blood Shark and without giving it any chance, he activated a weapon skill.

[Weapon Skill: Absolute Penetration]


Even though the injured blood shark's speed had reached an incredible level, it didn't have any time to dodge the attack that appeared out of nowhere.


The master has killed a low-level Mythical Grade Devil Blood Shark (Bronze Ascended Beast)


The master has gained 10 units of God Energy.

As soon as his sword pierced through the blood shark's weak spot, Leo received a couple of system notifications that made him surprised.

'10 units of God Energy for a single shark?'

This was the highest amount of God Energy that Leo got by killing a single beast so far.

Compared to refining the remnant spirits of the Gods, Leo felt killing the ascending beasts was very beneficial and easy.

'Even though my God Space was full, it was not bad to store the additional units of God Energy in my body.'

Since his God Space was already full from killing a shoal of Devil Fish, the additional units of God Energy would enter into his body directly for the next level of Body Tempering.

Since Leo liked the first layer of Body Tempering, he wanted to undergo the second layer of Body Tempering also to increase his defence to the next level.

'Let's get another 10 units of Energy….huh? What is that thing?'

Just when Leo was about to kill the second Devil Blood Shark, he saw a shiny gem appear in the place where the blood shark's body disappeared, making Leo curious about it.


Before Leo could move, he saw the second blood shark swim towards the gem and swallowed it.

'Huh? Judging from how the second blood shark reacted, the shiny gem must be something valuable.'

Leo revealed a slight smile and without wasting any time, Leo killed the second blood shark.


The master has killed a low-level Mythical Grade Devil Blood Shark (Bronze Ascended Beast)


The master has gained 10 units of God Energy.

Like before, he gained another 10 units of God Energy that were absorbed by his body; however, Leo's focus was not on God Energy, instead, he waited for the shiny gem to fall from the shark's body.


Soon, the second shark's body started disappearing, leaving behind two shiny gems in the water.

'Huh? The second shark was also hiding a shiny gem in its body other than the shiny gem it just swallowed.'

Leo was surprised; however, he didn't waste time rushing forward to take both the shiny gems.

[Water Trial: 2 / 10 Devil Stones]

As soon as he caught the devil stone, the [Heaven's Voice] resounded in the water, informing him about the progress of the trial.

'These are the so-called Devil Stones that I have to collect?'

Leo has never seen Devil Stones in his life. So, of course, he didn't know exactly how they looked.

Nevertheless, he was happy to collect two of them before he could reach the bottom of the ocean.


Analysis of the Devil Stone is complete.


The Devil Stones are the polar opposites of the God Stones and have similar effects; however, they are exclusively useful for the Devil-type beasts and beings.

Previously, the system didn't share any information about the Devil Stones; however, the moment he got his hands on it, he shared the information from its analysis.

"So, it is a God Stone for the Devil-type Beings."

Even without the system explanation, Leo could have come to that conclusion sooner or later; however, it saved Leo a lot of time thanks to the system as he could start planning on how to use the Devil Stones.

'I can think about them later. For now, it is time to enter the next level of obstacle in this trial.'

Since all his temporary buffs and boosts will disappear after some time, Leo wanted to clear as many levels of obstacles as possible before it could happen.

Thus, Leo dived deep into the ocean.

'The unknown pressure is increasing.'

The deeper he went, the more pressure Leo felt on his body that could rip apart his body.

However, Leo endured it and successfully crossed 1000 meters depth only to freeze in action with a huge shock on his face.



'These are all Mythical Grade Beasts? There are thousands…no…hundreds of thousands of them?'

Leo saw the bottom of the ocean which was only another 500 meters away from him; however, the beasts that were moving at the bottom of the ocean thoroughly shocked Leo.