After the two finished their lunch, Mo Wenting would return to the office to go back to work.

After all, she went to pick up Xiang Tian, and had already wasted some of her work time.

Originally, Mo Wenting wanted to go to the company by herself so she didn't have to trouble Xiang Tian to send her there. However, the man insisted on giving her a ride, so she couldn't reject him.

On the way to the company, Mo Wenting found out the real reason why Xiang Tian insisted on giving it to him.

It turned out that Xiang Tian wanted to familiarize himself with the detailed address of her company so that when he asked her out to play in the future, he could smoothly come and pick her up.

When Mo Wenting arrived at the company, just as she was about to get off, he was stopped by Xiang Tian.

"Ah Wen, you should still be free tomorrow, right? I don't have a job right now and I still want to play with you. " Xiang Tian asked Mo Wenting while looking at her in anticipation, begging her not to disappoint him.

"Sorry, I have to go on a business trip tomorrow. I won't be back until three days later. I really can't accompany you anymore." Mo Wenting smiled at Xiang Tian apologetically.

"Are you going on a business trip? "You're just a weak woman, it's very dangerous for you to go outside." Xiang Tian was very surprised to hear that Mo Wenting was going on a business trip outside the city, and felt very uneasy.

It seemed that his love for Mo Wenting was not in a normal state. Otherwise, he wouldn't have become so anxious just because of hearing about normal things like traveling on a business trip.

Mo Wenting didn't have time to thoroughly investigate Xiang Tian's real intentions. She only thought that the man was concerned about her, so she told the man the details of their business trip so that he wouldn't be so anxious and worried.

When Xiang Tian found out about the details of the situation, he smiled bitterly. He was disappointed, but he still spoke good wishes for Mo Wenting to be able to travel successfully tomorrow before leaving in a car.

It was difficult for him to hide the disappointment in his heart. His face was filled with pain, and he could only wish that the man who was accompanying Mo Wenting on a business trip wasn't him.

If he knew that Zhang Zeming, who accompanied his dream lover on a business trip, also liked Mo Wenting, he would definitely feel even more uneasy.

Mo Wenting didn't hide the news of Xiang Tian coming back to his home from Zhan Ning. He even told his husband about her meeting with Xiang Tian at the airport at noon honestly.

Zhan Ning believed in his little wife. Not only was he not jealous, when he found out that Xiang Tian was currently looking for a job, he even suggested to Mo Wenting: "We might as well let him work in our company. He has studied abroad and the company needs people like him who have seen the world. "

"That's right, I didn't think of this. I'll call Xiang Tian immediately and ask him to come to the company for an interview tomorrow." Receiving Zhan Ning's reminder, Mo Wenting immediately expressed her agreement with joy.

But when she picked up the phone and still hadn't dialed Xiang Tian's number, she became hesitant. She sat on the sofa thinking hard about whether she should make this call or not.

Zhan Ning saw that Mo Wenting's expression was strange and asked softly: "Darling, do you have any other concerns?"

"Yes, I do have some concerns. I'm afraid that when Xiang Tian comes to the company, he will reveal my identity. " Mo Wenting told Zhan Ning the problem she was worried about.

Although Xiang Tian did not know that Mo Wenting's husband was the famous CEO Zhan Ning, he knew the fact that Mo Wenting was already married.

This was also where Mo Wenting had to hide from all her colleagues. If Xiang Tian accidentally revealed it, he would definitely ruin her plan.

However, Zhan Ning felt that this problem could be easily resolved, so he told Mo Wenting, "You should have told Xiang Tian in advance to forbid him from telling anyone about you in the company. If he can't even keep this a secret for you, that means he has a bad character. "

"There won't be any problems with Xiang Tian's character. We've known each other for many years, and we were once university classmates. Mo Wenting told Zhan Ning her opinion of Xiang Tian's character.

"Then just do as I say. If he really dares to speak out then I will think of another way to deal with him. " After Zhan Ning gave his instructions to Mo Wenting seriously, he went to the bathroom to take a shower.

He didn't forget that Mo Wenting was going on a business trip tomorrow, and the two of them would be separated for three whole days.

Tonight was the last night before they parted, and he had to seize every moment to properly love his little wife.

After Mo Wenting obtained her husband's support, she no longer had any concerns.

She immediately called Xiang Tian and asked if he was willing to work at her company.

When Xiang Tian heard that he could become Mo Wenting's colleague, he was extremely happy, but of course he would be willing.

Previously, he secretly resented that he was unable to accompany Mo Wenting on a business trip, he never thought that he would get the chance to come in front of him so quickly.

He clearly knew that he would only be able to travel alone with his beloved woman if he became Mo Wenting's colleague.

That way, he would have more opportunities to get along with Mo Wenting. Thus, there was absolutely no reason for him to refuse.

Seeing that Xiang Tian agreed, Mo Wenting reminded the man repeatedly not to reveal his identity, so as to not affect his future career.

Xiang Tian could understand it too, so he readily promised Mo Wenting. He even made a solemn promise that he would definitely keep his mouth shut and not sell out his only heterosexual friend.

Mo Wenting and Xiang Tian had just finished talking about work, and just as he put down the phone, he saw that Zhan Ning had already finished showering and was walking out from the bathroom.

Unexpectedly, Zhan Ning did not even wear a nightgown, but only had a long towel wrapped around him.

Mo Wenting knew that this was all a man's way of trying to be convenient and couldn't help but laugh at Zhan Ning: "That male CEO from our family, please talk about civilization, put on your clothes first and then come out, okay?"

"Darling, I'm fine with being civilized outside. In my own home, I don't need to be so particular. We can all relax a bit." Zhan Ning laughed as he walked in front of Mo Wenting and held his little wife up horizontally with his two powerful arms.

Mo Wenting chuckled. Of course she didn't reject Zhan Ning, she allowed the man to carry her into the room and put his on the bed.

She also knew that after going on a business trip tomorrow, she wouldn't be able to accompany her beloved husband properly, making tonight's time seem more precious than usual to her and Zhan Ning.

The next morning, Mo Wenting woke up and packed her luggage. Then she bid farewell to Zhan Ning and rushed to the train station.

Zhang Zeming was already waiting for her at the station. After seeing her, the man carefully helped her carry her luggage so that she could easily and smoothly board the train.

It wasn't until Mo Wenting got on the car that she found out Zhang Zeming had bought a soft sleeper ticket.

Initially, she felt that this was just a short trip, she just needed to buy a hard seat ticket, but she didn't expect Zhang Zeming to buy a more comfortable ticket.

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