Mo Wenting thought for a while, and then decided that just like Zhan Ning who agreed to let him go on a business trip, she would give Xiang Tian conditions first.

"I can accompany you to lunch, but you have to agree to my request first." Mo Wenting looked at Xiang Tian with a serious face, in order to let the man know that he was serious.

"Sure, I agree." As long as Mo Wenting was willing to accompany him to dinner, she was willing to unconditionally comply with all the requests a woman had made.

"First, when we are outside, you can't hold my hand without my permission. Second, you can't confess to me. You can't forget that we are ordinary friends." Mo Wenting earnestly stated her two requests.

Mo Wenting did not overdo it in the slightest, and could not be described as heartless either.

She could feel at ease and confident.

If Xiang Tian still refused to agree to his terms despite not knowing what was good for him, Mo Wenting would definitely refuse to eat outside with him, leaving no room for negotiation.

Xiang Tian had obviously recognized this as well. Even if he was a little unwilling in his heart, he had no choice but to nod and agree to Mo Wenting's request, "Yes, Ah Wen, I will remember everything."

"Then let's go." Seeing that Xiang Tian had agreed, Mo Wenting revealed a calm smile on her face and walked out first.

After Xiang Tian closed the door behind him, he caught up to Mo Wenting and walked side by side with the woman.

Under these circumstances, if he could hold Mo Wenting's hand, how joyful would that be?

This was what Xiang Tian was thinking in his heart, but he did not forget about his promise to Mo Wenting just now. He could only hold back the impulse to hold Mo Wenting's hand and start a conversation with her.

Mo Wenting found a small restaurant in the district and decided to have lunch here.

However, Xiang Tian expressed his opposition, and said to Mo Wenting: "Let's go to a higher class restaurant, this one is too ordinary."

"I don't mind it, but do you mind it?" Mo Wenting laughed at Xiang Tian and stated his consideration, "I'm only doing this for your sake, I'll save you some money."

Mo Wenting knew that Xiang Tian had just returned from abroad and had not found the job yet. Without a source of income, he had to save some money in order to not get into trouble.

Although she could definitely help Xiang Tian, but taking into account the man's face, she knew that Xiang Tian would not accept her money.

Then she could only use this way to help Xiang Tian.

No matter what, she was Xiang Tian's friend, so she had to consider his friend thoroughly.

Mo Wenting first entered the restaurant and sat in front of a table, smiling as she looked at the restaurant's layout.

She was a rich young lady who rarely came to ordinary restaurants like these. Once in a while, this made her feel new.

Seeing that, Xiang Tian could only follow and sit opposite of Mo Wenting.

"Ah Wen, I know that you did this out of kindness, but I can afford to pay for a meal. We don't need to save that money at all. " Xiang Tian indicated to Mo Wenting that she was rich, but her face was swollen to look like she was pretending to be fat.

"Yeah, I know you're a turtle, so you earned money abroad. But I just like to eat here." Mo Wenting knew that she had to protect Xiang Tian's man's face, so she changed her way of speaking, so that the man no longer had any reason to object.

If Xiang Tian wanted to make Mo Wenting happy, he had to do it according to what she wanted. He could only obediently accompany her to eat in this little restaurant.

After the waiter served the dishes that Mo Wenting had ordered one by one, Xiang Tian realized that the dishes here were indeed not bad and were almost as good as those in the high-end restaurants.

This was Mo Wenting's own choice, and she had even personally ordered the dishes. Now that she had seen that all the dishes tasted good, she had a great time eating them.

"Xiang Tian, see, I didn't choose wrong, right? The food here is also very delicious. " Mo Wenting happily asked Xiang Tian, looking somewhat pleased with himself.

"That's right, it's indeed very good. It's better that you choose a place." Xiang Tian nodded, and confirmed with Mo Wenting.

After receiving Xiang Tian's praises, Mo Wenting was in a good mood, hence she started to eat heartily, as if eating those precious delicacies in the villa was even more pleasing to her.

The two chatted as they ate, and they seemed to be in harmony.

Mo Wenting wanted to know more about Xiang Tian's plans for the future, so she asked him: "I heard you say that when we return home this time, we are not going to go out anymore.

"I intend to work and settle in this city. I don't want to go anywhere else in the country, much less abroad. " Xiang Tian answered Mo Wenting unreservedly.

"I know that when you were studying, you didn't like this city very much, but now you've decided to stay. Could it be because of me?" Mo Wenting smiled and expressed her doubts to Xiang Tian.

Yes, because of you." "There's still a friend here. If we go somewhere else, we won't be able to find any other friends that you can get along with as well as you." "Only the heavens knew that he wouldn't believe her even if he denied it. Thus, he simply told her the truth.

"This is good as well. For the sake of friends, I will take care of you. If you have any difficulties, you must tell me. " Mo Wenting sincerely reminded Xiang Tian.

Not only did she look down on Xiang Tian, she even asked for help from a woman. It was purely out of the concern of friends.

Mo Wenting was sure that she did not underestimate Xiang Tian. As his friend, he should understand her character and character.

In reality, when Xiang Tian saw that Mo Wenting was so concerned about him, he was extremely happy. Of course, he wouldn't misunderstand that Mo Wenting was looking down on him.

Xiang Tian immediately laughed, and nodded his head to express his thanks: "Okay, if such a day ever comes, the first person I would think of would be you!"

Immediately after, Xiang Tian asked Mo Wenting about her work and life's situation with similar concern.

It had been more than half a year since they had parted in Paris.

Although Xiang Tian had a bright and beautiful appearance, he was still afraid that there would be some unspeakable difficulties behind his.

Fortunately, this was only Xiang Tian who was overthinking things. Mo Wenting was doing very well at the moment, it looked exactly the same as it was on the surface, she didn't pretend to be doing it.

At home, Mo Wenting had a pet. In the company, she also had Zhang Zeming, that male superior to her to take care of her, what was there to be unhappy about?

The moment she told Xiang Tian about this, Mo Wenting couldn't help but reveal an incomparably happy smile; she was completely in a blissful and happy state.

Seeing Mo Wenting's happy expression, Xiang Tian knew that he had worried for nothing and was extremely happy for this special ordinary friend of his.