Chapter 128 127: Class


The female voice which was as actually the wife of the Paragon Ancestor spoke with a calm tone.

The Paragon Ancestor who was sitting on a chair in a room filled with bookshelves had a slightly serious expression as he looked at a book on the table in front of him.

He flipped the page of the book calmly and with a nonchalant expression, he spoke:

"The child needs the bastard's blood for the future."

A few seconds of silence passed then the Female voice spoke:


"A lot of things."

The Paragon Ancestor spoke calmly while flipping another page of the book. But just as he flipped the page,


A whooshing sound was generated as the book the Paragon Ancestor was reading flew and hit the wall of the room the Paragon Ancestor was in.

The book fell, producing a light thud and with its pages opened, one could see the contents of the book which was that of drawings in various motions.

It looked like… a comic.

The Paragon Ancestor's lips twitched as he held the torn page of the book, and with a sigh, he spoke:

"The child's future has a few similarities to mine."

The Paragon Ancestor paused and a reminiscent light flashed in his eyes then he continued speaking:

"Just like me, he would face a lot of difficulties in his life and the bastard's blood would be needed for his own good, at some point in time."

"Although he might be angry at some point, it would help him reach a higher level."

The Paragon Ancestor said and a few seconds later, his wife spoke:




The Wife of the Paragon Ancestor said and the Paragon Ancestor shrugged.

"It's more fun that way."

Hearing the nonchalant tone of her husband, the Paragon Ancestor's wife released a tired sigh then she spoke once again:


Hearing his wife's words which was slightly serious, the Paragon Ancestor raised a brow and with a soft chuckle, he spoke:

"You know that I don't believe in things such as Fate.

I already killed the former person who was controlling Fate, so you should know that one of the things I don't believe in is Fate."

With a tone containing slight coldness in it, the Paragon spoke then paused for about two seconds before he continued.

"Also, having only that bastard to be as strong as me is boring, having another person as strong as the two of us should finally spice things up."

With a small smile, the Paragon Ancestor spoke and after speaking, he snapped his fingers and the book and the torn paper which was in his hands, disappeared and appeared on the table in front of him, wholly intact.

The Paragon Ancestor had a satisfied expression on his face seeing the wholly intact book and just before he was about to read, he spoke:

"Just watch him and tell me if anything important happens to him."


The Paragon Ancestor's wife replied and silence reigned in the room the Paragon Ancestor was in, as the Paragon Ancestor read the comic like book in front of him.


(In the Evolution Center)

Corey stood a few meters away from the portal in the evolution center and with a slight frown, he stood with his right hand on his chin as he looked at the translucent screen in front of him.

After Corey did a few things in the Paragon trial space, he willed for himself to leave the trial space and after he did, he found himself back in the evolution center.

After he appeared in the evolution center, a translucent screen appeared in front of his face, asking him to wait since the Universal System was still checking his records so as to give him suitable classes for his tier up.

Corey waited while wondering how much time had gone ever since he appeared in the Paragon Trial Space. He just hoped that he didn't spend too much time in the Paragon trial space so as to not arouse suspicion or interest from the Underworld.

Those were one of the few questions he wanted to ask the Paragon Ancestor but due to the Paragon Ancestor not giving him the opportunity to ask him questions, he could not.

Around thirty seconds passed and the Universal System finally finished checking his records and provided a list of classes to Corey based on his physique, past achievements and various other things which Corey did not know.

It was due to the list of classes that Corey currently had a frown as he looked at the translucent screen.

The Universal System provided him five classes which were:

[Heir of the Ancient Spear God]

[Night Assassin]

[Arcane Mage]

[Poison Warlock]

[Heir of the Ghost King]

These five classes were the classes given to him by the Universal System and the five classes were all special on their own.

The first class, Heir of the Ancient Spear God was a class that according to the system, was related to the ancient spear in his possession.

The class would give him a very high talent in using spears, and not only that, it would also provide him some spear related skills from the system and would also unlock one of the seals which the old man placed on the spear.

The second class, Night Assassin was just like it's name, an assassin based class. The class would give him more knowledge regarding assassination and would also give him assassination related skills.

According to the Universal System, the class would also make him more powerful in the night and would also make him more unrecognizable during the night in terms of stealth.

Meanwhile, the third class, Arcane Mage was a class that according to the Universal System, would give him basic magic related knowledge.

According to the Universal System, the class was a class where Corey would have to learn about magic, mana and the elements himself.

Unlike other basic mage related classes like Darkness Mage, Fire Mage, Water Mage and so on where the classes would provide the person with knowledge related to the particular element, Arcane Mage doesn't provide knowledge regarding those elements.

It would only provide basic magic related knowledge to Corey and Corey would have to find out more regarding magic, elements and so on.

Also, although it had a big disadvantage, the Universal System said that the class had a lot of potential because if he could utilize the class properly, he could create his own spells and even perform lots of feats which a lot of mage related classes could not perform.

It just depends on how far his imagination could go with the class.

The fourth class, Poison Warlock was a class which Corey did not have an idea of what it could do just from it's name.

According to the Universal System, Warlocks were extremely talented beings in terms of combat, mana, war and so many other things.

There were other types of warlocks, for example Blood Warlock, Fate Warlock, Elemental Warlock and so on, and all those warlock classes had extremely high potential.

Now, the Universal System said that all Warlocks had extremely high potential, the Poison Warlock was a path of the Warlock class which was not known to the public.

The Poison Warlock was a class which was frowned upon by people who knew the class and was also a class which people feared.

It was a class where one did not use elements, but poison and at the same time, it was a class that also provides physical related abilities to the person.

This was what Corey understood from the description.

Meanwhile, the fifth class, Heir of the Ghost King, was a class that was related to the ghost gloves.

The description which the Universal System gave him was not much, the Universal System told him that the class would give him ghost related abilities and it also has the potential to give him the ability to control ghosts.

Presently, Corey read and pondered over the description of the classes since he knew that choosing one of the classes right now would definitely affect his future path.

Heir of the Ancient Spear God, Night Assassin, Arcane Mage, Poison Warlock and Heir of the Ghost King.

Which class would Corey choose?


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