Chapter 127 126: Rewards

"You'll have to take the tribulations of hell to tier up. That is if you don't have an infinity crystal to use."

The Paragon Ancestor spoke and Corey had an extremely confused expression.

Without releasing the bindings on Corey's ability to speak, the Paragon Ancestor continued speaking.

"I'm not going to explain what the tribulations of hell are, and neither am I going to tell you what the tribulations are because you won't understand them even if I do tell you."

With a calm tone, the Paragon Ancestor spoke but Corey's brows furrowed deeply.

"The tribulations of hell should actually not be taken by any being that's below tier 7. It's too dangerous and almost impossible for somebody below tier 7 to pass the tribulations of hell."

Hearing the words spoken by the Paragon Ancestor, Corey blinked and looked at the Paragon Ancestor with a dead gaze.

His gaze, expressed the feelings he felt and the words he so wanted to speak.

The Paragon Ancestor, although saw Corey's gaze and expression, ignored it and with a nonchalant expression, he continued speaking:

"Normally, I'd have given you a map which can direct you to where the closest infinity crystals are, there are fragments of some elemental infinity crystals on your planet."

The Paragon Ancestor spoke and Corey was not joyful, hopeful nor relieved… No, he frowned deeply.

"The fragments of the elemental infinity crystals are the locations where that bastard called the All-Father, gazed at with his eyes opened."

"You just have to bring the fragments of the infinity crystals to an evolution center, and I'll make the fragments whole."

The Paragon Ancestor said with calm tone but Corey, at the moment, felt like truly shouting the words,

'How do you expect me to find and get the fragments if I'm in an unknown place that is said to be a prison!'

Although Corey wanted to shout out those words, he calmed himself down and just released a sigh.

'So I'll have to face something that only people like the old man should face?'

'Why is nothing ever easy for me?'

Corey released another sigh, and just as he did, the Paragon Ancestor spoke once more:

"If you pass the tribulations of hell, you would be promoted to the next tier and you can still bring a fragment or a whole infinity crystal to me and I'll fuse the infinity crystal with you."

The Paragon Ancestor took a slightly long pause and Corey just waited with an indifferent expression.

"Since I've told you all that I wanted to tell you, it's time I give you your rewards for passing my test."

The Paragon Ancestor snapped his fingers and six objects appeared in between Corey and the Paragon Ancestor.

Although all the objects brought about Corey's curiosity, there was one particular strange object which made Corey to stare at it first.

The reason why Corey called the object strange was because the object was constantly changing it's state.

Sometimes, the object would be a black round solid object, a few seconds later, it would become a black viscous liquid and another few seconds later, it would become something akin to dust and float calmly in the air before changing back to either a round solid object or a viscous liquid.

Corey was curious about this object and the Paragon Ancestor noticing his stare, spoke:

"I wasn't sure about giving you this, but my wife said I should give you."

Corey looked at the Paragon Ancestor with raised brows, wondering who the Paragon Ancestor's wife was.

The Paragon Ancestor understanding what his gaze meant, spoke:

"My wife is the unknown female voice that you heard when you came here."

A slightly surprised expression appeared on Corey's face hearing the Paragon Ancestor's words.

Although he was curious about the female voice when he first entered the Paragon Trial Space, he had pushed it to the back of his mind since it was not important, but never did he think that the female voice would be the wife of the Paragon Ancestor.

"Anyway, that object is something created by my wife. If you touch it, it would transform to a cloth which you can modify to your own personal preferences anytime you want.

The cloth can repair itself passively but it doesn't have defensive abilities since you already have a defensive equipment.

It can do other things and you'll find them out after leaving this place."

"Those are the words my wife said I should tell you."

With slightly raised brows, Corey looked at the Paragon Ancestor who had an indifferent expression as he spoke.

Seeing the Paragon Ancestor's expression, Corey decided to keep the words he wanted to say.

It was not like he could even speak at the moment.

Pushing his thoughts away, Corey looked at the second object which intrigued him slightly.

The second object was a pair of axes. Black Dual Battle Axes.

The Dual Battle Axes had crimson lines running through it from the bottom handle to the tip of the axes.

"I decided to give you this because the axe you're using is too weak and would become useless very soon."

The Paragon Ancestor said and he gestured towards the dual battle axes for Corey to pick, and Corey did as he was told and picked it up.

"The dual battle axes are tier 1 and they are also growth items. Every time you kill an enemy with the axes, they get stronger by absorbing a part of their blood."

Hearing the Paragon Ancestor's words, Corey nodded softly as he repeatedly swung the dual axes before sending it into his storage ring.

The Paragon Ancestor looked at Corey's spatial ring with a slight frown and just for a fraction of a second, which was unnoticeable by Corey, the Paragon Ancestor's expression changed before it receded back to normal.

The Paragon Ancestor then picked up two objects which were books.

"I already know one major issue you'll face in the future so I'm giving you this book which would give you the skill, Elemental Breathing Technique."

The Paragon Ancestor said as he threw a white covered book towards Corey.

Corey caught it and looked at the Paragon Ancestor with a confused expression.

"The Elemental Breathing Technique is a technique that would give you the ability to use elemental energies from elemental stones and crystals to increase your stats.

The place where you're at, the 'Underworld', sells elemental stones and crystals. When you get back to your world, ask around for what elemental stones and crystals are."

With a nonchalant tone and soft wave of his hand, the Paragon Ancestor spoke then he threw the second book, a green covered book towards Corey.

Corey caught it and placed both of the books in his storage ring, then waited for the Paragon Ancestor to speak.

"That book is an alchemy catalogue."

"Another thing which we Paragons are extremely talented at, is alchemy."

The Paragon Ancestor said and Corey's brows furrowed.

"To be sincere, I'm not entirely sure if I should give you this book, but since I'm not losing anything, I decided to give you."

The Paragon Ancestor said with a soft shrug, then he took another object.

This object was a silver crystal with golden lines running all over it.

"This crystal is a skill crystal, and it has the skill, Paragon Martial Arts."

The Paragon Ancestor said with a tone filled with pride.

He threw the crystal towards Corey then spoke:

"Absorb it now."

Although Corey was confused as to why the Paragon Ancestor would tell him to absorb it now, he did as he was told and absorbed it.

Seconds after he absorbed it, Corey trembled as he felt a surge of information flow into his head.

For a few seconds, Corey stood with a dazed expression before he came out of it.

"Just like the name, the skill, Paragon Martial Arts is a martial arts.

It teaches you how to fight better and as long as you practice it regularly, you'll become extremely proficient in it."

The Paragon Ancestor said then he took the last object which looked like a brown seed.

"This is called a blank seed intent.

With this, you can form an intent that you want and you can evolve it to to higher levels."

The Paragon Ancestor said and Corey frowned, he signaled to his mouth, expressing his desire to speak but the Paragon Ancestor ignored him and spoke:

"My wife said you'll understand what an intent is after you leave this trial space, so don't worry."

Hearing the Paragon Ancestor's words, Corey relaxed slightly and though he still had the desire to ask more questions, the Paragon Ancestor did not want to hear any of it.

"When you're ready to leave, just will for it and you can leave and choose your class which would be given to you by your Universal System."

"You can choose any class that you want."

The Paragon Ancestor said and just as he stopped speaking, a thought came to his mind and he frowned slightly then he released a soft sigh.

"As for that bastard's blood that you have, keep it."

"Also, put this in your spatial ring and give the young Paragon you call old man when you can."

The Paragon Ancestor spoke as he threw a vial containing a blood red liquid towards Corey.

Corey caught it, then he looked in the direction of the Paragon Ancestor… but he had disappeared.

Corey looked around then he sighed and sat down on the ground softly with a pondering expression on his face.