Chapter 808: Don’t look down on commoners

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Chapter 808: Don’t look down on commoners" What are you trying to do? Do I have to lock you all up?" Once they returned to the mansion, Su Yiqian dropped the pleasant smile which was playing on her lips and turned to look at the family which was driving her crazy.

They all should have been satisfied with the clothes and meal she provided them so why were they acting like mad dogs now?

Indeed the Su family would have been much happier if they were not provoked by Lin Chen. The latter taunted them by saying that Su Yiqian would definitely look down on them and she would even think that just handing them a few good meals and a set of clothes would make them feel grateful to her.

He already told them that even though Su Yiqian pretended to treat them well the sumptuous meal which she might place in front of them might not be as good as the one she usually eats. Before they came to the capital, Lin Chen cornered Su Bai and said to him,

' She will act like a good host but when you will sit down at the dining table you will find out that she did not even put three meat dishes on the table!'

' She is an imperial concubine getting five meat dishes is something that she can eat every day with ease but when it comes to your family, she will not even take out two meat dishes!'

And that was the truth, the table was laden with all sorts of dishes but most of them were vegetarian dishes with a few dishes that were cooked in the blood of chicken as for the meat dish there was only one! Wasn't she looking down on them by thinking that she could make them happy by providing a meal like that? She was certainly looking down on them!

Su Yiqian indeed thought that she did a good job, in her head someone like Su Bai and his family were used to eating meat only once a month since they could not bear to kill the chickens that laid eggs and only killed a chicken when they were old and could no longer lay eggs.

Giving them a single bowl of meat dish was already good enough!

If Lin Chen hadn't carefully laid down a trap for Su Yiqian, the Su family would have been satisfied but now that they knew that Su Yiqian could eat five to six meat dishes just as tasters, they were not satisfied! Why could she eat five meat dishes? And them.... only one!?

Sure enough once Su Yiqian opened her mouth, Old Madam Su who was pretending to be a small mouse outside immediately morphed into a ferocious tigress. She slammed her hand on the table next to her and then glared at Su Yiqian,

" Don't look down on us just because we come from the countryside! We are well aware of the fact that you can easily serve us four to five meat dishes but you don't want to! Are you treating us like beggars? Filling the table with vegetarian dishes and acting like you are generous, putui! We are here only for an hour and you are treating us like this already by the time, it's over a month wouldn't you just give us rice and soup to bully us and make us go back?"

Su Yiqian was speechless, this was indeed her plan. She wanted to make sure that these people leave her alone which was why she was thinking of subtly bullying them and even if they were to make a ruckus, she would just say that it was the chef who made a mistake and go on with her day before doing the same thing all over again.

And if they made a fuss about eating meat then Su Yiqian could always make herself look pitiful.

After all, they were country bumpkins and the city people indeed looked down on them what could she do about it?!

However, before she could even commence her plan they cottoned on to it.

When Su Bai saw the shocked look on Su Yiqian's face, he knew that she was indeed digging a pit for them. He sneered and then said, " Don't even think about treating us gruffly here, if you push us into a corner we will push you right back and just so you know, we have made arrangements for ourselves before coming here. If you try to lock us up in this mansion then someone will definitely go to the Yushi and file a complaint that you are locking us up inside the mansion illegally! Just so you know I have a very good idea that nobles cannot detain commoners as it is against the law, if you do it then we can even beat the gong and ask the yushi to help us see the Emperor."

" I will go and ask the Emperor whether or not his concubine can act like such just because he married her!"

Su Bai had already asked around because the commoners helped the current Emperor to overthrow the previous Emperor, and the current Emperor treated the commoners much better than other rulers. He even laid down many laws to protect the rights and benefits of the commoners such that they will not be exploited by the nobles.

Since he knew that he could suppress this woman by using the term 'witch', Su Bai also knew how to get a hold of this demon's collar and drag her along with him.

He knew that if he gave in once then he and his family had to give in again and again, something that Su Bai did not want to do. He wanted to not only gain authority of this big mansion but he also wanted to live a life like that of an official! Only then will he feel satisfied?

Humph, did she think that she could play them by the nose just because they came from the countryside? Then she needed to wait and see who was more ruthless! They were already poor without any fear of losing anything but she —— was not the same!