Chapter 807: A cat who ate thousand mice

Chapter 807: A cat who ate thousand miceSu Yiqian did not know that the Su family will rush outside just when she turned her gaze away from them, by the time the guard who was stationed outside the gates came rushing inside the mansion, it was already too late.

" Your Highness, those bumpkins from the Su village are spreading rumours that you have mistreated them!"

When Su Yiqian heard that those fools went outside to make a ruckus once again, she was furious enough to lock them up inside the mansion but even though she had such dangerous thoughts, there was little to nothing that Su Yiqian could do.

" Then what are yelling at me for? Go and bring them back!" Su Yiqian felt like her head was going to explode, when Su Lan went crying back to her room, she only felt a deep satisfaction from the very inside of her heart after all, Su Lan had made her cry many times but she seemed to have forgotten that compared to her, Su Bai treated Su Lan a lot better and thus it was only normal for him to seek justice for his beloved daughter.

With her shoes flying on the marble floor, Su Yiqian rushed out of the house and sure enough, she saw the neighbours who lived next to her looking at her with odd gazes. Though Su Yiqian was having a hard time reigning in the curses which were almost at the tip of her tongue, she still smiled at others with a patient and elegant look on her face.

" Where are they?" While smiling Su Yiqian turned to look at the guards and then asked in a low voice without dropping her smile.

" At the small bun shop down the lane, your highness," the guard led Su Yiqian to the small shop which was opened at the end of the lane and just as Su Yiqian arrived at the bun shop, she heard the old woman say in a sobbing voice, "I don't need much. I am just an old woman who is on the verge of dying... just a small bowl... I don't want to take advantage of a kind young man like you."

When Su Yiqian heard the words of Old Madam Su, she was so disgusted that she wanted to throw up. The cat who ate a thousand mice now wanted to pay respects to the heavens? That woman was nothing but a greedy old hag who would suck someone's bones if she did not get to such their blood and she dared to say such polite words, was she not afraid that the heavens will strike her to death?

Though Su Yiqian was furious, she did not show it on her face after staying in the palace for more than a year, she was now even more proficient in controlling her emotions thus, she was easily able to simmer her anger down as she looked at Old Madam Su and the rest of the Su family.

" Old Madam Su, what are you doing here? I just went to ask the chef to cook some chicken blood tofu for you and you came here? If you were hungry you should have told me," with a smile on her face, Su Yiqian approached Old Madam Su. She deliberately emphasised that she was taking great care of Old Madam Su and her family to make sure that the rumours will not run rampant but this time around Old Madam Su was prepared.

She was no longer the old lady who did not know how to fight against such a scheming bitch. With her hand which was slightly burnt resting on the top of the table, Old Madam Su showed a terrified expression as she spoke in a stiff voice, " We don't want to make her highness worried."

If Su Wan had not told the Su family in advance that Su Yiqian would try to act like a good person and host, they would have failed to drive a wedge between her and the commoners. But they were here to make Su Yiqian, their bitch again. How can they let Su Yiqian prance around their head like some high-profile madam?

They needed to drag her down and show her, their might. Only then will she listen to everything that they have to say to her?

In order to vent the anger which Su Wan had been stifling, Lin Yu had taught a bunch of tactics to Su Bai and Su Bai being the sly man he was, he was using each one of those tactics.

Though Su Yiqian understood what the old madam was doing, she could not point it outright which was why she could only release her anger the old school way. Su Yiqian's eyed reddened as she prepared herself to shed a few tears to make herself look pitiful but Su Bai was a step too fast, he pinched himself on the thigh and then said in a sobbing voice,

" Your Highness, we don't dare to stay in such a big mansion and eat such extravagant meals ... please let us leave ...just help us enough to buy our fields back which I had to sell because my mother was sick... I promise us country bumpkins shall never appear in front of you again."

Compared to Su Yiqian, Su Bai who was a man shedding a few tears made others more sympathetic. They all turned to look at Su Yiqian as if questioning her silently what she did to the poor family and of course, Su Yiqian noticed those gazes. She was furious in heart but she still had to act as if she was fine and even coax the Su family to come back with her to the mansion.

Seeing that Su Yiqian was indeed anxious, Su Bai took pity on her and agreed, since he was here to live a comfortable life there was no need for him to break his relationship with Su Yiqian so early and make it impossible for anyone to take a step back.

" Since Your Highness does not mind our presence then we will come back with you," Su Bai wiped his tears and agreed with Su Yiqian whose smile was stiffer than the back of an old woman.


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