Chapter 628: The rivers and lakes are far away, and there will be no future

After Su Yang walked out of the office, he did not leave the company. Instead, he came to the company's water bar and ordered a glass of his favorite lime mojito.

After drinking it all, Su Yang went directly to his office.

Click on the inventory and find the [Super Time Capsule] in it.

Afterwards, the capsule turned into a streamer and flew into Su Yang's palm.

Looking at the light blue capsule in the palm of his hand, an unreal feeling rose to my heart.

With this, can I go to the future...

Su Yang was in a daze for a while, now thinking about it, starting from the day he got the system, and now, everything is like a mirrored flower, illusory and not illusory, real and unreal.

Su Yang took a deep breath, and then chose to use it.

In the palm of his hand, the light blue light became more and more luxuriant, and immediately after that, this light blue light completely enveloped him.

Everything in front of me gradually became illusory, and what followed was a bottomless space-time black hole.

Su Yang had never experienced such an illusory feeling. He felt like he was in the void, and everything that had happened before seemed to have never existed.

What's the future...

Su Yang has never thought about what will happen in the future, nor has he ever worried or thought about it.

Everything is just going with the flow.

Finally, everything in front of me gradually became clear and clear.

Once again, there was a feeling of splitting headache.

"This is where?"

Su Yang pressed his temples and forcibly resisted the sudden headache.

I settled my mind and confirmed the surrounding environment.

Is this the dormitory?

Seeing the familiar surroundings, this is the dormitory where I have lived for a year.

It's just that in the small dormitory, there are no other people except myself.

What about Lao Zhou, Lao Yang?

It's weird, Huang Xin usually doesn't sleep when the moon doesn't sleep, I don't sleep, and I get out of bed three minutes in Rizhao. Why are there no people in sight today?

By the way, cell phone.

Su Yang touched the phone casually, but when he took it out again, the original iPhone 12pro had become a holographic projection watch.

The image of the watch is holographically projected on the arm, with today's time and weather displayed on the top.

April 21, 2024.

Has it been three years since the year I passed through?

Su Yang breathed a sigh of relief.

Because the time of the [Chrono-Space Capsule] crossing is not certain, before crossing, he is also very worried about whether it will be crossing several decades later.

But now it seems that there is no need to worry.

Just as Su Yang marveled at the rapid development of science and technology in just three years, a strong light and noisy noise suddenly came from outside the door.

In fact, the noise has been there since just now, but Su Yang just crossed over and didn't realize it.

"Mr. Su, do you have any insights on the investment direction of your company?"

"Excuse me, how did Mr. Su plan the development layout of the enterprise three years ago? Do you have any special experience to achieve such an achievement today?"

"Mr. Su, we are a reporter from a certain city daily. Can we take a few minutes to accept our exclusive interview?"


"Damn, we all said that our boss is uncomfortable today, why are you still stuck here!"

"Second, be polite, after all, they are all regular media reporters." Gu Du

"What's wrong with regular media reporters, should they interfere with other people's normal rest?"

This voice is...

Cao Hai and Yang Rui?

Su Yang froze for a moment, when did he become their boss?

Just when Su Yang was puzzled, a strong message suddenly came in his mind.

It turned out that in the three years of this journey, all the enterprises invested by Su Yang have achieved rapid development.

Not only that, with the injection of Su Yang's huge capital, the profits of all walks of life are very large, and in just one year, the market value of Su Yang's company has successfully exceeded 100 billion.

With more and more research and development funds, Peng Feng followed Su Yang's instructions to invest more money in technology and research and development.

In three years, human science and technology have advanced by leaps and bounds.

The watch-type holographic technology, which originally took at least five years to realize, only took two years with the funding of Dingfeng Company.


Su Yang was dumbfounded for a while, then his eyebrows were overjoyed.

Unexpectedly, he actually changed the world.

Moreover, in his own way, the current world has changed into this way.

However, in the span of three years, Su Yang disappeared in this world.

Many people think that something happened to him, and some people speculate that he just chose to live in seclusion.

Even his family did not know where Su Yang had been in these three years, and was almost distraught.

All the old loves left him, and they chose different lives one after another.

What made him most unacceptable was that Lin Ke's senior sister, whom he trusted the most, had seamlessly joined the next post in less than a week after he disappeared.

This made him, who originally believed in Platonic love, suffered a huge impact on his outlook on love.

Simply, when a person experiences more, his heart will become more tenacious.

At the same time, he also understood the truth.

"Compared to being brave, being cautious is the greatest respect for love. People have to learn to distinguish whether they lack love or meet the person who wants to be together forever."

It started suddenly and ended casually. This kind of fast-food love was not the love he wanted.

This made Su Yang begin to re-examine himself, re-examine the current concept of love in society.

In addition, in addition to the new love and the old love, several of Su Yang's good brothers joined Dingfeng Company after the graduation season at the invitation of Peng Feng.

Therefore, the outside scene happened just now.

And his sister Su Le, after the college entrance examination, successfully entered the Central Academy of Drama, and with her own efforts, successfully debuted, and is now a small star with popular traffic.

Mom and Dad have obviously improved a lot after learning that they came back, and they are also preparing to travel plans recently.

As for my good brother Mou Zhe...

Since this product has made a lot of money, after a whole year of wandering, it seems to be relieved, and is currently working earnestly under the hands of his sister Zhou Siyi.

That's great...everyone has a bright future.

Su Yang rubbed his sleepy eyes, rubbed his cheeks, and the sunlight just leaked from the window.

At the same time, a reminder sounded.

【Ding! The host has arrived in the future three years later, and because the host's previous investment experience has had a huge impact on the present three years later, the human trajectory has changed. 】

【Ding! The system energy has been restored as before! The host has reached the ultimate goal of Shenhao-to benefit mankind! The system will automatically leave the host, I wish the host a happy life in the future! 】

[The rivers and lakes are far away, there will be no future! 】