In an instant, Huang Xin realized what was wrong, picked up a bottle of Red Bull and walked into the training room.

At this time, Su Yang and other teammates were debugging the equipment, and when they saw Huang Xin coming over, Su Yang was unceremonious and slapped it up.

"Dog son, don't you take drinks to dads?"

"That's, the blind fathers have raised you for so long, how come you have a white-eyed wolf son like you!"

Other roommates also complained.

"Oh, don't scold the princess Xinxin. People are still young and it's normal to not understand etiquette." Yang Rui immediately came out and said yygq.

When the people next to him heard it, they started laughing and laughing. After all, Huang Xin was **** and gay, and he was never ridiculed in the dormitory.

This game went on very quickly. It is estimated that the training game played in the previous night had an effect. Whether it is decision-making and execution, the gap between the two sides is very obvious.

In less than 20 minutes, Su Yang led the team and evened the opponent's base.

"Brother Yang, just don't be too handsome!"

"Hahahaha, that's Yang Ge's fuck, there are many details you haven't seen."

The teammates around you talked to each other, Su Yang always had a faint smile on his face, not surprised.

For some reason, from the beginning of the training game, he always had a very strange feeling in his heart.

This feeling made him unable to find peace in his heart for a long time.

To be honest, he hasn't done this for a long time.

'what happened? ’

Su Yang asked the system father in his heart, and to be on the safe side, he also called up the system panel.

However, what I didn't expect was that the original interface of the system started to blur slightly.

Why did it start to blur, it wasn't like this before?

Su Yang was in a hurry and wanted to check what went wrong.

At this moment, the prompt interface of the system popped up.

【Ding! It is detected that the system has suffered an external impact, and the energy is too low, only 5% left! 】

External shock? !

What external impact?

Su Yang jumped out of his thinking.

Could it be the impact of the high-dimensional creatures in the novel?

Or is it from other planes?

After all, for him, the system is something that cannot be understood by common sense.

Just when Su Yang was still thinking about why, a voice suddenly came.

【Ding! The host's correct guess is that it is the attack from high-dimensional creatures, and the system consumes too much energy to resist, resulting in the system's energy being low. 】

[At this stage, the host needs to travel to the future, and with the help of human power, this system can be charged! 】


How far is the future?

Su Yang was a little confused, and his mind was blank for a while.

Even if I read more books, in this situation, I still can't understand what is happening now.

【Ding! The so-called relying on human power is the host doing something that can affect the future. It can be the direction of human future industrial development, solving energy problems, and making outstanding contributions to major science and technology industries. Please imagine for yourself. 】

Things that affect the future...

Su Yang put his hand on his chin and thought for a while.

Indeed, for him now, he can do things that affect the future of mankind.

Not only that, but it can also have a huge impact in all major industries at the same time.

【Ding! The overtime capsule has been issued to the host's account, please check it by the host! 】

"Let's go, don't say anything, today, brother, a few food stalls are walking away! I'll treat you!"

The roommate started booing.

Su Yang thought for a while, and said, "You go first, and send me the location later. I have an urgent matter to take care of, and I will find you when it is done."

"Sure, then the brothers will go and take the place first."

"Brother Yang, hurry up, you are the protagonist today."

"Fine, come here quickly after finishing the work, do you think it's okay?"

Su Yang scolded with a smile.

After that, Su Yang didn't dawdle anymore, and went straight out of the school gate and called for a taxi.

"Go to Dingfeng Company."

Twenty minutes later, Su Yang rushed to Dingfeng Company.

"President Su, why are you here?"

Peng Feng was sitting in the office, pacing back and forth, thinking about the future direction of the company's investment. He didn't expect to see Su Yang pushing in.

Su Yang saw the other party with a smile on his face, and said with a big smile: "I'm here to explain the company's future investment direction."

In the recent period, in addition to training, he has also learned some basic professional knowledge in many fields with the help of System Dad.

Moreover, with the help of the system, Su Yang can also see the direction of the development of major industries in the future.

It is no exaggeration to say that as long as he wants, the development of any industry in the future can more or less have some relationship with him.

After hearing Su Yang's words, Peng Feng was stunned for a moment, and said, "Investment direction? Su, we really have a good heart!"

"Just now I was looking at the planning and layout of the industry and the future trend. I was worried about how to invest. I didn't expect you to come."

Afterwards, Peng Feng shared all his opinions and current investment intentions to Su Yang, including some obscure professional vocabulary.

However, even if it is all professional vocabulary, it is nothing to Su Yang now.

The chat lasted for half an hour. During this period, Peng Feng said and Su Yang listened.

At the end of hearing, Su Yang was surprised to find that Peng Feng was really a wizard.

At least from the perspective of the system predicting the future, he is really good.

He successfully predicted the direction of the company's development in the next thirty years, what industry will become the hottest industry, the industry with the highest rate of return, etc...

The accuracy of the prediction was so high that Su Yang, who knew everything, couldn't help but be surprised.

"Well, very good, I agree with what you just said."

Su Yang patted Peng Feng on the shoulder, then took out a plan prepared in advance to the other party, and said:

"The above things are the results of my research for a long time recently, you can combine your own ideas..."

Su Yang didn't know the details, and explained all the matters to the other party.

"Guaranteed to complete the task perfectly!"

Peng Feng stood at attention, and before Su Yang left, he saluted the other party.

Seeing Peng Feng so full of energy, Su Yang nodded in satisfaction.

‘Okay, everything is explained, then...’

It's time to go to the future!