Chapter 25: Divorce (1)

The sky was dim, and the rain suddenly sank down like a pouring basin, which made the sky full of dark clouds make people want to vomit. The sound of rainwater hitting the eaves overhead and the bluestone panels outside the house was like whips, making people feel stuffy and swollen.

The main courtyard of the of the Gu Mansion is facing south, with bright windows and tiles. In the past, Tao Xinhe liked to stay by the window to bask in the sun, read leisurely books, and do needlework. For her, this room is the most private and relaxing place.

Today is the seventh day of the first lunar month, is was the so-called “People’s Victory Day”, Seven kinds of soup should be eaten for lunch in response to the festive season. It’s the end of the day now, In other households, maybe they already finished their lunch and took a nap.

But her stomach was empty, her brain is roaring, her limbs were numb and itchy, like an old tree trunk that had been peeled and torn. She stood blankly beside the Eight-Immortals table, the cold air rose from the soles of her cold feet to her temples. Her drooping left hand uncontrollably tugged at a strand of tablecloth tassels nearby. Blue veins appeared on the back of his originally jade-white hand.

In the cloudy, damp, cold, and dreary atmosphere, Tao Xinhe tried hard to calm her mind. She endured the burning sensation in her throat, stared at the group of sitting figure with bent upper body on the Arhan couch by the door, and waited for him to speak.

Gu Ningxi slumped his shoulders and bowed his head. Looking from his head into the distance, following the messy ink-colored bun, the neckline of his clothes that were originally new and crisp were softened by the rain.

This new set of Buddha-head dark cyan gowns with black patterns weren’t trimmed by Tao Xinhe herself, but she’s the one who chose the fabrics, thought about design, and instructed the embroiderer to sew it. It really complemented his crane arms and wasp waist. When he first wear it on his body, she even boasted,

“My husband is like a jagged and strong bamboo in this dress, but not losing the beautiful appearance of an immortal.”

Others also had eyes and can recognize fragrant flowers, so he would attract flowers and butterflies, heh!

The man with his head hung deeply showed the vertebrae on the back of his neck, probably due to his posture, as if he was about to pierce his porcelain skin and rush out, he was startled.

His two long legs seemed to have no place to rest, they were tucked crampedly at the edge of the couch, the heels of his shoes were touching, and his legs were arched high at the knees, like a pair of wild goose wings about to fold abruptly.

The corners of the dark-cyan gown hung down to the floor tiles. It was dripping wet, and soon a puddle formed around Gu Ningxi’s feet, connecting with the water around the shoes to form into a piece.

Tao Xinhe waited quietly. She was holding her breath, and could follow her gaze to imagine that it was a good thing that the carpet near the Arhat couch had not yet been returned after being sent to the washing room, otherwise, it would be a waste to keep such a puddle of water.

The door of the room was not closed tightly when Gu Ningxi entered. The rain and the wind, came in together from the cracks of the door. The door creaked until it was fully opened, which further contributed to the gloomy atmosphere. his robe drummed and dripped faster, and his messy hair danced around his face.

Ignoring his embarrassing demeanour, just looking at the handsome man in the faint rainy-wind pieces. It is a good corner suitable for painting an immortal in the wind picture.

Tao Xinhe sneered coldly in hrr heart and said to herself. He won’t be able to draw it, after all he is face blind, the whole world, including his own face, He can’t see clearly.

Concubine? Finally, this man couldn’t resist it any longer. He wanted to invite the unique and clear face beauty back home, to keep, or stay by his side?

So, what is she?

Gu Ningxi originally supported his knees with his hands and buried his head in his palms. After listening to the lady’s words, he seemed to have exhausted all his strength before slowly raising his head.

The remnants of rain in his bun slid down from the corners of his upturned eyes and the bridge of his straight nose, and gathered on the man’s sharp chin. it was glistening with crystal water, like an immortal statue stained with vitality, quite a fall into the dust of a depressed and desolate beauty.

He was nagged by his wife to shave his mustache, and he did, revealing a pair of lips with clear beads and moderate thickness.

Originally, everytimr Tao Xinhe looked at his lips and teeth, she would think of the sweet relationship between them in the bed together, but now she was staring at his white lips opening and closing, thinking that she was suddenly deaf, why didn’t she hear anything.

It happens that a drop of water just fell into the end of his eyes, and Gu Ningxi’s eye sockets flushed into sandy red, and his lacquered pupils were contrasted more brilliantly. He seemed to bear a lot of grievance, and it matched well with the hoarse voice he made after trying to open his mouth many times,

“Madam, I can’t live with you. I broke my promise. Qiniang, she…”

Tao Xinhe didn’t want to hear other women’s name in this mouth.

Even if she saw Shihua appearing at the door from the corner of her eyes, poking his head, looking anxious, and being dragged away by Liu Guang, she ignored it. She cut off the other person’s words according to her own thoughts, and asked in a raised voice: “Just say it, what are you going to do? “

Gu Ningxi tried his best to fix his eyes on Tao Xinhe’s face, following her preface. However, as far as the eye can see, it is completely blurred, as if looking at people through a rain curtain. He was wishing to wave away that blindfold.

It was completely different from the round water apricot eyes he saw with his own eyes when he looked at Mo Qiqi in the morning.

He could see clearly how big and big teardrops gushed out of the little girl’s eyes. Seeing her nose turn red from crying, open her lips wide to hiss and lose her voice, and she had no impression the delicate demeanor, which was painful and overwhelming.

“I have to protect Qiniang.” Gu Ningxi seemed to be intimidated by her gaze, he wanted to get up and walk over, but he just moved his legs and didn’t move any more.

He tried his best to speak sincerely, slowing down his words, almost pleading: “I just give her a title, take her under my wing, and protect her. I will never have any other thoughts about her, lady…don’t worry, lady.”

Tao Xinhe felt her heartache After reaching the extreme, it is also a skill to have fun while listening to the man’s excuses to cover up, secretly picking on his language flaws.

What is protection? What is peace of mind?

Too lazy to circle around with people who are full of poetry and books and smooth talkers, Tao Xinhe took a deep breath:

“Gu Ningxi, Gu Sicheng, if you take a concubine, I will ask you to separate. The beauty of adulthood is not only for gentlemen, but also for me. Are you sure? Do you want to accept her?”

Gu Ningxi showed a bit of panic when he heard this, his Adam’s apple rolled up and down three or four times, after a few moments of hesitation, he still gritted his teeth and said:

“Han Niang, can you… can you… let me suffer this once? Qiniang treats me differently, and you know that she… she… suffered a sudden disaster, and it happened because of me, so I must be responsible for her.”

When he heard “let me suffer this”, Tao Xinhe had already known that Gu Ningxi insisted on taking this concubine, she suddenly turned her back and stopped looking at him.

She doesn’t know if the change of posture was too abrupt, her stomach was in a mess, she was overwhelmed, her eyes were blurry, her body was cold, she held back and endured. She still bowed, holding the edge of the table with one hand, and clasped the tender flesh of her thigh with the other. She, bowed hrr head and opened her mouth, and after a while, she vomited a puddle of acid water on the ground.

Her throat was sour and burning, her ears were buzzing, and there was no place in her body that felt comfortable. Tao Xinhe vaguely heard a man’s voice floating over intermittently saying “Qiniang treats me differently”. She vomited again.

The man’s thick and hot palm patted her back, stroking from top to bottom to help her breathe, it was accompanied by an affectionate voice calling “He Niang”.

Tao Xinhe spat out two more mouthfuls of yellowish and greenish bitter water, maybe it was bile, and her mouth was full of sourness and bitterness. My stomach was still churning uncomfortably, but there was nothing to vomit anymore.

She forced herself to stand up straight, wiped away the remaining stains on her lips with her fingertips, took a deep breath and held it. She turned around, and looked directly at the man in front of her, as if she was taking one last look.

She didn’t take the warm water tea cup that Gu Ningxi was holding in the other hand, she went around her back with her backhand, grabbed his hand that was still patting gently, and slowly and firmly shook it away. She then let out a long breath, and walked towards the door She tried her best to stagger and take three steps, widening the distance between her and Gu Ningxi.

As soon as she said “No.”, Tao Xinhe found that the words were tinged with bitterness, so she had to swallow her long speech, but there was no need to elaborate, and simply stated: “I don’t need your help. I’ll let you choose whether to divorce, to separate, or Annulment.”

At this moment, Gu Ningxi deeply regreted that he couldn’t see the face of the person he loves clearly. Although he guessed that the lady will be angry, he was not sure how angry she will be. Listening to her soft voice, it is like thunder in his ears. The side exploded.

“Divorce” means that their husband and wife will be separated from each other, and there is no more relationship.

The “peace and separation” is both husband and wife agreeing to part ways, no longer related, “Annulment” is the wife repudiating the husband, and the two families will break up into a feud. It will be a heartbreaking end.

He never thought that these two words, including “repudiation”, and a total of three types of “separation” would be related to their husband and wife.

He knitted his brows and kept silent for a moment, Gu Ningxi couldn’t believe what he just heard. He tentatively approached the lady, then saw her stumble twice, but still insisted on keeping away.

He sat down on the round stool next to the Eight-Immortals table where the lady had been, ignoring the slightly sour smell of vomit nearby. He pointed to the canopy bed in the other corner against the entire east wall, and sighed, “He Niang, I won’t go over , you calm down. You are not feeling well, go to bed for a while, okay?”

Seeing that the lady was not moving, Gu Ningxi tried to figure out her thoughts, and added: “I know you are unhappy, you can do whatever you want, we can discuss it in detail at night, But don’t be angry, you and I will be a couple for the rest of our lives, won’t we?”

What follows after a lifetime? A couple! Now, you want to destroy the “couple” with your own hands, and you still expect me to stay by your side?

Tao Xinhe didn’t expect that Gu Ningxi, who had promised herself, was still thinking of enjoying the happiness of a couple! She had really misread and misjudged the person. She ridiculed herself for thinking that way the past three years and a half.

Unable to stay where she was even for a while, Tao Xinhe straightened her back, raised her head, and said lightly: “I will leave the letter of separation behind later.” It was an extremely angry but calm voice.

While the words were still ringing in his ears, Gu Ningxi saw the lady rushing out of the door without looking sideways. She rushed out into the rain curtain and walking faster and faster, her skirt fluttering like an oriole breaking free from its cage.

Before he could stop her, the beautiful woman had already turned a corner and disappeared, and the maid by the door gave a salute and hurriedly followed after her.

He stood up and took a step, then stood still in the middle of the room, even if he chased after her, what could he say? Could it be that he can take back his preface and not accept that poor girl?

Gu Ningxi knew that the lady must be sad in her heart at this time, and it was obvious that she was unwilling to tidy herself up in front of him.

Then, simply give her space, rinse his mouth, take a breath, and slowly clear his mind, and don’t push her too hard.

Gu Ningxi persuaded herself, trying to forget the last angry words of the lady. He ignored the anxiety in his heart, that murmured: “No, no.”

At this time, Shi Hua tiptoed into the room, and respectfully asked Gu Ningxi to change his wet clothes, and Re-tie his hair.

In the main courtyard, Gu Ningxi was like a puppet on a string, as if he had no reaction to other people’s touch and no consciousness, and let the servants fiddle with him.

Until, the golden light that suddenly poured into his eyes from the window brought him back to his senses, and with a glance, it turned out that the sky had finally cleared.

After of the rain, the sun seemed to be suffocated. There was no cloud and fog to cover it, so it turned over and over again, and released its power vigorously. The sun was shining brightly, shining on people’s faces unceremoniously, and a emitting golden light.

Gu Ningxi seemed to have just woken up from a big dream. After rubbing the center of his brows, he urged the servant one after another: “Madam wasn’t feeling well, did you invite the doctor to come to see her?”

“No. Master. “

Gu Ningxi suddenly stood up, smashed his fists to his palm, frowned and sighed in surprise, “Hey”, and whispered to himself: “I can’t believe I didn’t ask a doctor? It’s all my fault, I was negligent just now. My wife was also careless and did not take care of her body.”

No one knows what came to his mind, but a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, and he coughed, his whole body glowing. “I will go to see her, or we should listen to what the doctor says.”

(T/N: I think he thought she was pregnant here coz’ she was vomiting.)

Shihua knelt down on the ground with a “thud”, he kowtowed three times, stopped raising his head, and replied tremblingly:

“Master, Madam has already driven away to the Tao Manor. She left Liu Guang and asked her servant to tell you that the peace and… separation are in your study.”

In a blur of time, in Gu Ningxi felt that he was just obviously trying to get his wife to calm down but a tea time had passed, how did the sky suddenly turned upside down?

He bit his lower lip, twisted his neck stiffly, and looked at the time, three quarters of an hour had passed?

“Madam…Madam, when did she leave?” Gu Ningxi didn’t know what to ask.

Shihua explained carefully: “Madam went out from the main courtyard, went straight to your study room, polished and grinded the inkstone, then left the letter, and after a while, she went out of the mansion and boarded the carriage. Counting the time, Madam may have returned to Tao Manor by now.”